Glasscock, William L. Fake Operation Desert Storm and Somalia Vet

Glasscock, William L. - Fake Operation Desert Storm and Somalia Vet

We bring to you one Glasscock, a retired US Army Officer who decided that claims of galentry are far better than honesty. The struggle here is that Glasscock who actually served falls into that most dishonest group described in part one of the op-ed, “Those Who Served but lie their asses off about that honorable service” which Glasscock has most certainly done. This makes Glasscock one of those special pieces of shit. Here is the Twitter thread by our friend @jusantherguy exposing Glasscock for the liar and Stolen Valor trash he is. Tom’s thread can be found HERE.

Courtesy of @jusantherguy – Evening all! I’ve got a story for you tonight that is a sad one to me. This is a story about a man that served honorably as an enlisted man and an officer, but felt the need to lie about that service. I introduce you to

He has claimed to be a Vietnam Vet with the Air Force and an Operation Desert Storm and Somalia vet with the Army.

You can see that he’s been making these claims for years

Naturally, these claims became suspect and as usual we pulled a service record through Freedom of Information Act. We were looking a Southwest Asia Service Medal and an Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal to verify these claims

The public record request confirmed our suspicions and as you’ll see was never in ODS or Somalia. In fact, he never left CONUS (continental United States) in almost 10 years as an Army Officer

His awards also don’t list a SWASM or an AFEM. They do however confirm his service in Vietnam

That’s what makes this so frustrating. Why does a man that served in Vietnam, lie about serving in ODS and Somalia? To further a political agenda? To build rapport with younger vets? That’s a question only he can answer. He also sent an unredacted DD214 to one of our team members and it was verified that there was zero foreign service and the medals matched the FOIA. We won’t post the document per his request. We also found an old GoFundMe using fraudulent claims to garner financial support

There are many great men and women that served in those conflicts, some injured, and some killed in action. Claiming you served alongside them when you didn’t is /END

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