Lemieux, Tara – Not a Combat Vet, Not A Gulf War Vet

Lemieux, Tara - Not a Combat Vet, Not A Gulf War Vet

We bring to your attention not only a liar, not only another #StolenValor piece of shit, we bring to your attention another trifecta making false claims about their limited service and backing other #StolenValor pieces of shit like Davidson and Cole. For those who’ve been paying attention this continues to prove the old adage of, “shitbirds of a feather get burnt together”

The expose thread can be found HERE Courtesy of our friend Theresa.

Theresa Giarratano
Fun fact: the very female blasting this video all over Twitter has lied about her own service. She never served in Desert Storm/Gulf War and I have 14 separate archived tweets of hers where she says she did when her service record says different. #OOPS

youtube.com/watch?v=rDbUE5 – remember, just as much as we use our #1A, so do the haters. The dissenters would have you believe that the FOIA process gives the actual DD214 of said service member. Even my military record is public information.

but it’s okay to lie about your own service and be a stolen valor apologist, right?

You weren’t there either, female.

“toxic exposure during the Gulf War” Your service record says you never served in Operation Desert Storm (Gulf War)

And there’s your “Desert Storm” reference. Again, you didn’t participate in Operation Desert Storm. I’m looking at your service record and NO WHERE does it say you were in ODS, you have no SWA campaign ribbon, and no overseas ribbon.

You got some apologizing to do, female, and LOTS of it for lying about being a ODS veteran.

Gulf War/Desert Storm veteran my ass and you have the audacity to champion for fake doc?

How fitting. A liar defending a liar.



DoD is pretty clear on who qualifies for the SW Asia medal and someone’s had plenty of time to fix her service record officialmilitaryribbons.com/military_ribbo

While defending fake doc too. You’re a real piece of work, female.

Now here’s a question needing to be answered, did Lemieux use #StolenValor to gain position and favor within the Intelligence Community? If she did she faces up to 1 year in prion for profiting from #StolenValor. See The Stolen Valor Act 2013

For clarity here’s the full FOIA drop for those asking why we didn’t include it., “This FOIA is for you”. As for the false claims by the haters club inc. that records can’t be legally obtained, guess again. We’d point out the process used is the same process Don Shipley, Guardians of The Green Beret, Military Phony and other #StolenValor Hunters use. The process is legal and only a problem for those embellishing, lying their asses off or just lying about Military Service. Be sure to watch the Website for the next Wall of Shame Spot!

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