Dustin Roberts – Fake Air Force PJ, Fake Combat Vet

Dustin Roberts - Fake Combat Vet, Fake Air Force Vet, Fake AF PJ


We present one Dustin Roberts who as you can see claims to be an Air Force Para Rescue ( AF PJ) Veteran. Roberts claims to be a Combat Veteran with hundreds of Combat Jumps. Problem is He never Served in the Air Force.

Roberts served around 6 months in the U.S. Navy Reserves and a whole 14 days in the U.S. Marine Corps Serving No Overseas assignments, No Combat Tours, No Airborne training and No Air Force Service as he claims.

As you can see he makes several claims Serving in the U.S. Air Force maybe he was confused and meant to say “Chair Force” or maybe he neglected to name in what video game he played AF PJ

Note the claim of “Thousands” of jumps, it’s impossible to have Thousands of jumps especially since Roberts was never in Jump School or the U.S. Air Force

More of Roberts FALSE claims are archived HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE and HERE

Note the “22 year service” claim here. This POG never made it past 7 months total service time. See the detailed FOIA information drop on Roberts HERE Look for more fallout on Roberts as Our Friends at Military Phonies are still digging into this shitbird after one of their admins put Roberts on notice Nov 2018. Since then Roberts has not posted anything on the @dr1851 account. It’s believed Roberts has a primary twitter account he’s changed to after being called out Nov 2018. Roberts information is being forwarded to the U.S. Air Force Criminal Investigation folks for violations of the Stolen Valor Act

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