Guzewich, Daniel – Fake US Army Ranger, Not a combat Vet, fake NCO

Guzewich, Daniel - Fake US Army Ranger, Not a combat Vet, fake NCO

Gather around ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! We have another piece of shit that claims to have been a Combat Vet, NCO and US Army Ranger. This special piece of shit comes from a double header found in remarks to our good friend Kurt Schlichter@KurtSchlichter

A number of Real Veterans quickly spotted lies and total bullshit claims by this idiot. Our friends @BAD1ncorporated, @_Deadplate, @HatinCNN, @rogueranger23, @ThatGuyBringIt, @Mk2Rakk , @crimsontidefan6, @JediKeri, @Justantherguy  and @Twitr_Heretic all quickly locked on the troubling claims made by Guzewich. What was the first indicator this idiot is a #StolenValor piece of shit? When he claimed to have a “Honorable Service Ribbon”, which anyone who actually served knows is complete bullshit. The following thread is courtesy of our friend Not Tom Clancy‏ @jusantherguy

Our little devil is the average Twitter vet superhero. 3 combat deployments as a hardcore Army Ranger that was shot in Afghanistan and earned a Purple Heart. Let’s look at some of his claims

Haiti huh? Who fought in Haiti?

Honorable Service Ribbon? Weird, I never got one of those

Oh boy, somebody can’t keep their lies straight. Which was it? ‘92 or ‘93?

You’d think our new friend Dan would have better OPSEC being a Ranger and all, but nah, my team found him in a few hours

So we started digging through his FB, and surprise surprise, he was stealing stock pictures and pawning them off as his own

So weird, like all his personal pics were used by all these websites

Of course we also found his Instagram, where he can be seen sporting his Ranger hat

Now we weren’t the first ones to suspect him being a fraud, but this guy probably didn’t know “communication specialists” don’t go to basic or AIT at Benning and the 75th is a regiment, not a battalion

What’s that? A RallyPoint profile showing him as a commo guy? That’s odd

Oh, he’s got an address at 447th Sig? Just coincidence that’s where commo AIT was in the 90’s? Doubtful

So I decided to check his record. 2 years and less than 2 months service.

Just for shits and giggles I checked every year through his claim of 2004 and he wasn’t active for any of them. Here’s just a few

We were also able to find his current wife on twitter. did you know your hubby been lying about his service and that he was never a Ranger? You do now

Here’s Dan’s real twitter account. Apparently he switched to Super Ranger when he couldn’t get a following

Dan also likes to play the race card

Except his voter registration…

While we still have an FOIA pending, it’s safe to say at this point that Dan is . Not a Ranger, not a combat vet, no Purple Heart, no 12 years service, and not an NCO. He was a Medsep shortly after AIT. /END

Thanks as always to my actual superhero researcher that made unraveling this joker’s lies possible update – our superhero combat Ranger has deleted his account

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