Cole, Edward – Fake doctor, Fake Vet, Not Special Forces – Part III

Cole, Edward – Fake doctor, Fake Vet, Not Special Forces - Part III

Part III in the continuing saga of this piece of shit Cole. Now remember among the various claims this shitbird has made are falsely being a doctor, false claims to have served 20 plus years in the US Army as a Special Forces Soldier. The exposure threads on this piece of shit are can be found here Part I and Part II

Part III is courtesy of our friend Theresa

Criminal impersonation is a crime that is governed by states laws, which vary by state. The highlighted section illustrates my point about fake medical doctors

There is NO “Edward Von Cole” in the NPI data base () as he has described himself in the following screen caps (next tweet)

Which leads me to “THEFT BY DECEPTION”

We know a one, Edward Von Cole (and related aliases), has ties to and is currently tied to

the evidence can be read HERE and HERE

So, what’s the de grâce? I reached out to one his potential victims (this person was wise enough NOT to fall for his demands) and I have in my possession, the entire conversation between them, including another email address not published in our report

Demanding medical records while actively pretending to be a medical doctor is wrong and the epic fail in all of this, is that he gave his email address AND the name of hospital he alleged these records were going to. I contacted the hospital. They never heard of Edward V Cole

The team kept this bit of information out of our report out of respect for the victim and when the victim of this tells me I have the green light, I will publish the whole thing for all to see

We gave D0655Z ample opportunity to clear this up and he chose not to (being a fake Green Beret and fake doctor). Our investigation is now going up to his state’s attorney general’s office for further review

As far as I’m concerned, this issue is now closed. Not only did he impersonate a Special Forces Green Beret, but he has impersonated a doctor online when he’s NOT a doctor. That’s a felony if he obtained monies over $1,500

There will be no more debating this topic with him (he has us all blocked anyway) or his supporters (they will be immediately blocked). We stand by our case and we’re taking it forward. //end

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