Tokajer, Geoffrey – Not SOF, Probably Not a Combat Vet

Tokajer, Geoffrey - Not SOF, Probably Not a Combat Vet

Gather ’round boys and girls! Gather ’round, we have a special shitbird for you tonight we present the brutal exposure of and destruction of a 88.5K follower account run by a DoD Employee.  We bring you one Tokajer, Geoffrey @theready1775 thought he would use the #MAGA trains to mass followers then attack others on baseless #StolenValor claims turning loose his 88.5k followers to attack based on his lame ass FALSE accusations. Turns out Tokajer was lying his ass off about his own service. No one really knows why a 10 year vet with an honorable discharge would stoop to lying and making outlandish service claims, it’s a problematic trend we’re seeing, documenting and dropping exposed threads on constantly over. It’s hard to give exact credit on this exposure as it happened fast, a number of people worked on exposing Tokajer. We’ll start piecing together the exposure takedown leading up to Tokajer crying, whimpering, demanding and trying to make several backdoor DM deals to not be exposed for his #StolenValor. Tokajer’s primary concern was being seen as the fraud he is to his 88.5K followers, when that failed to appease those exposing him he tried to play the victim card citing career, family, wife, kids defense. (insert head thump here) Had he apologized to the Veteran he attacked on baseless claims and apologized for the FALSE claims he made he might still have an account. We say “might” because he violated a number of Federal Laws including The Stolen Valor Act 2013 and The Hatch Act and a number of Federal Employee regulating Federal Employees actions with online accounts. This idiot had a second account he used to validate his FALSE service claims and he used that account to attack others. He killed the second account, a female persona, first dumping a 18K plus follower account after being caught @guardianshadow1. Now where have we seen this behavior before? Oh that’s right Moore and Davidson come readily to mind. Tokajer actually tried the insult and block defense first, then the delete, undelete defense, delete all posts, then the “I was hacked” defense. Future #StolenValor should know that stupid shit never works. A friend posted “the problem with becoming the prey is you’re the prey” and he’s correct. Once any of the numerous #StolenValor Hunters get scent and start digging they just don’t stop

We’ll start with a thread dropped by our friend Theresa Giarratano @T_Giarratano

You know you’re having a GREAT DAY when a self-professed “3 decades in Special Operations” dude calls you an asshole and blocks you – all because I asked a simple question

Who knew that “Naval Special Warfare SOCOM” dudes were afraid of girls lol

Part of my exchange with our NSW SOCOM baddie. Apparently, he’s attached to a “sensitive command.”

No dude.. You weren’t hacked. I have archived tweets of yours dating back to 2018. Now I’m going to post them. #FireForEffect

What’s really, REALLY disgusting is that you,

@theready1775, used Extortion 17 and the Fallen SEALs as a prop to get retweets/likes. Had you done what you actually said you done (standing behind President Obama), you wouldn’t have deleted those tweets. YOU WERE NOT HACKED!
(Announcer Voice – His “hacked” excuse is based on someone who knew his name DM’ing that name to #StolenValor Hunters, that’s not being hacked it’s being exposed for lies)


additional archived tweets via

(thank you)*

If the above link is jacked, use this one:

Oh yes, there’s more

You see, it’s not just me who is looking at you, @theready1775. Many of us are. #EyesOnTarget

If you’re not following @Snakeeater36, you need to be. Thread forthcoming

Additionally the following search link will show you the exposure, heat and departure of Tokajer

What will that FOIA show? Tokajer’s service is 20 years short of the 30 years claimed as per SCRA. Keep in mind Operation Red Wings and Call Sign Extortion 17 occurred in 2011Per the SCAR Service Record Tokajer wasn’t in service at the time.

Remember Tokajer claimed 30 years In Security Service. Lets do a little knuckle head math Tokajer was born 1974, 1974+19=1992 per SCRA he entered USMC AD 1993 at 19 years old exiting AD 2003 at 29 years old (10 years) Tokajer is 45 years old 2019-1974=45. 1974+30=2004. 2019=2004=15 Are you following? He would have to have been in the Marines at 15 years old to have 30 years in the business. Mathematically impossible = busted. Confused? Hang in there we’ll try to explain it. There’s exists no passable excuse to claim 30 years in service when you’re 45 years old and SCRA proves you have 10 years AD (Active Duty). What will that FOIA Drop show on this shitbird? Stay tuned and watch for updates when that FOIA drops

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