Whelly, Kelvin – Fake Combat Vet – Fake Congressional Escort

Whelly, Kelvin - Fake Combat Vet - Fake Congressional Escort

This shitbird exposure comes courtesy of Andrew Feinberg @AndrewFeinberg and our friend Branden Neely @BrandonTXNeely

We start with Andrew’s FOIA Drop:

I FOIA’d the DD-214 for Kelvin Whelly, the guy who serial idiots @jack_burkman and Jacob Wohl were trying to pass off as Elizabeth Warren’s secret escort/boyfriend yesterday. Enjoy.


As anyone capable can see Whelly has not seen combat his claims of Combat and Combat injuries are FALSE pushing him well across the #StolenValor line. The USMC goes on record refuting the Combat and Combat Injuries here:

Our friend Brandon Neely @BrandonTXNeely

further proves the claims of combat and combat injuries are FALSE. His thread starts here:

@Jack_Burkman Hey dumbass Kelvin Whelly didn’t even graduate high school until 2014 so he wasn’t in Afghanistan in 2012. You have helped this man commit stolen valor do you have no fucking shame? You spit on everyone who has served this country honorable

Bro really? This is an airsoft rifle and this idiot claimed it was an M4 he carried in the Marines

. (Announcers voice – Yes you caught that right Whelly tried to pass off a toy as a Battle Rifle)

May 2014 high school senior awards night. The only battlefield this kid had been on was battlefield 2 on Xbox

He didn’t even go to boot camp until August 25, 2014 #StolenValor

From his Recruiters FB page stating his address in boot camp in Sept 2014, but he was injured in Afghanistan in 2012? Come on @Jack_Burkman

The same theme you’ve seen over and over documented on Our Website plays out again here. Don’t lie about what Honorable Service you have and disgrace yourself with lies, it never ends well. Be proud of your role if you actually did serve, don’t expect a pass from your Brothers and Sisters when you’re caught violation the Stolen Valor Act 2013.Is it worth the pain it will surely bring on you for taking the chance you won’t be caught? There are a number of stone cold #StolenValor Hunters throughout social media watching, documenting, researching. If you’re stupid enough to cross that line into #StolenValor it’s a guarantee you will hit a Wall on the internet near you sooner or later. Andrew and Branden did a great job proven the #StolenValor on this shitbird, Thanks Gents take two atta-boys out of petty cash. Finally if you’re going to feign a Congressional Affair at least pick a looker Warren!? Really!? Is that the best you can do Whelly? Get your shit together boy even Marines have a minimum standard and there’s not enough whiskey and beer in the world dude, damn

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