Petersen, Elizabeth Dawn – Fake Combat Navy Corspman, Fake Combat Vet

Petersen, Elizabeth Dawn - Fake Combat Vet, Fake Navy Corpsman, Fake NAM Vet, Fake Afghanistan Vet, No BSVM, No PH,

This Twitter thread is courtesy of @Ma_Duce_ and posted here with his blessing. The Crew was not directly involved in any of the research and only aided in piling in on the thread after it was dropped.

This is a special kind of shitbird given with wildass claims of earning a Bronze Star with Valor, Purple Heart and claims of being a Navy Corpsman serving in combat zones. There are a number of existing threads on Twitter about this fraud. While Ma Duce’s account has been suspended the thread lives in Archives HERE

We have included screen shots of the thread for your convince. It’s worth pointing out that a detailed article that Task and Purpose did was pulled after the thread was dropped by Ma_Duce_. Seems T&P failed to verify that Petersen actually served. Since there was no service the story was pure bullshit and gall. The screen captures of the initial thread are below

There are several new Twitter threads on Petersen that can be found HERE. The last item to prove this shitbird is a fraud is the FOIA clearly showing NO COMBAT, No Purple Heart, NO Bronze Star with the Valor Device and never left the U.S.A. Peterson AKA Clay exited Navy Reserves as pay grade E2 Seaman Apprentice. 

Please note there are NO Earned AWARDS, NO Combat Duty, No Overseas Duty and the only Active Duty time noted is 1 month 15 days (01/23/1989 – 03/10/1989) annotated by the FOIA DD-214 above. Petersen needs to seriously read the Stolen Valor Act regarding FALSE claims of a Bronze Star and Purple Heart

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