Valdivia, Steven Paul – Fake Combat Vet-Fake Special Forces

Valdivia, Steven Paul - Fake Combat Vet-Fake Special Forces

We bring to your attention another shitbird claiming to be SOF, specifically US Army Special Forces. This idiot is courtesy of our friend Theresa Girratano @T_Giarratano

Here is Steven Paul Valdivia and for the last couple of years, he has been telling people on Facebook that he’s been in service for 19 years while serving as an officer in the Special Forces.

He was using two Facebook accounts to perpetrate this fraud, one of which looks to be abandoned. Abandoned right after he was called out as a fraud. The kicker is, he didn’t even bother to shut that Facebook profile down (the account that’s abandoned

Instead, he migrated his fraud on to his other account: – a quick cursory search of his public pictures from both accounts shows it is the same person operating both accounts.

Not only did Steven Paul Valdivia do jail time in Massachusetts, but he also did time in Florida. The funny part of this is that he was interviewed by a news station while doing time in Massachusetts


Below are his booking photos from his latest arrest in Florida – one from the St. Johns County FL Sheriff’s Office website itself.

Now, Steven Valdivia did in fact serve in the US Army – the bare minimum required; 4 years. That’s not even enough time to get all the training in for every requirement that the Special Forces demands.

Here are a few of his posts he left out for the public to read, one of which calls out another person for stolen valor “19 years, most in SF” post

Here he claims that he and a teammate found Saddam Hussein

Here he’s playing on the sympathies of his Facebook followers/friends

Here he’s calling out another Facebook user for stolen valor

Now, to show that he is the active user on both Facebook accounts:

He’s actually leading people to believe this is him in this picture.

So, as you can see, Mr. Valdivia is clearly perpetrating a fraud and by the looks of his abandoned account, he was attempting to solicit donations for himself from unsuspecting folks.

I cannot tell if he is attempting to do the same thing on his current account (solicit funds) due to his settings of who can view his posts (limited audience), but my guess is going to be YES. (his current FB acct: #StolenValor “This We’ll Defend”

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