Jason William DeCiccio - MOH PLASTIC GUN NINJA

We bring to you one Jason William DeCiccio nothing special just another shitbird who tried making wildass claims on Twitter like attempting to claim he had “classified intel” regarding plans to build a plastic firearm from generic plastic water bottles. In a failed attempt to impress his super secret file access he actually tried claiming “I was written up for The MOH”. While that claim can’t be proven it’s clear it’s a lie. Other faulty claims were his Military Records can’t be accessed and that only he can prove his service. After these wildass claims DeCiccio decided to delete his Twitter Account, not fast enough several of his wildass claims were archived off. See the short Twitter thread on him HERE by @Snakeeater36

DiCiccio claimed to have been in combat in Afghanistan and overseas duty in Kosovo and Germany. That’s a pretty good trick since as a Army Reservist he served two periods of three months Active Duty including Basic and AIT.

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