Burleson, Brain Dyral – Semi-Pro Wanna Bawl Baby

Burleson, Brain Dyral - Semi-Pro Wanna Bawl Baby

While our primary mission is #StolenValor we also will drop occasional  Op-Ed pieces as we see fit. For all you out there shilling for one special piece of bigoted batshit crazy, the asshole Bawl Baby Bwayn make damn sure you have your facts straight before you come attacking and screaming on his behalf. Ask yourself is this bigoted piece of shit the hill you’re willing to die over?  We guarantee you he is a bigoted, self righteous asshole who attacks, harasses and stalks others then runs crying, whining and whimpering telling lies to get others to fight for him. He is not worth your effort. There will be a series of threads about this idiot and his whimpering, crying and lying his ass off to any and every fucking body who is stupid enough to listen, Buckle up it’s going to get rough

Since lil cryin bwyan started attacking people then feigning he was merely offering to pray for them, then it was “their” fault he got angry and then the self righteous but but I was only offering to pray bullshit started lil bwyan has opened, closed and been suspended off Twitter a number of times on various accounts. Let us say this right here and now, again loud and clear this asswipe IS NOT being called out over Stolen Valor he is being called out over his continuing hateful attacks, lying about who he attacked, why he attacked and for being a pussy running to everyone on the planet crying because he stepped out in high speed traffic and got his stupid ass run over. Simple enough? He IS NOT Stolen Valor just a dick with his head shoved so far up his ass he sneezes and blows his socks off. Earlier this week cryin bwyan started whimpering to everyone on our Friends page. Most have ignored his ignorant ass. MilitaryPhonies did make contact asking what was up. They’ve been informed that cryin bwyan lied to them to have them attack us for him. NO ONE on this planet tells us how to run OUR SITE so suck it cryin bwyan. We’;ll start with the Thread Tom dropped earlier today and then roll on to a few of the numerous email cryin bwyan spammed our Admin Email address with all to prove this piece of shit is not the hill you want to fight us over.

Tom’s thread can be found HERE

So, since you decided to bring this to TL instead of keeping it in DM where it belonged, and you choose to take some rando POG’s word, let’s look at the actual facts. You were offered an explanation and ignored it, so I’ll post it here


Let’s look at some of the tweets from your new friend Brian, who’s word you took over vets that you know and that have fed you cases. This is how he talks to a woman

His response to someone hoping he gets help after he threatened suicide

Here he attacks a Vietnam combat veteran that is in the final months of his life due to cancer from Agent Orange

Here’s him admitting to using the account that was suspended because it was so vile

That’s just a small sample, I can provide a lot more if you’re not satisfied. Maybe next time you’ll get the actual facts before you jump on TL with a bunch of nonsense

Now remember the lie everyone is being told by this piece of self righteous shit is he was attacked for saying he was offering prayers. As you can clearly see he was attacking and being abusive long before anyone was pointed at as upsetting him. I remember quite a lot of Sunday School and the biggest point they pushed is, “There are many tools in the devils toolbox but the LIE is the handle that fist them all” Burleson is nothing more than a bigoted piece of shit that can’t tell the truth about why he got his keyboard shoved up his ass. He continues down that path lying and crying to everyone. If you’re his friend tell him to shut the fuck up and stop picking fights he can’t possibly win.

Just like every other entity on the internet we have the ability to monitor traffic to our site. What IP, how that visit was triggered, what operating system, what web browser and on and on.  Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Google and every website has these analytics to monitor, spot trends for whatever. Cryin bwyan accused of of tracking his cell, that’s a LIE, he accused us of hacking that’s a LIE, he claims he was just offering prayers that’s a LIE. Anyone else starting to see a pattern here? 

Just like his manic use of Twitter this piece of horse shit makes junk email accounts just to attack and make claims he’s a battle buddy to try to make his warped ass points. Not buying any of it. Again cryin bwyan is being hammered because he’s a lying asshole who attacks everyone feigning his warped since of religion.

As you can see cryin bwyan wants to pick a fight but isn’t man enough to actually fight his own battles . Instead cryin bwyan runs to anyone and everyone lying to gain sympathy so someone else will fight for him. You should have all the facts before you make a run at us over this wanna bawl baby throwing his petulant spoiled ass 2yr old brat temper tantrum and dragging you into a meat grinder event you will loose to

Again because someone out there has missed the point of it all, cryin bwyan IS NOT Stolen Valor he’s just a spineless lil bitch who attacked a dying Nam vet, then attacked everyone trying to warn him he was way the fuck out of line. News flash the useless lil bitch still is. For those still too confused to follow simple truths here’s a short list of Burleson’s best to ensure everyone has a full picture that this wanna bawl baby is lying to you all because he has a simi-pro wanna bawl card:

https://archive.is/DrzH4  burleson attacking Theresa

https://archive.is/e9DnL  burleson attacking Theresa

https://archive.is/IdFTy  burleson attacking Theresa

https://archive.is/UA8ef thread where burleson attacks Keri and Theresa

https://archive.is/WZbjZ burleson calling Theresa a whore 

watchman 2  burleson attacking Jim 

https://archive.is/t1Q8J  burleson attacking Theresa

https://archive.is/da1GU burleson attacking Billy

https://archive.is/H98Xm burleson attacking Billy

https://archive.is/pPrCR burleson attacking Nate 

https://archive.is/7b1d0  burleson attacking Jedi Keri

https://archive.is/5QC8X burleson attacking Billy 

https://archive.is/PiwLu  burleson attacking Billy 

https://archive.is/gZpI8 burleson  attacking Billy

https://archive.is/EMire  tweets behind a block and runs multiple accts

https://archive.is/k2F5u  archived his attacks and he says he wants me to kill him

https://archive.is/RYDzH here he plays the innocent angel after he went on the attack

https://archive.is/K7dmP  admits to Theresa he ran an attack acct to come at us

https://archive.is/H5fzz I tell him his DD214 is not relevant or the reason & he attacks Theresa

https://archive.is/CceBF admits attacking Theresa w/sky shark acct

https://archive.is/onvEd defending his “prayer” to Billy to Texas Nomad

https://archive.is/vlEbC here he admits he lashed out (typed a note and posted a pic of it)

https://archive.is/u2U7g defends his attacks on us/Texas Nomad 1

https://archive.is/ORukr admits he was an asshole in response to us/Texas Nomad 1

https://archive.is/MtreH sky shark is burleson’s acct/ rants about this being a “game”

https://archive.is/qe3sG admits to Texas Nomad he was being an ass

https://archive.is/Jqo33  accuses us of harassing him (Texas nomad 1) 

https://archive.is/tec9h  his “woe is me” tweet shortly after he attacked Billy

https://archive.is/Zz8p1 tweet p2 that we added him to VOV site

https://archive.is/ZhplF  tweet that we added him to VOV site 

https://archive.is/Eb3m1 thinks VOV sent police to his house/ claims we are after him for stolen valor

https://archive.is/7FxhH  thread on calling help for him because he was suicidal/he gets rekt because we called 

https://archive.is/Rz3Hs  threatens to have FBI / OK AG look into us

https://archive.is/8sQM8 promises not to use internet/new meds 

https://archive.is/gak8s  blames me for causing him to be suicidal even when i notified authorities due to his threat of offing himself 

https://archive.is/Y0MCh frag tweet by Billy that burleson took literally

https://archive.is/Z99Xv  admits he attacked Billy 

Are we clear on this shit now? Are we clear on this shit now?

There will be further updates and threads on this self righteous bigoted asshole just because he’s too stupid to shut the fuck up

Before you decide to inquire, harass, attack or demand a damn thing of us make damn sure you have your facts straight. We guarantee this bigoted piece of shit is not worth any effort you put forth and we guarantee you will not enjoy the direct response you will get

In response to Militaryphonies,specifically Scott Hughes, attacking VoV on behalf of Bawl Babw Bwyan a thread starts with comments HERE HERE and HERE