Presley, Dan – Fake Veteran, Fake Special Forces

Presley, Dan - Liar, Fake Vet

This piece of shit hit everyone’s radar at the same time. His known Twitter accounts are:

@Yesiam9999999988 => deleted
@BeDevilMe666 => 1094607371534503938 deleted
@yesido999999999 => 91273913

This loser claims in nearly ALL his accounts to be a Special Forces Warrior. He’s just another piece of shit zero who thinks playing at being a hero is funny. Here is the awesome expos thread by @6ROC4, @Kaitain_AZ and their Team. Great job! The unroll thread can be found HERE

Thread Courtesy of : Grok ̷̿̿═━一💥  @6ROC4

OK it seems Mr. BeDevilMe666 is going to ignore my request so here we go . . . cracks knuckles. This will have to be posted in two parts since I can only connect so many tweets together in one string. /1

Someone pinged me in DMs about this account. So I started to have a look. This caught my immediate attention given their current Twitter avatar being associated to the Marines. /2

And the claim to the 82nd Airborne made no sense given this claim. The 82nd Airborne is Army & this plane is an F15-E Eagle which is flown by the US Air Force NOT the Army. /3

 Apparently someone blocked him or un-followed him and this upset him. /4

He attempted to impress this person by again claiming to be a military pilot then when pressed for details, claimed they were classified when they weren’t. /5

More importantly that’s not even his picture. It’s been posted before. The Mach Loop is located in the United Kingdom in Wales. Also known as the Machynlleth Loop, it consists of a series of valleys in west-central Wales. /6

Only about 247 F-15E Eagles have been produced and none of them carry the call sign 666. This registry here shows the only plane that even contains that # was sold to Israel. /7

When confronted with that fact the 666 number appeared to be associated to a plane sold to Israel, he then claims he was a trainer in the Middle East that it’s classified, and he’s retired now /8

Not too long after being confronted he started deleting. Specifically several of his plane pictures. /9


Except there’s a big problem with his claim of being a US military pilot or trainer. He’s Canadian and he’s admitted it numerous times before. /10

Non US citizens can enlist in the US armed forces but they cannot hold an officer position or be allowed access to top secret information. /11

Funfact: All US military pilots have an officer rank whether they’re a warrant officer or commissioned. And they need security clearance due to the nature of the missions they fly & the equipment they are responsible for. /12
No he’s not military but let’s check out that Satanic claim and let’s see just who exactly @bedevelme666 really is. /13

He gives us a lot of clues to start off with  /14

Well this is a help. /15

The email goes to this blogspot which references a YouTube video. /16

The blogspot in turn contains a video. I dare you to try to watch the entire thing. He’s clearly a nutty satanist. He even references his book on Amazon. The same one in his Twitter profile. /17

Oh look here’s his book the same one he references on his Twitter profile.  /18

This book here. We’ll be looking into the claims of meelluns of dollars he’s made, in part by claiming military service on Twitter to promote his book.  /19

Now we have a website but need to find the owner. /20

A look through WayBackMachine yields an old copy of the website along with an authors name. /21

A bit of digging around in FaceBook yields a matching name. Hello Dan Presley. And oh wait . . . . where have we seen this red car before . . . /22

So he’s making so many meelluns off his book he can afford this car right? /23

He’s going to make sure everyone knows this is his car /24

Except it’s not his car and it’s been posted numerous times before. Pay attention to that . . . this is not the only time this happens. This is section #1 Will continue thread on section #2 /25

Now have a really good look at that photo of him.  /26

Because he flat out admits that’s him on Twitter. Notice the same light fixture and plants. Even the same window coverings.  /27

Same exact ones on that nutty crazy video he made promoting his book.  /28

Gosh what is he going to do with all these meelluns of dollars he’s making from his “book”. The car thing didn’t work out. . .

Maybe a plane is the trick. /30

He’s even posted the same pic on his Facebook. /31

Except you already know how this goes . . . . this isn’t his plane either. /32

So much for those meelluns of dollars from his bible of Satan, it doesn’t seem to be selling very well. /33

There’s a lot more on this guy, but this is a start
And an expert adds more detail to the call sign question here /7.5


Replying to @6ROC4

Since I’m the aircraft “expert”, I can say without a doubt that there are NO F-15 that have been allocated the -0666. There is an F-15 MSN 0666 but that is allocated by the Air Force as 80-0124 / F-15C-27-MC Eagle MADE FOR and SOLD to Israel in Peace Fox III.


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