Daniels, Charles Clayton – Fake Combat Vet, Desert Storm Vet

Daniels, Charles Clayton - Fake Combat Vet, Desert Storm Vet

Looks like lil chazz decided to delete his twitter account we busted him on for #StolenValor to create a new one @wait4it_357. We noticed everyone who reposed that expose thread has been blocked by his new #StolenValor account. Everyone knows that always works. It goes without saying, We’re Watching

Courtesy of our friend Will @Twitr_Heretic who’s thread on this piece of shit can be found HERE. We’ll include Will’s thread and Our thoughts and comments, buckle up someone’s about to be triggered. Will’s thread stares here:


1/17 OK folks, let’s meet Charles Clayton Daniels from Texas. Charlie seems like a decent enough fellow and it appears he served in the Army for a little bit but, alas, Chazz has been telling us some fibs boys and girls…

2/17 According to Charlie, he’s a 100% disabled combat vet suffering from severe PTSD. When asked where he was in combat, he mentions Operation Desert Storm (91) and Iraq (2003) 

3/17 As you can see, he loves to telling about it but don’t ask too many questions because he doesn’t seem to like that. After I asked him a couple of straight forward questions, he was quick to jump to the old “it’s classified” story (which we all know is bullshit of course).


4/17 Then, when I asked him a very specific question about where he was in August of 2002, he seemed to get just a wee bit sensitive. So much so that he blocked me almost immediately. You might ask yourself why he wouldn’t want to talk about August 2002…

5/17 Well, he had a bit of trouble you see. Now, it wasn’t that big of a deal (leastwise not in my book). Young in a college town got picked up for public intoxication. Raise your hand if you’ve had a similar encounter. Yea,

6/17 So, OK, it’s not really a big deal. Then why did he block me? That’s easy folks – it’s because he KNEW that I had identified him and I had some more questions that he wasn’t going to like…

7/17 Oh, by the way, I discovered that Chazz got arrested again in 2007 for another non-violent offense. This time he was speeding (significantly). Again, not a big deal in my book – certainly not something I would be upset about people finding out

8/17 So where is all this leading to you’re probably asking right about now. Well, OK, I’ll cut to the chase. Based on our research, he was in the U.S Army but the problem is he, according to my math, he was in for 2 years and 7 months and here’s the real interesting part…

9/17 He was active duty from September 1992 to April 1995. That means he missed Operation Desert Storm and got out WAY too early for any of the GWOT campaigns. So that begs the question, how is he a “combat vet”?

10/17 Now, before you get all hot and bothered, I tried to give Charles a chance to talk to me and sort this stuff out but he lied to me, then he ignored me and, finally, he blocked me. So, what am I supposed to do? Just walk away? BAH! That’s not what we do folks…

11/17 We spent hours working hard to ensure our information is good. We were on the trail of the wrong Charles Daniels for a while but, when I found his mugshots, we hit pay dirt because that gave us his middle name and birth-date. From there, it was all down-hill…

12/17 We found his personal information which included address history and, lo and behold, what did we find? An address that is a perfect match for pictures that Chazz posted right here on Twitter

13/17 If you’ll remember, we found an arrest record for public intoxication in 2002. According to him, he was still in the Army and would be going to Iraq in 2003…

14/17 If so, why was he in Texas getting drunk and looking just a bit over-weight (per Army standards) and, oh yeah, why did he have an address in the same town he was arrested in?


15/17 So, we’re left with just one logical conclusion: Charlies Daniels has been lying to people on Twitter about his military service and has lied about being a combat vet.

16/17 We don’t know what he did in the Army or why it seems like he didn’t serve a full term but we’ll know eventually. We’ve submitted a FOIA request – it’ll take some time but we’ll post updates when we get his records

17/17 BTW, did I mention that Charlie thinks stolen valor should be a serious crime? Maybe Charlie will tell us the story before the records come in but I won’t hold my breath…



As many of you will recall in the first Op-Ed piece we say those who served and lie their asses off about that service are far worse than the scammers who and assholes who’ve never served. We bring you one Daniels, Charles, Clayton who has claimed that he’s a combat vet, claims he was in Iraq 2003 and that he’s 100% DAV because of PTSD are pure works of fiction. Remember Daniels actually did serve but has chosen to dishonor that service by lying his ass off about shit he didn’t do. Daniels, @danielschazz454, is just the latest of lying pieces of shit who’s figured out hooking into the MAGA, KAG and COV groups equates to more mindless followers who will buy into his bullshit lies. Let’s start out with the basic claim of having served in Iraq 2003 and Desert Storm.  Again it’s just ONE simple database search to find a basic service time. In Daniels case its 09/19/1992 to 04/07/1995. That’s too late for Desert Storm and too early for everything Global War on Terror related. For those who can do math that’s 5 months short of 3 years total service.

Daniels repeatedly has made “combat vet” and “combat related PTSD” claims. It’s virtually impossible to have “combat” related anything when your lying ass has never been in combat!

The question, of course is, why lie about your service when you actually served? We don’t have an answer to that other than to attempt to sound more honorable, or to gain sympathy or to attempt to boaster a more important opinion with others. No matter the reason it’s a great dishonor to themselves, the Brotherhood of Veterans they claim to be honoring. Notice how this piece of horse shit not olny attempts to lie his way out of the lie but the idiot throws COV under the bus in one shot. This piece of shit actually dropped the “it’s classified I can’t talk about it” bullshit line of all time and he throws COV under the bus doing it! Fucking priceless move dickweed. Like everyone is going to buy the “COV knows all about it and can vet my story”

It’s worth noting that Daniels made a handful of remarks from the account’s creation to Dec 2018 about his service. During that time he never made claims of Combat or PTSD until he figured out making these wildass claims gave him attention. Imagine our surprise, if you could only see our surprised look right now, you’d be mildly amused too. Anyone who’s served knows or should know that their Military Records are not “sealed” or marked “classified”. This is another bullshit hollis wood B movie misnomer. You’d think anyone who actually served world get it, you’d think that with a simple database search available you can see if someone making claims of service actually did serve or not. You’d think with a fast easy database search someone could verify dates someone did serve line up with some active combat missions since the dates are another simple easy search. You’d think if someone was burned repeatedly over the same things they’d learn to spot bullshit lies that are just mo-gas on the fire. (see what we did there?) We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again if you’re an entity that feigns to be Veteran Based and you repeatedly fail to vet those coming for assistance or are tagging your hashtag and making wildass claims of service they never did it’s your brand that will continue to take the hits and lose credibility. Until these entities start denouncing the Stolen Valor their doomed to keep repeating the process of getting drug to hell and back for their failures to call out the posers in their mist. Be that MAGA, KAG, COV or any of the Resist hashtags.


Now you’d think that this would be the end of it all, right? So very glad you asked that question, the answer is no it’s just another moment in the continuing blue falcon down spiral of hashtags mired deep in Stolen Valor. We are awaiting four FOIA Requests to drop, when they do it’s not going to look good for a few out there who screamed, yelled and attacked Hunters for saying their fakes. Sorry no spoilers but if you’ve been watching over the last two years you have a good idea who three of the upcoming Wall of Shame spots of dishonor will include. Stays tuned to the internet near you and watch for the fireworks that will certainly ensue

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