Fuller, Joshua Scott – Fake Veteran

Fuller, Joshua Scott - Fake Veteran

Gather around boys and girls we have a sorted and convoluted story to drop. This Wall of Shame spot goes primarily to one Josh Scott Fuller who has lied, a lot, about being a big badass US Marine Raider, Thing is lil Joshie never served a damn thing bigger than his own interests. See lil Joshie is a convict with a nice list of charges who likes to blackmail, lie attack Real Veterans and play billy badass since he lacks the brass balls to actually be one. From what we’ve been able to piece together thus far this all started over 2 years ago in a twitter fight. Since then this piece of shit has pushed #StolenValor accusations at Real Vets with no proof, no cause and simply just to act like a badass. He’s been on this 2 plus year tantrum calling employers, making threats, calling false police reports to get people “swatted” and all over a internet fight he lost.  It takes a special piece of shit to stab “friends” in the back, boldly lie to them all the while gathering private, personal details to be used to doxx and harass them over a third graders internet fight, but I digress.

Here’s the thread on lil Joshie Fuller that was dropped on twitter this afternoon. Fuller, Dunlap, Cole, Stark and Rivera all cried and got it deleted but not before we were able to capture it for this Wall of Shame. Now remember these names because future Wall of Shame spots are coming on a few of these individuals soon. Saddle up boys and girls it’s about to be a rough ride

Well we’ve all seen this @USMCUSA1 @USMC_USA1 aka Jimmy on Twitter accusing numerous other veterans of being stolen valor & then claiming they’re criminals and other assorted nonsense. So it was time to have a look at this ankle biter. /1

He made the mistake that most idiots make, he talked about his life, a lot. He left clues everywhere. So we’re going to walk you through exactly how we know who is behind this account. /2

OPSEC lesson #1 don’t let your family members on Twitter and especially don’t let them interact with you and follow you if you’re going to be an asshole and try to stay anonymous. /3

So this gave us a starting point on finding “Jimmy’s” identity. His kid’s PUBLIC Twitter points to a Youtube channel here. And on record, don’t bother or follow or harass his kid. Period. No exceptions. /4

His kid uses the same handle on Roblox and it cross references to Facebook which we’ll see later. /5

His kid also uses the name Jase /6

Which “Jimmy” mentioned here /7

A quick search on Youtube gives us Jase’s Youtube channel /8

A quick watch of the Train lol warning loud yields a picture of a car and a license plate at the 2:40 mark into the video /9

A look up on that Virginia plate gives us VIN JA4MT31H9YP064839 This is all public information by the way. /10

And more public records on that VIN # gives us this /11

Make note of the year make and model of the car 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport, because “Jimmy” mentions literally that exact same car here. /12

An owner record lookup off the VIN gives us this. /13

A look up on Lavigne gives us a half-brother named Matthew McLean that was in the 101st and got out of the army after 20+ years. Matthew is actually the cousin Jimmy refers to that was in the 101st for 20+ years here. /14

Joseph Lavigne still isn’t “Jimmy” but it gives us another clue that he’s related. So we go back to Jase and we find this on Facebook, the same link to his YouTube page. /15

To recap how that links together /16

Now Jase Fuller is related to Kayla Frank which we’ll come back to in a minute. /17

Again just to recap the connection /18

Here’s where it gets interesting. Kayla and Jase are related to a Josh Fuller /19

And it so happens Josh Fuller owns a freight brokering business. /20

Again so everyone can see the connection. /21

Josh claims to won a freight brokering business just like Jimmy. /22

Because Jimmy also claims to own a trucking business just like Josh /23

He even mentions how many trucks “3” which is interesting. /24

Because his business, actually his Dad’s business but we’ll come to that later, has exactly 3 drivers per this PUBLIC business record. /25

So back to Kalya Frank. She mentions she is the mother of two girls Alayna aka Lannie and Kara /26

The exact two girls Jimmy refers to here. Even their ages match. So we have Jase, Lannie, and Kara all names matching. /27

Lived in Columbus Ohio and Kill Devil Hills, NC. Special note: 2000 he was in Ohio, that’s important we’ll come back that later because this PUBLIC information also proves he wasn’t in the Marines during that time. /28

Jimmy specifically mentions Columbus Ohio and Kill Devil Hills. /29

Married to his wife for 22 years as stated on his PUBLIC Facebook account /30

Same as what he says on his Twitter account /31

And he talks about his son in law committing suicide and passing away in April of 2019 and that his name is David. /32

So we take a look at relatives from this PUBLIC listing we see someone named David. /33

A look up of obituaries shows a David Oberman who passed away in April of 2019 /34

And look at this here is Josh Fuller remarking on the obit page of David saying the exact same thing Jimmy did on Twitter. It turns out David also committed suicide. /35

So let’s get back to Jimmy’s trucking business. He mentions a very specific kind of truck on his Twitter feed /36

The exact same kind of truck Josh Fuller mentions on his PUBLIC Facebook page /37

So now that we’ve established exactly who Jimmy is, lets talk about his background and his false claims of being a Marine who was in for 8 years. Now Jimmy claims to have been in the service from 1999 to

either 2007 or 2008 depending on which lie he’s trying to remember at the time. However it’s not possible due to the fact he had significant criminal charges in 2002. These are PUBLIC arrest  records. /38

You can read more about the inconsistencies in his service on this thread by @credible_intel here https://twitter.com/Credible_Intel/status/1293016017728307200 /39

So in addition to having a criminal record while falsely accusing other veterans of being criminals, it appears Jimmy aka Josh Fuller likes to SWAT people he doesn’t like by filing false police reports on them. It looks like there may be other criminal records on him but we’ll get to that later. /41

Then there are the old Twitter accounts suspended. With a user name that just happens to match Joshua Scott Fuller’s email name. /42

Everyone say hello to “Jimmy” aka Joshua Scott Fuller Not a Veteran just another zero piece of shit #Stolenvalor fraud and criminal – /43 END

We ran SCRA from 1996 to 2010 to see if lil Joshie had served as he claims those SCRA reports are here. No hits on SCRA means he never served

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