Donald Scott Layne – Fake Navy Doc, Fake USMC Doc, Fake Army Doc

A Fake Navy Doctor, Fake USMC Doctor, Fake Army Doctor, Fake POTUS Doctor, a Kidnapper, Rapist and Murder

We bring a special piece of shit one Donald Scott Layne, aka @traumadocny @Potusdoc @drdonlayne Layne, 52, was referred to a Hunter Group on Social Media (#StolenValorWreckingCrew) by a concerned friend because a mutual friend was headed to meet Layne. The SVWC quickly researched Layne. warned his intended target not to meet him in Washington D.C. The Crew then proceeded to run Layne off Social Media, unfortunately he wasn’t stopped before attacking, kidnapping, raping two women killing one a few weeks after the SVWC alerted the twitterverse about him. Read about his arrest HERE

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