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About Valkyries Of Honor

Why we do what we do

The reasons for hunting, researching, calling out and documenting Stolen Valor are many, what it is not is about is fame or personal recognition. It’s about Honoring Our Brothers and Sisters who Served in America’s Military and paid the ultimate price for that Service. They Served with Honor and Valor, having lost their voices to speak out against Stolen Valor someone has to Stand, to Defend their Sacrifice. We few have decided to take up that need and challenge

We are a group of U.S. Military Veterans who hunt and expose Stolen Valor accounts in operation on Social Media. We don’t focus on politics, gender, gender preference, political views or anything else. We focus on the Stolen Valor Act it’s self. Understand to us it’s black and white because there is no valid reason for anyone to make false claims about Military Service. IF you Served take great pride in your Service regardless of what you did as a job. The Military doesn’t operate as as effective battlefield force without each and every Service Member doing their job.

If you are reporting someone suspected Stolen Valor i.e. suspected of making false or embellished claims about their Military Service, please understand we must have evidence of those claims before we can start a investigative case. We need photos, links, and other information. you can send information to admin@valkyriesofhonor.com or fill out the web form on the SVTips page.

The more information provided the better the possibilities that records regarding Military Service can be obtained and compared with claims of Military Service. We don’t post information on reports when we can’t get responses from the official repository holding military records.

In some cases where a surname is common it’s normal to receive a “No Service” response. In those instances having full name, date of birth, dates of service, location of residency, Branch of Service are needed to narrow the request at the repository. When there’s insufficient information to file a FOIA we will make every effort to investigate to the best of our ability. We can’t and won’t process Stolen Valor based on hearsay, rumor, feelings or secondhand information received from a third party that can’t be validated. There simply has to be verifiable evidence which can be documented regarding anyone making false claims about Military Service. Often reports of suspicious claims by individuals and their Service claims turn out to be legitimate. We don’t investigate based on political views, gender bias, religion, race etc. we work solely based on the Stolen Valor Act and it’s merits. Any information found and published regarding verified Stolen Valor Acts will be done consistent with Local, State and Federal Laws

Terms of Access and Legal Disclaimer

As with all other internet connected sites we do monitor traffic to this site. Contrary to some beliefs, monitoring of traffic to our site is done legally. We use SEO analytics tools that track IP addresses, originating URL request (Facebook, Twitter, direct entry, Google etc.), date time stamp, and devices sending that request. Monitoring is done for a number of valid reasons including but not limited to security, traffic analysis and treads among a few. Use of this website constitutes understand and permission to be subject to such monitoring. We reserve the right to restrict any IP addresses from access to our site for any reason

Any questions about the website please drop us an email: admin@valkyriesofhonor.com

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