Phrophet, Thomas Robert – Fake USMC Vet, Fake Combat Vet, Fake Colonel

Phrophet, Thomas Robert - Fake USMC Vet, Fake Combat Vet, Fake Colonel

We have here another fake ass acting like a high ranking USMC Officer. He was exposed by our friend @JM_Grock who was promptly wacked by those melted snowflakes running twitter. Prophet promptly deleted his account @trprophet after being exposed. The fact that this idiot was nabbed isn’t all that interesting because this isn’t the first time he’s been exposed as a fake. The deleted thread on this shitbird begins now…

<Cracks knuckles> OK gather round tweeps, we have an expose on a fake stolen valor Marine and trust me it’s a doozy. This guy has been spinning his yarns since 2013 and I’ve barely scratched the surface, so get yourself some popcorn and sit back and enjoy

This particular stolen valor fake Marine Colonel has also been catfishing women on Twitter for years & has threatened at least one of them, possibly more, so it’s time his game got exposed. @steve_trump2016 @usmc1940 you’re gonna want to see this!!

This guy loves to brag and claims all of the following. Wow this guy must be superman. But all of this and more is all lies which we’ll prove shortly. His main claims include the following: 

Let’s start off with some basics on who this guy claims he is, including his name and DOB by his own admission right here on Twitter.  He claimed to be 48 this year making his yr of birth 1970 & claims his full name is Thomas Robert Phrophet

Now let’s walk through all of the inconsistencies of his claims. For some reason he can’t seem to keep the dates straight. Claimed to have turned 21 in Iraq during Desert Storm (8/02/1990 – 2/28/1991). That would have meant active duty

Let’s start off with some basics on who this guy claims he is, including his name and DOB by his own admission right here on Twitter.  He claimed to be 48 this year making his yr of birth 1970 & claims his full name is Thomas Robert Phrophet

The problem is there is literally no record of a Thomas Robert Phrophet born on the date he claims serving in ODS on active deployment or at any time thereafter.  An SCRA was run on Phrophet for 1990 – 2016 and returned ZERO results

But that’s not all Mr. Phrophet claims he retired from the military in 2010

But here he says he retired in 2012. So which is it? 2010 or 2012?  That’s not insignificant that’s a two year difference and he’s claimed it more than once

And here he claims he was in the Marines  23 years.  Math = Age 40 – 17 = 23 yrs

Here he says it was for 23.5 yrs

But here he claims to have been in for 24 years, 4 months, & 16 days service  so which is it?  I still remember the date I went in and the date I left and exactly how long I was in and that story has never changed no matter how many times I’ve told it. That’s the diff between telling the truth & lying

Again claims to have been in 24 yrs.  Claims MOS 0307/0802 <- we’ll come back to those later

Here he also claims to be a  Marine Scout Sniper <that’s MOS 0317>    

You’d think if he was a Marine Scout Sniper he’d know this is not a long range gun. It’s a Ruger M77 MK II .270 WIN with a piece of sh*t glass, specifically a Nikon Monarch 8x32x50 scope which only has 20MOA internal adjustment + no adjustable base

Anyone who’s  a professional understands the above setup isn’t getting out to 800 yards much less 400. Not only is the caliber of bullet not sufficient for the job, but 20 MOA of adjustment isn’t nearly enough to compensate for 800 yards


And if he was a Marine sniper, he’d know this isn’t an M1 either. It’s a Ruger Mini 14 <the AK style mag release is the clue>. The M1 also shoots a .30 cal cartridge, the Ruger Mini 14 is chambered in .223

But his Google Fu has improved over the years and at least he’s starting to look things up. Too bad he didn’t scrub his timeline of his past mistakes

Claims to be a 0307, 0317, and 0802 and that he’s Colonel Thom Phrophet  with the 2/6 out of Courthouse Bay, Lejeune, NC.  This exchange is kinda ironic considering

Big problem with above claim. Seems our FAKE Col Mr. Phrophet made the mistake of DMing and trying to flirt with a lady marine I know whose brother is a Marine 0369 MasterGuns who was the OPS CHIEF for 2/6 at the EXACT SAME TIME Phrophet claims to have been there.  #OOPS 

In addition to claiming he was at the 2/ 6 at Camp Lejeune, he claimed at the time he carried the MOS 0307/0802, but 0307 Officers are Recon and wouldn’t have been assigned to a line company battalion. Oops #2  

The MasterGuns had never heard of Phrophet. The MasterGuns then reached out to the Battalion Commander at that time who never heard of him either. The MasterGuns retired at the same time as Phrophet supposedly did in June 2012

Everyone knows the Ops Chief knows all the senior officers in those units. There is no way these guys would not have known of Phrophet if he was real. Not to mention MOS 0307 is an Expeditionary Ground Reconnaissance Officer which is about as rare as a unicorn fart. This guy would have been well known if not downright famous, yet no one has ever heard of him

Moving along, he claimed to have graduated HS at 15 maxed out the SAT & has various college degrees including an MBA

Wait he just said he graduated HS at 15 now it’s 16.  He said he entered the Naval Academy at 16 then says he went in at 17.  This guy literally can’t keep any of his stories straight

Wait how can he be a full time student at Brooklyn College at 16 when he previously claimed to be both in HS and the Naval Academy at that age?    

So we’re to believe he obtained 2 Masters degrees from Cornell while he was in the Marines?     

Wait he was supposedly in the Marines in 1997 since he said earlier that he was in between 1991 and 2010 or was it 2012

Claims to be a combat vet and to have earned four Purple Hearts. Says he got shot in Fallujah and Somalia. Generally someone gets shot that many times, command begins to wonder if they understand how to get out of the way

Not only does he not show up in the Purple Heart directory but he doesn’t show up in the CAR/HSM database and he would most certainly have earned a CAR if what he claimed was true

Now on to all his many other claims <er lies>. He claims to be super rich, owns a farm/winery & could easily write a $1M dollar check

Claims he gets over 10K per month after tax in military retirement pay, except that’s not possible given published pay scales

Keeps money sitting around in bags and claims this is his

Except that pic was lifted from the web and it’s not his as seen here

Claims to have inherited the ’68 Shelby on his profile page from his uncle

But like everything else he can’t keep his dates <er lies> straight

And you all already know where this is going, yep he lifted that picture from another site online. It’s not his car any more than that bag of money.  This guy is incapable of telling the truth, but wait . . .that’s not all

Worked at various technology companies like Nortel <Canada> and TI <Texas> as an Engineer. But never mentioned living in either location for work outside of the Marines to one of the ladies he was flirting with <recorded call link further down on thread> 

Can’t keep his family members straight. So do his nephews work for the State of NJ or PA?   

Claims his mom taught economics for 40 years

Then turns around and says she is a CPA instead. Claims his father is a dentist

Then turns around and claims his dad is a physician

Oh except his dad is a Marine

Bottom line, there is no such person as Thomas Robert Phrophet. That name doesn’t exist in any directory or database paid public or private

There is no Thomas Robert Phrophet or any spelling variation who ever served in the Marines in any sort of combat role as proven on this link here – anyone can type in his name and check

This guy claims to have multiple Masters degrees, can play the piano & sax, graduated HS at 15 and maxed out his test scores. Is there anything this guy can’t do? Or rather any lie he won’t tell?  

Now on to one of the other reasons for exposing this guy. He tries to catfish women on Twitter. He gives out a Google voice # and posts this picture he claims is him in DMs. Here’s a few examples. Many more to be posted

He gives out a NY Google # here is a recording of him with one of the women he tried to hit on.  /45


Dude  continues to brag and brag. Interesting that he never talks about living in Texas or Canada to work for TI and Nortel. Guess he forgot about those lies. And then there is this . . .

Yea I think this guy needs to maybe find a different shrink. The current one clearly isn’t doing the job

 This guy is a complete total fake. If he’s telling this many lies how much of what he claims can possibly be true. You be the judge

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