Cole, Edward – Fake doctor, Fake Vet, Not Special Forces

Cole, Edward - Fake doctor, Fake Vet, Not Special Forces

Today we drop Part II of the investigation into the scammer and fraud running a number of accounts on Twitter claiming to be everything from a medical doctor, medical researcher, Veteran and Special Forces Warrior. He’s actually nothing but another piece of shit, never served scammer, grifter and thief. We quietly released Part I a few days ago. There’s the twitter thread by our friend and Brother RedDevil via Thread Unroll App. Without further ado here’s the thread by Red

Well here we are i hope everyone had a meaningful memorial day. I know i did. Lets get down to business since this is going to be a long one. I need to lay some ground work here because it gets DEEP in this rabbit hole.
Over the last month or so we have been getting trolled by an account @D0655z who we initially thought was a sock of another account. Based on some more research we realized that “Doc” was most certainly NOT
Doc had a fraudulent gofund me style account supporting a “LT BO LAMBERTI” . Turns out there is no LT BO Lamberti in the Army. Let alone DOD. The only Lamberti’s are females and none of whom match ANY description of Mr Lamberti
Stay with me, this is where is gets weird, if you look at that link you see two contributors….one whose name is “ED”… to add if you look at some of his tweets they get a bit cryptic. One in particular that states “remember this name: VIPER”


Doc changed his @ from another name which was Med_solutions.But since been co-opted by another group, HOWEVER you can look at some of his interactions before he changed it. And some of those account still have the Med_solutions @. It shows a clear change over to Doc note the year

Some deep enough digging and we came across a reddit account by the name of….you guessed it “Med_Solutions” on it was an address for a “Cole international Med solutions”. Some deep diving and searching gave us two key things. Another Email….and name. EDWARD V COLE… and…

The email we got was related to viper.intl Subsequently another “business” opened under that name of . SO once we got the viper.intl email we ran a search and it confirmed the name… Edward V(on) Cole

So, being the ninja she is managed to run down some domain info….check the email and the sites…

After some more work we found a blog, viper intl med solutions from 2010… and guess what twitter @ it used ?That’s right… Med_solutions…. so we have a connection between viper med, CI med, and the old @ of DOC. It all comes full circle to this Edward (von) Cole of MD

Subsequently on a background check the name Edward V Cole has a direct connection to that Viper Intl, along with the domain scrub of Cole international med solutions. The domain searches, the reddit connection, the blog, it all reaches back to that old @ and Doc. It ENDS at Cole

So we have a name, and a location and we also have a last four social because Maryland was kind enough to provide us with his Bankruptcy file information….and GUESS WHAT KIDS… homeboy was never a Green Beret.

OBVIOUSLY based in his birth date didnt serve in those respective locations he claimed. His claims about being recruited into the “farm” a la CIA, serving in various locations, being in 7th…its all BS.

To add, Doc decided to drag a gold star wife who lost her husband in a training accident. I think we all knew and KNOW Doc has been a fake. But his mass reporting and trolling, and shitting on vets and Gold Stars alike wont be tolerated
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