Wall, Raymond – Fake Navy Veteran, Probably Another Nigerian or Arab Scammer

Wall, Raymond Fake Navy Veteran - Probably a Nigerian or Arab Scammer

We have another piece of shit scammer alert. This one is using a ripped off U.S. Navy Commander’s pictures. This piece of shit claims to be currently in Afghanistan as a Engineer. Honestly we’re surprised he could actually spell the word. Like all of theses idiots this ones math and basic English skills SUCK. These scammers have realized they can claim to be Active Duty Military, hook into the maga/kag trains to get followers. It doesn’t take a college education to see that he only talks in DM and only to women. He then, like all Arab males, to demand and order women to do various things. The claim is because he’s a high ranking Officer he’s used to giving commands. WE call Total Pig Shit! With permission of our friend who spotted this idiot we’ll drop her screen captures. You’ll note the lack of ability to actually speak English in a sentence proving he’s foreign and outside the USA. The Thread she dropped can be found HERE.


We are putting these Stolen Valor assholes on notice, you make false claims of Military Service we will be able to prove you as losers pretty fast. All High Ranking Combat Awards are online and searchable. All claims of Military Service starting 1986 are on line and verifiable in ONE Database search. It’s just that easy. Don’t be the next victim of these scammers.


Courtesy of Our friend @ArmyWife4Now

Hey, “Captain” Raymond Wall! Remember me? I’m the one you tried to grift this morning. I’m the one you “commanded” that I send you pictures of me. I’m the one you tried to “order” around. I’m the one you “demanded” that I listen to you…

Do you remember me now?! Yeah…I’m pretty sure you do. How’d that demand & ordering work out for you? Not so well, huh?

Then your comment about wanting me to be “yours”, which implied property ownership, and your subsequent laughing comment when I challenged you on it didn’t bode very well either, now did it?

Let me let you in on a little clue…I am bombarded daily by you fuckwads posing as U.S. service men. I can smell you asswipes as soon as you DM me.

So here’s my PSA for you to pass along to your grifting buddies: I will taunt you & expose you for the vile filth that you low-life scumbags truly are. I will nail your ass to the wall with the help of my Twitter military family. Don’t think I mean business? Then look below

@ThatGuyBringIt So you’re currently Active Duty in Afghan Department of Defense has no clue you exist I call BULLSHIT you’re most likely another 1 of those Nigerian or arab scammers stealing US Military pics to drop bullish claims. Tell your Stolen Valor buds 1 search you’re busted

@ThatGuyBringIt @Wall53222999 Prove me wrong that you’ve never served- boy You have a few options regardless it’s a very public dragging if you don’t delete fake Military claims and the stolen military pics you’re using tic toc buttercup you don’t have long

@ThatGuyBringIt simple math I know you uneducated fucks aren’t very good at thinking or math but it’s really simple 2019-1962=57 1962+18=1980 2019-1980=39 No way in hell you’re Active Duty on the simple math alone then there’s the official record SCRA says NO Service PROVE ME WRONG

@ArmyWife4Now So…now that you know I mean business…show this website 👇🏻 to all of your buddies… /END


Here are the DM screen shots this piece of shit sent to our friend @ArmyWife4Now who is a stone cold Stolen Valor scammer buster in her own right.Now remember this is supposed to be a U.S. Navy Commander, a rank requiring a Masters Degree. Look at the poor writing skill this is not a college educated man it’s a horny scam artist probably in Africa somewhere. Note the Navy Engineer Clam


Interesting that he wants to talk on the phone after demanding pictures. The long play these assholes have is to begin asking for money or for some account access feigning to be interested in helping. Anyone giving banking information will be ripped off

Notice the attempt to connect and the odd sentence structure. Again this is supposed to be a highly educated college man.

Again the misused phrases and poor sentence structure indicated a NON-American uneducated piece of shit is writing and attempting to scam a female he thinks is unaware, his error.

When this idiot finally realized he was busted he wasn’t interested in making her his anymore, he whimpered like the piece of shit he is and blocked her. Imagine our surprise

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