Cole, Edward Von – Not Special Forces, Not a Doctor, Just a Liar Part VI

Cole, Edward Von - LIAR, Grifter, Just Another Zero Not A Hero with His Sewer Rat Shit Show

Gather around boys and girls we’re gonna tell you a tale about intrigue, danger, lies, grifting and total outright horseshit! We bring to your attention lil eddie the liar. If the ole saying of “liar, liar pants on fire’ were a real thing he’d be a 5 alarm high rise blaze. It seems that lil eddie has to lie his ass off because he was a total shitbag in his short meaningless period of service. If you’re been paying attention you’d have noticed that the FOIA has dropped on lil eddie’s illustrious service. That’s right he did serve, the question to lil eddie is what the fuck did you do in Germany that was so bad you spent 6 months in prison at Ft Riley be before that Other Than Honorable Discharge? What’s that you said PRIVATE?  Speak the fuck up boy I can’t hear you maggot!


Before we get this show rolling let’s remind you of the constant lies about valor, honor and multiple deployments to War Zones made by this exceptional piece of useless shit. So lil eddie lets talk about respect, honor and truth shall we? You’ve claimed to be Airborne, served 20+ years in damn near every recent combat zone as a 7th Group Special Forces Medic. Truth is you’re just another wambat fucking zero. Isn’t that right PRIVATE!? Per your DD-214 you aren’t airborne, falling over in your fucking chair does not a set of Airborne set of Jump Wings make, PRIVATE.

As all can see lil eddie served from May 1983 to July 1986. Note there is NO AIRBORNE School notated, There is NO SFQC notated, NO MEDIC School, NO Combat Deployments. In fact lil eddie went to 11B School and was deployed to Germany where lil eddie proceed to become a major fuckup, was returned as a E-1 Buck Fucking Private to Ft Riley where he was put in prison to be rehabilitated before discharge. As we can all see that failed big time because lil eddie has lied claiming to be a doctor in a failed scam to get others medical records, sell pot and commit another number of Class A Felonies along the way. As you may recall we have several Wall spots for lil eddie since we started the website. See those pages HERE HERE and HERE.

The old saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together”. This flock of total piled up bird shit is ripe. Far worse than that stench one gets when hitting a skunk with your car. They’re all scammers, liars, thieves, stalkers, too stupid to be capable of actual investigative ability and total pieces of rotting shit. You may recall these pieces of shit all shill for one another all feigning to be victims after being caught for #StolenValor and give me bucks schemes. Their all useless piles of shit who pray on the good nature of others to give money, stalk, harass and attack on their behalf based on lies, half truths and total bullshit. After being caught they start with the victim card and lying, crying, whimpering to anyone too uninformed hoping they’ll attack, harass, threaten and cause trouble for them. Remember that MO you’ll see it in every one of the following examples. We’ll start with the biggest pile of pig shit to disgrace social media Naomi Davidson, you may remember this pile of shit making claims of combat deployments, high awards, super human feats of strength picking up a crew served and operated machine gun system, the M2 a 125 pound fully automatic beltfed machine gun, running at the enemy shooting bad guys blazing away. In reality this pile of pig shit served 364 days before getting a Other Than Honorable Discharge. That’s right 1 day short of a year Total Service, No Jump School, No 82nd Assignment, No Combat Deployments and NO Awards. This shit bird took 2 pages of running documentation and made all the premier #StolenValor Website Wall of Shame spots. Davidson is nothing more than a habitual liar, scammer, grifter and thief who after being caught feigned the victim while telling lies to others to get them to defend her, harass, stalk and threaten others, look HERE and HERE for her other pages. This pile of pig shit creates and destroys accounts faster than a pig fart can disperse. A few known sock accounts are @SassySouthern10 @MarchessaDesade and @icyqueenbee2. While we’re talking about liars, crybabies and feigning the victim to get others to harass, stalk and threaten others let’s not forget bawl baby bwyan the biggest liar, crybaby and wimp to hit social media. Bawl baby bwyan has been stalking, harassing, threatening, whimpering, crying, lying his ass off, stealing others identities to create fake accounts since attacking a number of friends in Feb 2019. Lil bawl baby bwyan finally decided to become canon fodder for these bigger piles of shit because he’s too uneducated, too uninformed and too bigoted to see he’s being used. From what we hear he’s a big boy  and while a huge pain in the ass he’s more of a speed bump than anything, the only threat with this bigoted asshole is he keeps whining, whimpering, lying, crying and irritating others to attack, stalk and make threats on his behalf. I’m sure he’s right at home with these piles of shit since he’s just a big pile of dog shit himself. We seriously doubt his ability to figure shit out by himself and as far as we can see he fits right in with these fucking idiots who have nothing to offer the world but their smell, constant string of failed attempts to con others and failed attempts to dox anyone their actually trying to. We’re pretty sure that these idiots filing false reports, at any level of law enforcement, is illegal especially with the FBI. More on that later, we know it’s a tease but you’ll just have to wait on that for a while. For now the closest bawl baby bwyan has come to #StolenValor is others making claims he was E6 and a Jump Master bawl baby bwyan wasn’t either just a REMF  E5 who’s only accomplishment we can see was getting a honorable discharge

Either this guy doesn’t know bawl baby bwyan, misunderstood or lied for bawl baby bwyan. We don’t really give a shit it just proves the point that bawl baby bwyan harasses people he knows as mush, if not more,  as those he doesn’t, we will be watching

The next piece of shit on this lil crew of inbred degenerates is the NOT a lawyer just another scammer, harasser and stalker @LaurieBriggs11, Virginia Stark. Lil genny likes to shill for these #StolenValor pieces of shit, by defending these piles of shit she proves beyond a doubt she doesn’t know shit and can only talk shit on a sub sewer rat level. Lil genny claimed a number of times to be a lawyer, in fact she isn’t she’s just another liar who likes to back #StolenValor and likes to fail dox people while tagging tons of unassociated government or law enforcement acctouns trying to intimidate her targets. Another epic fail sub beta lil girl. There’s nothing interesting about lil genny nor anything worth further discussion of her, much like her pitiful life she’s dismissed. See a great informative thread by a friend or ours on lil genny HERE

Another idiot who doesn’t know shit has decided to drop their worthless opinion into the frey. Much like lil genny @CaCackler aka Cheryl Kehler is uninteresting and unimportant other than you may remember her attacking a Gold Star Widow not long ago while shilling for actual #StolenValor assholes. Not a class act by a long shot for any American Legion office holder. Her appearance makes us wonder about the quality of air in Puerto Vallarta Mexico or maybe it’s just the effects of the slop she slings at that restaurant she plays waitress in, maybe it’s just something in the water down there that breeds stupidity? You’d expect more from a American Legion officer wouldn’t you, although their vetting process has been fraught with fakes lately. See her latest act of sheer stupidity shilling for proven #StolenValor HERE Maybe complaints to the American Legion or to the Co-Owner of the greasy spoon she waitresses in might help her come back to reality and stop shilling for #StolenValor pieces of shit, we doubt it, maybe the peroxide has gotten to her minuscule brain already but one never knows

Another throw in with lil eddie is Ruben Rivera, you may recognize him from the Supports #StolenValor gang Op-Eds HERE HERE and HERE. The number of active accounts run by this stalker is mind boggling. Rivera has serious daddy issues compounded by fear of Alpha women, women in charge and well women in general. He appears to let these fears control his social media action by being aggressive through various sock accounts while being a sub beta male on other semi-normal accounts much like he acts in real life. His sock accounts include @nowsayitagain and  @servedproud and many other’s too numerous to list

Lastly we bring the dullest broken tool in the sewer, @QueenforTrump one Kim Reno Mitchell who finally got her ignorant ass suspended for attacking, harassing and causing shit while defending these #StolenValor pieces of pure dog shit. We’re sure it won’t take long for her to start a new troll account and pick up where she left off. Well start harassing people again, we’re reasonable she doesn’t pick shit up after all she defends and attacks others over these pieces of shit. Nothing about this lowlife is interesting or remarkable, she’s just another wanna-be convict who likes to steal others identities creating fake accounts in a fail cry for attention. See a few examples HERE HERE and HERE.

One has to wonder if they all get arrested will they be allowed conjugal visits by their pet cats? We’re asking to ease Kim’s cats minds that once she’s gone their finally safe

We’re reasonably sure there are a few others we’ve not included in the sewer rat bunch that surround lil eddie cole. It’s simple omission because their secondary fools, idiots and morons not worth mentioning here at the current time. A running and growing list of known sock accounts is being compiled and monitored as these short bus rejects continue to harass, stalk and dox innocent people not associated with the people their upset at in life. Examples are bawl baby bwyan stalking and harassing, calling and texting (for hours on end) family members of people who simply retweet, follow or comment on anything this website does. Or the sewer rat gang (cole, davidson, mitchell, rivera, kaheler et. al) falsely claiming a number of people to be someone their not. If you’ve been watching the circus you’ve seen these short bus rejects drop all the rings in their failed attempts at doxing others.

We strongly recommend anyone harassed by this group of failed bus rejects to file police reports against them when they email, have others email, harass, stalk or dox others claiming them to be someone else. File police reports with your local police department and the police department where these idiots reside. We recommend filing actual FBI complaints over Stolen Identity, Mail and Wire Fraud (for fake GoFundMe accounts) and fake social media accounts they create that may include you. Give them the attention they seem so desperate to need

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