Carl Susini, FAKE US Army Ranger

This case involves a man named Carl Susini who never served in the United States Military but yet decided to make the unwise move of claiming he served with the US Army Rangers on his Twitter account (he has deactivated this account as well as his second account) in an attempt to lure unsuspecting women into his web of lies. You see, Carl Susini, enjoyed some “extra curricular” activities while using his @USPunisher account that I’m pretty certain his wife would not approve of.

However, his “extra curricular” activities are not what got him into trouble with me; it was his claims of being a US Army Ranger and making an attempt to pass off what little knowledge he has of the US Army Rangers as legitimate.

Here is the entire thread on Carl Susini and for posterity sake, I will provide screen captures of each individual tweet that I sent to him.

Now for all of the archived links, some of which have pictures of Carl Susini in them.

To make matters worse, you allowed this charade to go on while a highly decorated veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces was mourning the loss of one of his brothers. You knew full well you never served a day in your life, but because you just couldn’t stop yourself, you continued on with your lie.

Lastly, you decided to look a gift horse in the mouth by specifically reactivating your account when you were told not to or else you would go on the wall of shame. Well guess what, Carl Susini? You’re now a permanent member of the VOH Wall of Shame.


Theresa, US Army, Retired

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