Michael Parker – Fake Vet

FAKE Army Captain

Parker has a nice new troll account claiming to be a Retired Army Captain. A few red flags went up over simple uniform regulations any Army guy especially an Officer would simply know. Anyone bold enough to ask questions are quickly blocked. Parker’s new troll account appears to be purely for dating. The new not improved Stolen Valor account is @MParker556 We can only assume Parker is referring to a 5.56×45 NATO round used in the M4 thereby alluding to being a gunslinger. It’s hard to be a Gunslinger Combat Veteran when you’ve never Served. Note the problem in the picture posted and the Army Regulations on proper Uniform Patched HERE While we can’t prove this shitbird actually served it’s clear to those who know he hasn’t spent day one in Military Service and is not a Combat Veteran. Parker should go read the updates in the Stolen Valor Act. Army CID do investigate fake Army Office claims and Parker’s name and social media accounts will be forwarded to them. For those not familiar with The Stolen Valor Act read about it HERE Worth noting is people are finally being arrested and charged in Stolen Valor cases. Here are a few examples HERE and HERE

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