John Ping – Using The Fallen To Benefit By

This case involves Mr. John Ping, also known as @Rogue_Martin on Twitter. Mr. Ping has long told his followers that he served in the US Navy, but there’s a problem with that. There’s no record of Mr. Ping serving in the military in any capacity.

Mr. Ping tweeted this as well:

Except there is one problem with that. He never served. Here are the three Fallen he is referring to:

SPC David Bush, 21 (not much is known on SPC Bush or where he is laid to rest).

SPC Cindy Beaudoin was killed just after the Gulf War ended on 28 February 1991

SSG David Douthit was killed in action on 27 February 1991

Even more remarkable is his criminal record for theft (thread can be read here)

The lying about service, lying about the three Fallen soldiers, the theft conviction all are important for the last point of this piece. The gofundme that Mr. Ping has up and running since 2018 and has managed to amass a little over $9,000 US dollars on.

Mr. Ping has a pattern of dishonesty and to use the Fallen to promulgate that lie by claiming he served when he didn’t. There is no honor in dragging the Fallen to promote lies.

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