Lambert, William Erin – Grifter, Scammer – Fake Vet

Lambert, William Erin - Grifter, Scammer - Fake Vet

This thread is going to provide background on @SuperEliteTexan & his false claims of military service & the gofundme scams he’s run against people here on Twitter. He was brought to my attention by some of my followers here on Twitter. /1

Before I get started, I made numerous attempts to reach @SuperEliteTexan to discuss my findings & give him the opportunity to make things right & gracefully exit Twitter as opposed to me simply outing his false background & scams. In fact numerous people reached out to him. /2

He choose to ignore attempts at communicating thinking this would simply go away. It won’t. In addition to this thread, @SuperEliteTexan will be featured on one of the stolen valor sites & those he has scammed have told me they are reporting him to LE so expect – you know. /3

So who is @SuperEliteTexan . . . meet William Erin Lambert. Or Billy as some call him. He promotes his gofundme on his Twitter. A short review reveals who he is, his location & his business StarCrossedWolves a dog breeding operation in East TX. We’ll get to that in a bit. /4

I’m going to address William Lambert’s claims of military service 1st. A quick review of his timeline turned up a handful of references to having served in the Army. Specifically these. All of which have been archived in case he deletes. /5

Active deployment to that area during that time-frame ranged from about 27 personnel to 110. It seems someone would have known William given how few were deployed there over that time-frame. /6

Standards eh? Like lying?

William refused to answer any questions publicly about his service.

When, where, rank, anything. /7

Again he claims to be Army. /8

More claims of military service. And when people thank him for his service he confirms again he was ex military. /9

Then there is this “story” he told one woman over the phone as part of his grifting campaign. He also claimed to be a 2nd Lieutenant. Involved in super duper seekrit war on drug stuff. Seems he’s read too many Tom Clancy novels. /10

Here’s the thing. If you do something top secret you don’t talk about it. You’re briefed on an appropriate cover story but you DON’T EVER DISCUSS IT. /11
There are more holes in that story than a block of swiss cheese. He claims this incident in Columbia <which never happened> is why his records are . . . wait for it . . sealed. Except there’s the problem . . military records aren’t sealed. Anyone who says that is lying. /12

If a particular deployment or operation was top secret it may be redacted but the overall service record is never sealed. BUT WAIT THIS GETS BETTER.

He sent the following pic to a number of the ladies he was trying to grift from. He claims he’s the tall guy on the right. /13

Only problem is this is an existing pic William pulled from a website of some guys in Korea and ole Billy ain’t never been to Korea. /14

So moving along to Williams verification of service. His full name and DOB was confirmed via a number of databases both public & paid. Using full name + DOB we ran an SCRA from 09/30/1985 and every consecutive year thereafter. /15

That’s right every year from 1985 to present and as you may have guest we found . . . .zero . . . zilch . . . nada. /16

Any of you can do the same on the SCRA website right here Needless to say our search returned ZERO results of William having been active deployed any time after 09/30/1985 which means this claim is, to use a technical term, total bullshit. /17

Now let’s address the approximately 3 years from July 1982 when he would have been 1st eligible to enter & 09/30/1985 when the SCRA database begins tracking military service. Turns out William has had numerous run in’s with the law. We’re only going to cover off on 2. /18

The first hint there might be something wrong any claim of him serving prior to 09/30/1985 is the fact William was arrested a few times. In this case for prostitution in 1983.

Yes you heard that right . . . prostitution. /19

And here’s the record, which is PUBLIC. /20

But wait . . . that’s not all. In 1984 he was arrested and pled guilty to a DUI. And that’s important because that makes it his second misdemeanor he’s pled guilty to. Again public record. /21

Those two offenses alone essentially guarantee William was not in the Army on July 27, 1983 because his sorry ass was sitting in a courtroom in Dallas TX . . . AND because the Army won’t accept candidates with 2 or more misdemeanors or of questionable moral character. /22

This leaves us with the VERY slim possibility William served from Aug ’82 & July ’83. Highly unlikely given all his other lies & such a short service period would have meant he washed out. Nevertheless just to be absolutely sure, we’re submitting an FOIA to confirm. /23
Now onto the rest. The guilt trips, emotional manipulation, and dare we say it . . . scams to extract money from people here on Twitter under the guise of helping veterans. /24
William claimed to have been married & his wife & daughter died in a car accident due to a drunk driver. The problem is there is no marriage record for William & no record of a child & no obituaries showing William as the survivor of a wife & child in any city he has lived in./25
Now back to Williams StarCrossedWolves dog breeding business. 1st we want to acknowledge that there has been at least one veteran we know who received a puppy from William. The concern is the tactics he’s used to guilt people into giving him money + no charity registration /26

The first thing to address is Williams use of guilt trips and threats to get individuals to give him money. Here he tries to make someone else responsible for the survival of his dogs due to his inability to take care of his own animals. /27

2nd when the individual refuses he resorts to belittling them & threatens to out their information on Twitter for not complying with his request for $’s. Seems William doesn’t understand HE is responsible for his own situation & ultimately for the care of his animals. /28

I’ve gotten DMs from numerous people stating that William has engaged in guilt trips about them having money & trying to make them feel bad that he doesn’t. And that William has further implied he would put the dogs down if people didn’t contribute. /29
There are also numerous business reviews from individuals who seem to imply William has misled them regarding the quality of the dogs he has sold to them & the condition of his property where they live. I make no warranty as to the accuracy of these public posted reviews. /30

And additional reviews . . . . . /31

It may be that William has provided a few dogs to veterans trying to do the right thing but it’s far more likely given his actions, he did it to curry favor with them for the purpose of having them help advertise & promote his business. I caution everyone to research 1st. /32
One thing is for certain, William has a problem with telling the truth. Under no circumstances should anyone allow themselves to be pressured by into sending him money. Additionally it’s important no one call or otherwise show up at Williams property. Let LE handle it. /33
And William if you’re reading this, go f*ck yourself. You not only claimed to have served when you clearly did not, you smeared the service of every single Army veteran by implying we would kill an entire village of civilians and then turn over a young child to be abused. /34

Seriously William Erin Lambert.

Fuck you


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