Let’s Talk About Harassment, Shall We?

Here’s a little story I’d like to share about a person who has stalked my social media accounts and harassed me with not one, but with several Twitter accounts for nearly a year now.  I’ve decided it’s high time to expose the person who is behind this harassment towards me and leave no doubt that only one person is responsible for it (the screen captures and archived Twitter conversations will explain it all and tie in the many Twitter accounts he uses). So, with that stated, let’s begin! 

On 29 September 2018, I receive the following direct message request from this account,@IfThisIsOver (he keeps changing his Twitter handle, but nonetheless, it is the same person) and as soon as the person sends the message, I am promptly blocked, but here’s the message verbatim:

@tmgiarratano you didn’t reply to my cease and desist, anything you tweet at me with my handle clearly visible, from this moment on, will be considered harassment.  I will not engage you, I will however document EVERYTHING you tweet at me in order to build my case against you.” 

As you can see, same account, different picture and handle.  That’s a pretty ballsy threat coming from an account that claims I received a “cease and desist” letter that my attorney never saw nor did myself.  Also, there’s no mention of this person’s lawyer at all in this message and why is that? I’ll get to that reason later, but first, let’s go back to the beginning of where this cyber stalking/harassment all started.  

In late 2017 on Twitter, I was introduced to a person calling himself “Reuben Rivera” and based on the evidence that I have gathered, I believe this person to be Reuben Rivera.  How I became acquainted with Reuben Rivera was through a mutual friend who directed my attention to a possible stolen valor case.  I was then introduced to another Twitter user, Mortician8550, who ran in the same circles as Reuben Rivera only to find out later on, that Mortician8550 was in fact a man named Jake who was running several Twitter accounts himself (Jake was outed by a friend and colleague of mine on Twitter recently).  In a nutshell, Reuben Rivera was associating with a known fraud (Jake) who was posing as another person on Twitter as far back as November 2017.  

Unbeknownst to a few of us who were in that small circle with Reuben Rivera and Mortician8550 (Jake), we went on to help these two investigate a man Reuben Rivera accused of stolen valor and thought nothing of it. That is, until things started unraveling rapidly and the question of Reuben and Mortician8550’s (Jake) credibility came into question.  I caught Reuben tweeting his stolen valor target, not once, but twice and playing his target against us and us against his target.

Now, up until this point, I had believed Reuben, but once I saw he was betraying us, we started digging. I deleted the piece on Reuben’s target and issued a statement, which I will get to later. Right now, I will tie Mortician8550 (Jake) to Reuben:

Here’s Jake (Mortician) mentioning the very account of the identity he stole so he could use it on Twitter – you can’t make this stuff up! Now remember, Reuben Rivera was associated with Jake (Mortician8550) at this time.

Here is more of Reuben interacting with Jake’s other fraudulent Twitter accounts:

Now, I’m not going to tip my hand completely and give away the rest of my evidence, mainly because Reuben likes to threaten me, but let’s just say he needs to be very careful what he says.

Moving onward – now I’m going to show how I know this is Reuben. When Reuben and Mortician8550 (Jake) were still a part of our little group, we all had a secure chat set up on our smartphones. Look at the date on the first screen capture – 02 FEBRUARY 2018

The two area codes shown is for Virginia (state Reuben lives in) and Texas, where Jake (Mortician8550) lives.

Notice Reuben’s handle, GAME OVER? Keep that in mind along with the 757 area code in the below screen captures:

Here Reuben is admitting, in not so many words, that this is in fact him and uses a screen capture from Mortician8550 aka Jake to bolster his position.  Incidentally, I have no idea who wrote that and clearly he thinks I did it.  Remember, Reuben has been associating with Jake since 2017, a proven fraud running several Twitter accounts, and they both were set out to defame me, so how do I know Reuben didn’t write this in an attempt to further defame me?  

Reuben assumes I called law enforcement on his stolen valor target.  

Wrong. I called my friend in law enforcement on Reuben who in turn called in a favor to find a forensic computer tech go through my hard drive and track IP addresses.  

Here’s a quick glance at the accounts Reuben uses and he probably has more, these are just the ones I’m familiar with.  Why does he have three of his accounts locked down?   Why would anyone have their accounts locked down unless they were hiding something?  

Reuben, your first mistake was not locking your accounts down when I suspected you were deceitful in early 2018 BEFORE you started attacking and libeling me.  I was already archiving your stuff before you were outed for being untrustworthy.  FAIL









As you can see, Reuben has changed his profile pic in the last account as well as his handle.  The nice thing is, I have the Twitter ID numbers; you can’t hide from those 

Remember in the beginning where I provided a screen capture of this alleged cease and desist direct message from Reuben?  Well, it turns out, the lawyer he allegedly has is fraudulent and the crew busted her for not only stolen valor, but also being a fake lawyer. Oops 

In conclusion, here’s where we’re at:

Reuben Rivera, identity confirmed (I have a copy of his military ID & his DD214 that he freely gave to us as well as his phone number), is a known associate of Jake since 2017 who was disguising himself as Mortician8550 (link to Jake’s outing); he attempted to engage his stolen valor target using entrapment, he created several Twitter accounts to harass myself and others, and he threatened me with legal action using a fake lawyer we busted for stolen valor.   Lastly, don’t you just find it ironic that the very person who was associated with Jake since 2017 and who impersonated Jesse James Ramosmuller is now defending Ramosmuller? You can’t make this stuff up!