Those Backing Stolen Valor Are Just As Bad As Those Stealing Valor Op-Ed Part 1

Those Backing Stolen Valor Are Just As Bad As Those Stealing Valor Op-Ed Part 1

There is No Valid Reason For Stolen Valor, Defending Stolen Valor or Perpetuating Stolen Valor By Anyone

There exists a serious problem by many out on social media who think it’s OK to commit Stolen Valor. When handed solid evidence proving Stolen Valor, rather than denounce the person committing the Stolen Valor Act they reject that proof and protect, support and attack those who expose Stolen Valor. Often these people feign the victim card rather than admit they’ve been played a fool trying to make those exposing Stolen Valor out to be bad guys beneath contempt. By ignoring Stolen Valor and protecting those who commit it you’re encouraging others to try to commit Stolen Valor and play you for a fool because it’s already proven to be just that easy. The epidemic of Stolen Valor throughout social media crosses the gulf of political, religion, and group associations. If you’re one of those protecting those committing Stolen Valor you are just as guilty as those playing you a fool and committing the Stolen Valor Act. There exists no safe haven for those committing Stolen Valor or for those refusing to stop pushing, boosting and perpetrating the Stolen Valor Act. This IS NOT an attack on COV or anyone else. We’ll say this again THIS IS NOT AN ATTACK ON COV OR ANYONE ELSE. This is a Op-ed detailing known cases of Stolen Valor and the support of those committing Stolen Valor. It is all about the Stolen Valor and the need for those refusing to denounce it get their heads out of their asses and start denouncing those who seek help who are or have been proven Stolen Valor. You will see that every case we post on the Wall of Shame is easily proven to be frauds, scammers, grifters and fake charities trying to boost their scams using Stolen Valor. There are a number of folks who bring us tips on Stolen Valor, while we could list each one we will withhold those who haven’t granted permission to have their accounts included. It is not a slight against any of these friends, their all rock solid folks, we humbly and greatly appreciate everyone’s assistance in this fight to document and expose Stolen Valor

For those who don’t get it, this isn’t rocket science it’s as simple as breathing. We’ll break the Act of Stolen Valor into bite sized examples that a 2nd grader can follow.

Stolen Valor breaks in to the following groups:

  1. Those who have NEVER served but claim to be some highly ranked, highly decorated badass son of a bitch
  2. Those who actually did serve yet lie their asses off about that service rather than taking pride in the part they actually played
  3. Scammers, grifters and fake charities whose sole purpose is to scam tender hearted, willingly ignorant people out of their hard earned cash

Those who have NEVER Served

Those who have NEVER served is a nut ball of scammers, liars and grifters. We’ll focus on a few examples of assholes who claimed to have served and actually haven’t. Examples of those who have NEVER Served:

  • @windtalker609 who claimed to be a 25 year Major who earned the Medal Of Honor, Bronze Star and a number of Purple Hearts. The truth is that Eric Friedberg is a liar and lower than whale shit. He never served and played COV as fools. The failure to accept he’s a fake and a liar only encourages these pieces of shit to attempt to Steal Valor. Those choosing to protect rather than denounce this piece of shit started attacking, blocking and insulting actual Vets for over 84 hours straight. Talk about beneath contempt, attacking a dying Nam Vet and dear friend of VoV one special asshole decided to attack, harass and insult Our friend feigning he was offering prayers to harass then lying about the purpose is beneath contempt, Brian Dyral Burleson aka @watchman_wall (self deleted) @jm_burly (suspended), @jm327thsig (suspended), @burleson748 (self deleted) and @Burleson74B (current & locked). Demanding to know someone’s Faith or Beliefs in GOD are no one’s to demand. That Faith and belief is between the individual and GOD not you or your ilk. Attacking anyone for making a smartass comment about a parody account they didn’t setup, didn’t control and had nothing to do with other than making a smartass comment is shear ignorance and petulance. Then claiming to be suicidal over getting stood up to, whimpering about having your keyboard shoved up your ass over your attacks and harassment of others as you feign PTSD, being suicidal and using religion just doesn’t pass the bullshit test. Go cry to momma about it
  • Robert Trbovich another special piece of shit. This idiot tried to intimidate The Crew who with the help of former teammate @Kaitain_AZ caused this idiot to self delete his account @alien64bit. What’s special about this idiot? Glad you asked, he claimed to be a 2 Star USMC General who had numerous combat deployments, was purportedly vetted by one Bob McCarthy @corp125vet of COV.  Torbcich claims of a 2 Star US Marine Corps General were easily and quickly proven a lie. This piece of shit NEVER served and was protected by people who should have damn well known better. Honestly how hard is it to simply verify someone’s claim? It takes seconds out of your day to pull a DoD SCRA report. While there are limitations of the SCRA it is a fast, simple method to verify Active Duty Military Service Claims. It takes searching ONE database that’s free to prove or disprove some actual Active Duty Military Service. Anyone starting to see a problematic trend? Hang on to those thoughts
  • Donald Scott Layne who first claimed to be a Navy Trauma Surgeon, then USMC Trauma Surgeon, then US Army Trauma Surgeon., then Lead Doctor at Walter Reed in charge of caring for The US President Donald J Trump. The alarm was sounded by Our Friend @rogueranger23 concerned that COV was headed to meet this piece of human shit. It was beneath the COV crowd to step in and assist in running this serial rapist and murder off social media. The Crew with the assist of Doc. Michael Simpson researched this piece of shit, hammered his accounts and pleaded with COV to not follow plans to link up in DC.  His game serial kidnapper, serial rapist and murderer. He is one of several Stolen Valor assholes to play COV shortly after she dropped a video about her dad, his service and his suicide. He played COV hitting all the right buttons about suicide, claims of dedicated service and how he could boost her exposure. His intent, from looking through his arrest in NC and NY, was to kidnap and rape her. The point?  So glad you asked we have never been about the politics, alliances or groups.  It’s always been about the Stolen Valor and regardless of bad feelings we have always defended COV even after she threw the Crew under the bus over and over. There’s that trend theme again, hold on to those thoughts
  • Davidson (Johnson), Naomi Jo has 2 Wall spots HERE and HERE she claimed to be a combat medic who could lift, run and fire a M2 125lb beltfed machine gun, claimed 7-9 combat rotations, Silver Star, Bronze Star and several Purple Hearts. Davidson washed out of Service, No combat, No high awards, was deeply embedded in COV, MAGA, KAG hashtags and ran at least 3 known fake charities. Why is Davidson listed in the NEVER served group? So glad you asked having washed out 364 days of service and having a Other Than Honorable Discharge she is not eligible for VA Benefits meaning she is not classified as a vet. Thanks to Our friends @6ROC4 and @Kaitain_AZ for their great work busting this piece of shit

Those Who Actually Did Serve but Who Lie Their Asses Off

IF you Served be proud of that service, don’t diminish it by making wildass false claims. It’s not nearly as hard as you think to prove or disprove service claims. We find this group of Stolen Valor to be far worse than those who’ve never served because they should damn well know better than to lie about what they accomplished in service. We’ve said a number of times the ONLY Military Service that held higher and anyone else’s are Our POW, MIA and KIA. The Military machine does not get it on down the road without everyone doing their job. Take pride in being a file clerk, mechanic, cook or whatever your MoS was

  1. Muncy, Charles Clifford a child rapist who was deeply embedded in the COV, MAGA, KAG crowd who fiercely defended him despite undeniable proof. This is another example of people deciding to choose feelings and choosing to attack those exposing the fraud. Another troubling trend, attacking those who expose these scammers, grifters, frauds and liars. Remember the phrase, “Don’t shoot the messenger”. This piece of shit nuked his account because it was a violation of his parole. You’re keeping track of the emerging trends, right? Hold on to those thoughts
  2. Nancy Ashley Wu is big player in the MAGA, KAG and COV crowd. Another personally vouched for vet (by Bob McCarthy @corp125vet of COV). The Crew was attacked by those defending this piece of shit who claimed to be a lawyer (FALSE), US Army O-3 (FALSE), Intel Officer (FALSE) and our personal favorite US Army HALO Jumper (FALSE). Truth is Wu was a supply clerk, E-5 Sgt in the Army Reserves, never left the US, was not Jump Qualified much less HALO (aka Special Operations). Spotting the first problematic trend here? Hang on to those thoughts
  3. Moock, John JR. this piece of shit is big within the resist hashtags. There is a special place in hell for horse shit like Moock. Another liar who destroyed a Fallen Soldiers reputation and Memories while trashing a Gold Star Wife and Daughter of the Fallen Brother. The lies and feigning of victim is strong in this piece of shit and the false victim crowd defending him. This piece of shit exaggerated his service and lied about being the gay lover of a Straight Fallen Brother. Records indicate Moock was nowhere close to the Fallen Warrior, not in training, never assigned in the same unit or combat zone at the same time. Makes you wonder why so many “woke” vets can’t clear the sleep out of their eyes to see he’s just a liar and coward. See the trend? It’s both sides of the political spectrum. It’s lying to boost importance to push warped personal and political beliefs. Another trend spotted, feigning the victim card. Hang on to those thoughts
  4. Dustin Roberts another wanna-be player in the MAGA, KAG hashtags. Roberts claimed to be a combat vet with multiple combat deployments, a badass AF PJ with multiple kills under his belt. The truth is Roberts only served around 6 months in the U.S. Navy Reserves and a whole 14 days in the U.S. Marine Corps. Just another looser that washed out and wants to claim he is a badass for personal fame and to push his political beliefs. Sound like anyone else we all know? Can you say Nathan Phillips? Damn another troubling trend. Hang on to those thoughts

Scammers, Grifters and Fake Charities

This is another mixed bag of nuts and scum. This group includes African scammers pretending to be American Military (using ripped off photos from various social media sites), Stolen Valor accounts making wildass claims of Valor and Glory to push their fake charities, gofuneme accounts, grifters who target lonely women with the intent to scam them out of their life savings. The pieces of shit in this group have the sole intent of preying on the gullible, willingly ignorant and the complacent people who refuse to admit when they fall victim to these scammers and grifters. These shit bags play on the affections of the lonely and scam them out of their hard earned  money. People it’s easy enough to determine legitimate charities that claim 501c3, their registered with the IRS and are Tax Deductible donations, donations aren’t through paypal or some other internet payment scheme. Some charities are on gofundme but check and be aware, don’t become a victim. The IRS site to check if a organization is a registered 501c3 is HERE Examples of scammers, grifters and fake charities are:

  1. Davidson, Naomi Jo HERE and HERE ran a number of fake charities thru gofundme accounts. Davidson is a serious piece of shit taking in 10’s of thousands of dollars claiming to be helping homeless vets, putting a new motor in a brand new truck all the while pushing these fake charities claiming to be a combat medic, combat wounded female vet to push and boost her fraud thru the MAGA, KAG crowds who never bothered to look at the wildass claims while donating thousands to a very obvious fraud and then defending the fraud despite solid proof of Stolen Valor and Fraud. See the trend? Hang on to those thoughts
  2. Van De Bogart (Johnson), Ann Marie who tried to defend Davidson while making false claims of being a Combat Medic and Combat Wounded veteran. Another grafter running a fake gofundme account. The claim is she needs a PTSD dog, even though one was donated she keeps the fake fund up and running. Among her other claims is her kids have PTSD because she was in Iraq or Afghanistan so the kid having PTSD needs her own dog. Think about that, see the trend? Hang on to those thoughts
  3. Rob Eutimia Martinez this idiot claims she was a Navy SEAL. Way too much TV believing Hollywood here. Martinez falsely claims to be a combat wounded veteran, benefited from over $2,000 in charity handouts of merchandise. This idiot was even interviewed on Denver TV and claimed to be a SEAL. We could be wrong, not likely, maybe she did in fact graduate BUDs training. Wait there’s a FOIA DD-214 on her that proves she lied her ass off to push her political views and get free shit from her friends fake charity. Makes you wonder now doesn’t. See the trend? Hang on to those thoughts
  4. Michael Parker – Fake Vet probably one of those African scammer accounts you’ve been warned about. See the trend? Hang on to those thoughts
  5. Frank, Steve Fake U.S. Army Ranger Probable Nigerian scammer. See the trend? Hang on to those thoughts
  6. Trout, Aaron Fake U.S. Army Special Forces – Probable another Nigerian scammer. See the trend? Hang on to those thoughts

Watch the Wall of Shame for more Proven Stolen Valor being exposed. We are impatiently awaiting three FOIA drops to expose more Fake Army Rangers, SEAL’s, Special Forces and scammer/grifters

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