Nancy Ashley Wu – Fake Army Captain, Fake Airborne HALO

Wu Fake U.S. Army Captain, Fake HALO Jumper, Fake Lawyer

Wu, ChineseAmeri 4 Trump – @AshleyW838, made false claims that Serving 8 years in South Korea as a CID Captain, being HALO qualified (meaning SOF) jumping into Ft. Irwin and being a lawyer. Truth is Wu was Army Reserve, Enlisted (E-5 Sgt) & a supply clerk. No jump school (Not HALO Qualified), Never Served an 8 year tour in South Korea, Not an Officer, and lets not forget she isn’t a lawyer either. See the video detailing her lies HERE (courtesy of a friend). Individual screen shots are HERE Remember Ruben Daniel Rivera? He tried to defend Wu including feeding her information that she was going to be called out over Stolen Valor. There are a number of Twitter Threads on her Here’s ONE

We’ve included the Information dropped in the FOIA release thread above for your convince and to prove beyond a doubt the Reserve Supply Clerk Wu never attended Jump School, was NOT HALO Qualified, Never went to Korea, much less 8 years, and was NOT an Office in the US Army, National Guard or Reserves

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