Jolly, Arron – Not A Combat Vet, No 300 Kill/Capture Missions

Jolly, Arron - Not A Combat Vet, No 300 Kill/Capture Missions Just another Lying Ass Zero Claiming To Be A Hero

Gather around ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls we have a special piece of shit to offer tonight. One Aaran Jolly who thought he could pass off being a top tier gunfighter in real life. No really this piece of horse shit claimed to have over 300 kill / capture missions only problem is it was in a video game somewhere not in actual life.There are a number of threads on twitter calling this idiot out by a number of people. Lil Jolly decided on the turtle defense locking and deleting the total bullshit claims then resulted in blocking everyone who called bullshit on his claims of being the baddest gunfighter on the planet, maybe that’s universe? Someone should tell lil @TheCiroth that playing turtle and blocking #StolenValor Hunters never works out

It looks like this wanna-be warrior is a badass on the keyboard, he really needs to get out and grab some vitamin D in the bright sunlight already and get the fuck out of mama’s basement! As you can see this shitbird finally owns up to being a keyboard toy soldier. Maybe he has lost his grip on play time in the basement and actual reality, don’t know and don’t really care. He’s a piece of shit liar who had a unremarkable enlistment and soiled it, much like the pile in his diaper right now, by lying about what pitiful enlistment he actually had

As you can see lil jolly wasn’t SOF, Wasn’t a SEAL, wasn’t a gunfighter and has NO Combat Deployments.Note the Foreign Service Time, well lack of any entry.It’s impossible to have 300 kill / capture missions having never left Stateside isn’t it.

What’s sad is this lying sack of shit tarnished what service he had is his failed attempt to brag about shit he didn’t have the balls to actually do. It’s the same warning we’ve dropped several times, If you served take pride in that service. Don’t tell wild ass lies acting like something you were too much a coward to actually do. Ever notice no one lies about being a cook, supply, a truck driver, network geek, paint scraper, or any other support role that’s absolutely vital to any mission in the Military Machine. Here are a few links to archived statements this idiot made, til he got his keyboard shoved up his ass can be found HERE and HERE and a few threads can be found HERE, HERE and HERE

There exists no safe haven or valid reason for #StolenValor lil @TheCiroth should blow his account now since the words out about his total unbelievable dog shit lie about more combat than a platoon of actual SEALS combined. We would suggest a very humble apology, delete the lies and STOP LYING about your service

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