Gregory Dale Culpepper, “MOG in 93” – NOT

This is someone who thought he could get away with posting a snide quote tweet on a tweet Theresa posted in honor of CPL James Smith, US Army Ranger who died on 03 OCT 1993 trying to save his teammates’ lives in the Battle of Mogadishu, Operation Gothic Serpent.

Mr. Culpepper came across @jusantherguy‘s radar and the following thread was created in 2018. Here are screen shots of that thread:

Yes, you read that right. Mr. Culpepper tweeted that he was in the “MOG in 93.” Using the Freedom of Information Act, we submitted a FOIA for his service records and guess what? He never served in Somalia, let alone Operation Gothic Serpent .

Keeping this in mind, one has to wonder why Mr. Culpepper felt the need to disparage the memory of the Fallen, CPL James Smith, with his callous remark when he himself is stolen valor.

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