Vincent, Chayton – Fake Veteran- Scammer

Vincent, Chayton - Fake US Army Lieutenant General - Scammer

Here we go again Boys and Girls, Men and Women, Children of all ages. Gather around as we drop the latest piece of shit to be brought to the Wall of Shame spot of Dishonor. We’ve dropped a heads up piece, Nigerian and Arab Scammers, giving a heads up because we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the ignorant fucks. We bring to you this evening another piece of pig-shit who has stolen a Lieutenant General’s pictures, done a piss poor head crop and is claiming to be a US Army Lieutenant General.

This piece of shit comes to us from a sharp eyed tipster to @VoV_AdmOne account. This moron was busted once before and tried it again because he’s a stupid fuck. We bring you @ChaytonVincent Checking just one image we find a Warning HERE that shows this isn’t this idiots first go around.

When you find these pieces of shit REPORT them to twitter for impersonating a real human being. In this case he’s impersonating US Army Lieutenant General Frederick B. Hodges

This ignorant piece of shit tried to make the stolen pic look ligit. Things tahe made it stand out fast are the color of the neck doesn’t match the face and the font used to alter the name tag is not the correct font used on actual Army Name Tags.

Help spread the word that this piece of shit is out to scam unsuspecting people, again.

Be Aware folks don’t be the next victim

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