@D0655z, @MED_SOLUTIONS, @blk_ops1 – Fake Vet, Not Special Forces – Just Another Scammer

@D0655z, @MED_SOLUTIONS, @blk_ops1 - Fake Vet, Not Special Forces - Just Another Scammer

We’ve been watching this piece of shit for awhile now. They’ve run various accounts on Twitter professing to be a Doctor, SF everyone assumes is Special Forces (since they use a SF Crest and Green Beret). Most recently they’ve joined forces with a number of idiots who all think their detectives, honestly their all just defectives. These idiots can’t fins their own ass with a map, compass, GPS coordinates and assistance from the entire U.S. Military. But we digress. A name and further updates will be forthcoming soon so stay tuned to the Wall on the internet near you. Our friend Theresa narrowed down solid information on this wanna-be shitbird and has dropped a thread you can read HERE, or unroll the thread on and read it on the thread read unroll app HERE

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So, remember a few days ago I told you all about an account we were locked on to that was going to be worth the wait? Well, here’s an update on the @D0655Z acct & some of what we found, so strap in folks, this is the start of the show

 The team discovered that used to be, on Twitter not too long ago. D0655Z sanitized his acct to delete nearly all of his tweets, but what he couldn’t sanitize, were the replies to him that included BOTH handles:

Now mind you, that is merely a sample of the replies to /; there are many more because he can’t delete the replies. Now, how do I know this is the same person? Easy. There’s a tool I use that gives the Twitter ID number for a handle. ‘s Twitter ID number is 87240117 and when I cross-referenced that # with a search of Google cache, here’s what I came up with:

These two accounts (/) are tied together and belong to the same person. Now comes the archived tweets of the MED_SOLUTION; pay special attention to the avatars in both pics: The double-helix strand in a test tube.

Cross-referencing that avi of the double-helix strand in the test tube didn’t yield me much results, I kept getting results for books on bioethics, so then I thought of another approach. / has been on Twitter since 2009 & here’s why that matters:

You see, “DOC” (/) here has a reddit page – recognize the avi? How about “Doc’s” old handle? Yep, you guessed it, same handle, same avi.

Now comes the good part. “Doc” (/) made the fatal mistake of not covering his tracks; his reddit page was a boon of information and quite honestly, we can’t thank him enough for not taking that down. Also, look at the Cole Intl “in depth” vs his old bio:

So, now I’m on his (@D0655Z/@MED_SOLUTIONS) website and yeah, it has geolocation IP-tracking services, but when have I ever hid from anyone? Never and not to the lengths that this “Doc” is doing either. Anyway, back to the task at hand I went through every inch of his (@D0655Z/@MED_SOLUTIONS) website and trust me, there are zero bona fides available to prove the work this “30-year NGO” does is even remotely legit. I mean c’mon, the LLC is headquartered in the Cook Islands?! LOL

First of all, I searched for Cole International Med Solutions in Rarotonga, Cook Islands – there is no PO BOX 555 for one, and two there is no company by that name there either. Feel free to check for yourself http://www.ck/poboxes.htm  cc: @D0655Z/@MED_SOLUTIONS

The funniest part of this website is the donation page (LOL) – now I won’t put a screen cap up because it does contain banking info, so you all will have to read it yourselves. Just remember, he uses IP trackers on his site lol cc /

Lastly, this is just a portion of what I have. Imagine what this thread will look like when all the pieces are put together, right “DR. COLE?” Stay tuned cc: /

Now see, I KNEW would delete his reddit page! Too late “DOC,” I archived your reddit page before you nuked it lol. If you care to discuss this, start by unblocking me

The Vegas number you keep asking about is on your website,
Here’s a screen shot of it (Las Vegas # ) also, why did you just take your live chat offline on your website, ? It was live not more than an hour ago. Got something to hide, do ya?




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