Those Backing Stolen Valor Are Just As Bad As Those Stealing Valor Op-Ed Part 2

The Fake Ranger Frank of Oklahoma City Oklahoma Area Fake Ranger Frank @imfreewhenidie

Fake Ranger Frank Hit the Radar After Contacting Code Of Vets, Making Suicidal Threats

This case is somewhat convoluted, confusing and possibly a doppelganger sighting. We’ll start the story early summer of 2018 when Gretchen Smith released a video about her late father. In that video she explained how his Honorable Service, Dedication and suicide affected her. Within days there was a number of Stolen Valor assholes who decided to push that particular button and hard. Of the Four that stand out is One particular Fake Ranger Frank. This shit bird claimed to have been shot I the heat by a 7.62×39 (AK) at point blank range and was in “Stage Four” heart failure. What gave this idiot away? So very glad you asked. Among the False claims were:

Combat Action Claims:

  • Granada
  • Operation Just Cause – Invasion of Panama
  • Operation Gothic Serpent – Battle of Mogadishu aka Blackhawk Down
  • First Gulf War
    1. Desert Shield
    2. Desert Storm
  • Operation Inherent Resolve
  • Operation Enduring Freedom
  • Afghanistan – 9 combat Deployments

Military Awards Valor and Honors Claims:

  • Silver Star
  • Legion of Merit
  • 5 Bronze Stars 3 with the Valor Device
  • 3 Purple Hearts
  • Meritorious Service Medal
  • 7 Army Commendation Medal
  • 8 Army Achievement Award
  • Presidential Citation

Disability Claims:

  • Severe PTSD
  • Stage 4 Heart Failure
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Constant Self Harm comments
  • Constant rants, hateful attacks on others, self-righteous attitude

Another point of interest about the truck loads of pure unbelievable bullshit unloaded by Fake Ranger Frank was a Tweet claiming he was in ICU in “Stage Four Heart Failure”. While we’re not medics but we’re pretty damn sure there is no such thing as “stage four heart failure”. While on this point, we are however shooters, avid shooters. Anyone shot point blank in the chest, even with a trauma plate in the  vest, by a .30 caliber weapon, in this case the AK 7.62x39mm, is going to be one dead son of a bitch. The AK fires a 7.62×39mm round that point blank packs one hell of an impact. The 7.62 indicates a .30 caliber. Just like the 7.62×51 aka 7.62 NATO aka .308 and the 7.62×63 aka .30-06 or the humble Winchester Model 94 .30-30 are all .30 caliber rounds. Its shear ignorance and willing stupidity to believe these Hollis Wood movie themes. The story is total horseshit, but we digress

Fake Ranger Frank aka @imfreewhenidie Went Way of the Dodo

Sometime late November 2018 the Fake Ranger Frank disappeared off Twitter after the account was suspended for the constant claims of suicide, self-harm and being an abusive dick to everyone. We believe this exit was planned because every #StolenValor Hunter on Scolail media alerted to him after the complete and total bullshit load was dumped and pushed forward by COV. Seems she is constantly coming up doesn’t it? Claims back on 2018 were that he had been vetted by Code of Vets (remember Bob McCarthy @corp125vet of COV & Gretchen Smith those names will keep popping up with#StolenValor related topics). The vetting process of, “I’ve seen his VA ID Card” have and continue to plague COV as well as the total failure to properly vet stories, claims and actual service in a number of situations regardless of warnings by others of fraud and #StolenValor. Now it may come as a huge surprise that that VA ID Card seems to omit “Ranger”, “Special Forces”, “SEAL”, “Marine Recon”, “Cook”, “Infantry”, “Clerk”, “Combat Deployments”, “Active Duty”, “reserve”, “National Guard”or any actual Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). What that ID card identify provided it belongs to the real Veteran is:

  • The Individual meets the VA standard as a Veteran
  • If the individual has a Service Connected Injury it annotated

Now last summer when Fake Ranger Frank was “in crisis” the cell number given rolled to a ” Garage Door Installer and Service Company”. That company was co-owned by two guys, neither one who served in the military as near as we can determine. It’s highly suspected these two were in league with each other in committing #StolenValor as some sick perverted game and that game abruptly ended as #StolenValor Hunters were closing in. What we know is the cell number is no longer in service or was changed, the Fake Ranger has hit the clouds after taking advantage of a number of people who refused to acknowledge they again were played as court jester fools. This segways  nicely into another abuser who likes to take advantage of people making false claims who oddly roams in the greater Oklahoma City area. This idiot is a rash in the logs of this website on a constant basis. Remember this point; all will make some interesting conclusions shortly.  While we can’t 100% identify Fake Ranger Frank and his @imfreewhenidie twitter account was suspended by Twitter for claims of being suicidal and his abuse, hateful rants and targeted harassment of others, we continue to watch and will get a positive 100% confirmation, it’s merely a matter of time.

While we’re on the subject of watching bigoted, abusive assholes who like to go around feigning suicide, playing the victim card, harassing, attacking, harassing and stalking others then lying his ass off to get off to get others to harass, stalk and attack on his behalf, who remembers Bawl Baby Bwyan? Who’s he? So glad you asked that question. Bawl Baby Bwyan likes to claim he’s suicidal then attack anyone repeating his claim as saying their telling him to commit suicide, nothing is further from the truth.  Bawl Baby Bwyan likes to lie to everyone while playing victim, reporting people in the attempt to get people suspended, demanding people attack, harass or fight for him because he’s a coward and troublemaker who’s bigoted views warp his perception of reality

Burleson, Brian Dyral - Bawl Baby -Entry Level Class - Baby Tears Status

Claiming to be “raising awareness” under the guise of targeted harassment, spamming and just being a dick head is just continues to prove to your god and everyone watching that you’re just a lil bigoted bitch boy. But we digress, everyone needs to report this moron and block his stupid ass.

Bawl Baby Bwyan is currently having a serious mental breakdown at no one’s fault but his own. He’s Spamming everyone he can think of and using the hashtag to get others who are clueless to mass report his hate filled rants and attacks at others. Feigning mental illness as a reason to attack and harass others is a total lil bitch move there REMF boy

Bawl Baby Bwyan

Beginning around April 25th, 2019 this bigoted asshole started attacking Our Brother Billy feigning he was offering prayers. Remember this trend; you’ve seen it in the Op-Ed and nothing is father from the truth. Bawl Baby Bwyan with his bigoted warped since of truth and religion was demanding to now Billy’s Faith and Belief in GOD claiming he can’t pray for you till you answer that demand. The word Burleson has trouble comprehending and spelling is is Bigotry, harassment and abuse. Burleson in his psychotic rants and separation of reality decided to attack everyone advising him to back off Billy.

Bawl Baby Bwyan blames everyone for his actions except himself.Demanding to know if someone believes or doesn’t believe in Christ is not any business of Bawl Babw Bwyan or anyone else, that’s between a person and GOD. Just to correct the constant lies that he’s being attacked for “offering prayer” a theme you’ll see played out from COV and others attacking on Bawl Baby Bwyan’s behalf over and over as well as in the fake Major @windtalker609, keep track of these trends you will see them again

Bawl Baby Bwyan seems to lack any basic understanding of the real world, the truth or how the internet, a networked system of databases, LAN, WAN, computers and of course the miniature hand held computer devices called cell phones work or communicate. Not a topic we’ll get into here since it’s off topic. Bawl Baby Bwyan  by his own pissing, moaning, whimpering, crying, bitching, feigning lawsuits, harassment and throwing his 2 year old old petulant child temper tantrums for the past 8 months and counting has at last earned a spot of Dishonor he richly deserves. Bawl Baby Bwyan in one of his latest rants and attacks at Billy and VoV falsely claimed he sent email to VoV.Admin email apologizing for the unwarranted attacks at Billy. That’s a bold faced lie, the unreadable incoherent ramblings of a obviously uneducated bigot was just another attempt to attack, harass and lie his bigoted ignorant ass off. The email address Bawl Baby Bwyan used was already known to us because he’s used it in multiple Twitter accounts as as he deletes and creates new a new one when he can’t find, delete or cover the truck loads of bullshit he keeps spreading. As you can see Bawl Baby Bwyan used in three of the known accounts he’s attacked, harassed, lied and stalked people from

Anyone else seeing the pattern here? Same pictures, same thought of being invisible until he wasn’t, same bigoted attacks, harassment, it’s everyone else’s fault I attacked you load of absolute horse shit. The email addresses Burleson uses are:

Burleson’s known Twitter accounts are:

  • @tiredofit74
  • @Burleson74B
  • @watchman_wall
  • @burleson748
  • @jm327thsig  Suspended for  abuse
  • @jm_burly Suspended for abuse

Bawl Baby Bwyan bounced from account to account in dedicated hate, harassment and targeted abuse of others through these accounts. We’re at this point not interested in dropping all the info but we may decide to release those screen shots, accounts and associated email accounts in the future.  Since Bawl Baby Bwyan likes to delete shit that’s incriminating to him we archived things on all his known accounts. Here are a few to remind him the word he continues to forget is BIGOT! Here are just a few of Bawl Baby Bwyan’s greatest hits

Bawl Baby Bwyan as the @jm_burly suspended account

  1. => skank at Theresa
  2. => twat at Theresa
  3. => bitch at Theresa
  4. => bitch at Theresa
  5. => whore at Theresa
  6. => bitch at Theresa
  7. => bitch & whore at Theresa
  8. => cock bite at Theresa
  9. => Billy attack
  10. => Bigot – calling others sinner
  11. => bitch – calling others a liar
  12. => making fun of a dying man
  13. => calling Billy a fake
  14. => claiming to be the victim after attacking everyone else
  15. => attacking Billy
  16. => attacking Billy

Bawl Baby Bwyan as the @jm327thsig suspended account => Proving Burleson was the @jm_burley attack account

Bawl Baby Bwyan as the @burleson74b deleted account

  1. => lying about not knowing shit about social media Tagged as all the accounts
  2. => dd-214
  3. => victim card play
  4. => lie about offering to pray ack that he was watchman_wall
  5. => lie about offering to pray ack that he was watchman_wall
  6. => dip thong comment
  7. => admission of being @jm_burly suspended account
  8. => admission of being @jm_burly suspended account
  9. => attacking Texas Nomad
  10. => attacking Texas Nomad
  11. => attacking Texas Nomad
  12. => attacking Texas Nomad
  13. => attacking Texas Nomad victim card
  14. => attacking Texas Nomad victim card
  15. => claiming to be suicidal
  16. => ass burnt over the op-ed for being called out as a BIGOT – Cops have me AG Number
  17. => ass burnt over the op-ed – victim card
  18. => ass burnt over the op-ed – victim card
  19. => VoV Burleson feigning suicide and LEO Visit, victim card
  20. => claims of FBI report and AG call
  21. => claims of being driven to see nut doc and med adjustment
  22. => harassment of Theresa feigning praying – BIGOT
  23. => attack on Billy feigning victim – BIGOT
  24. => BIGOT backhanded excuse of a apology – Truck load of BULLSHIT
  25. => BIGOT backhanded excuse of a apology – Truck load of BULLSHIT

Bawl Baby Bwyan as the @watchman_wall suspended account

  1. => crybaby whimper- victim card

Eerily Reminiscent of the Fake Ranger Frank

  • => BULLSHIT lie to COV- I’m not supposed to be on the internet – fake frank said the same things. VA Doc wasn’t supposed to talk to anyone but as a “favor”, while in the nut ward he wasn’t allowed internet or telephone BUT as a “favor”
  • => the ONE WAY Street requests that never seem to do anything but throw those being asked to back off under the damn bus

Do we think Bawl Baby Bwyan is the Fake Ranger Frank of Oklahoma City Area who hit the twitterverse with a ton of bullshit, lies and deception last summer? We will not deny that as a possibility; however we will on the record say there are only similarities between the two in their communication styles, the constant lies, feigning the victim, harassing and attacking of others and location being in and around the Oklahoma City area. Do we think Bawl Baby Bwyan is seriously unstable mental problems? Why yes, yes we do, the son of a bitch is batshit crazy. Do we think mental problems buys him a pass for harassing, attacking, lying about the why of him doing so? FUCK NO we don’t. If you have mental problems get the fuck off twitter and go get help! You don’t belong on any platform that triggers you to harass attack, claim suicidal thought then attack anyone who reacts to your claims. Burleson constantly feigns being the victim, having only one play to attack, harass and mass report others hoping to get them suspended. We advise others to block him and ignore him since he constantly claims mental illness as a reason to harass and attract others. Report him as SPAM and Targeted Harassment and roll on.

Mental illness and PTSD are not laughing matters and should never be slighted. Anyone making public claims of suicidal thoughts self-harm or thoughts of harming others MUST be taken as 100% fact and therefore reported to the Local Law Enforcement in the area of the person making said claims. 

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