William Fulton, Infantry Man?

William Fulton, Infantry Man?

Recognize this picture? You might if you happen to be familiar with a certain case involving the FBI, a militia in Alaska, and domestic terrorism; this is William [Bill] Fulton and despite the aforementioned, he had a lot to say on Twitter about his military experience. Some of what he had to say just doesn’t line up with the service record he provided though.

The team first encountered Mr. Fulton when he decided to take it upon himself to go after a veteran-owned coffee company on Twitter accusing this company of supporting “war criminals” over this company wanting patrons to buy coffee to donate deployed troops who aren’t home for Christmas; he thought the company should just donate the coffee.

After experiencing a plethora of backlash, Mr. Fulton eventually apologized, but it was a little too late. The damage was done. We discovered Mr. Fulton was at the crux of some federal case involving the FBI, a militia, and domestic terrorism. Mr. Fulton became quite agitated when the conversation migrated to being a paid/compensated informant by the FBI. That agitation is what prompted me to dig deeper into his claims and discovered some serious discrepancies with his military service in his own tweets.

I found the following tweets on his personal Twitter account, https://twitter.com/DZBillFulton :

(Archived links for each screen cap below are here:

The very day I published these on my timeline, Mr. Fulton tried to explain it away by stating https://twitter.com/T_Giarratano/status/1204811493830606849 someone else was using his account to promote his book. Notice the date stamp on the first screen capture where he states he was putting bullets into Muslims – that’s June 2016; long before his book ever came out.  But he just had to tweet this out to ensure he covered up his faux pas:

So, if someone had control of his account, why didn’t he mention that on his bio in any of his social media accounts? Even with an updated Twitter account bio pic, he still doesn’t put out a disclaimer that he may or may not be in control of tweets coming from his personal account.

About those military claims he made and he made several. He claims he was in Korea around “96ish.” https://archive.is/yCV8b – Well if he was, it sure isn’t on his DD214 that HE provided.

That is a hardship tour and considered active duty time. Below is a copy of the DD214 he provided as well as the two SCRA copies that indicate his total active duty time. For those that may not know, an SCRA document (Servicemembers Civil Relief Act https://scra-w.dmdc.osd.mil/scra/#/home) simply annotates the active duty time periods of a military member’s service. Used in conjunction with a DD214/service record, a person’s claims regarding military service can either be refuted or verified. In Mr. Fulton’s case, it would be refuting his military service claims he made.

If one were to look closely at the DD214 Mr. Fulton provided, that person would see this:

12f. “Foreign Service” block – all those zeros across the years, months, and days? That means he wasn’t in S. Korea or was “shooting Muslims” in the Middle East, at least not according to the Department of Defense and their records.

While we’re on the subject of time in service, let me show another example on Mr. Fulton’s DD214 that completely contradicts his claims on Twitter regarding his military time:
How is it possible to do 10 years (or 12, 14, 8 years) if one didn’t complete the first full term of service? Mr. Fulton chose his words carefully when he tweeted out his military service, leading people to believe he was in the infantry with several years of active duty service when it simply wasn’t the case.

A typical first term of enlistment typically depends on the MOS, enlistment bonus (if one is received), and the needs of the US Army (the standard is four years). Mr. Fulton did not meet his first term obligation as so stated in his DD214.

Again, another claim of having 10 years in the infantry https://archive.is/J1gon

Here he makes some kind of excuse that he was either drunk or his publicist was running his account to promote book sales. One problem with the publicist angle, Mr. Fulton, you had tweets out there from 2015 about your alleged time in the military which puts that long before your book was published. Oh and again, no disclaimer that someone else was running your account in 2015 https://archive.is/60Et7

Again, this is your personal Twitter page, a social media account that you have been tweeting from for years. To illustrate my point, here you are tweeting at another Twitter user calling him stolen valor. Same linguistic characteristics as you use https://archive.is/Uoz4U. That’s not your publicist, that’s you.

At least we have confirmation from your second Twitter account that it was in fact you, Mr. Fulton, who posted your DD214 and not your “publicist.” https://archive.is/XDcGG

Now let’s move on to what he said in news interviews about his military service. Here he said he retired from the Army, except that’s not what his DD214 says. Remember, he did not fulfill his initial obligation, so how could he have “retired from the Army” with a “75 percent disability rating?”


Not only is he all over the map regarding his military service on Twitter, but he actually gave interviews to news sites that also do not reflect what the facts are. No where on his DD214 does it mention he was medically retired or even retired from the Army. No where on his DD214 does it mention foreign service (S. Korea or any place else; which means ZERO DEPLOYMENTS). No where on his DD214 does it mention 8, 10, 12, or 14 years of active duty service. In fact, the only thing his DD214 mentions regarding active duty time is barely over two years of service.

All of which leads me to this: Did Mr. Fulton embellish his service record for book sales? Or does Mr. Fulton have a habitual problem stretching the truth? Or is it both?  My research has led me across several social media platforms regarding Mr. Fulton and trust me, he’s rarely passed up an opportunity to be in the press if it means a plug for his book. My only question is this – why didn’t any of these folks who interviewed him bother to vet his military claims? One has to wonder as well as wonder if his testimony in the court case will now be suspect as a result.

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