A Heads Up regarding Fake Military Accounts

We've posted a few Fake Accounts found trolling females for money. We've noticed an increase in these types of Fake Military Accounts

The public need to be aware of these fake military accounts whoi’s total end game is to make those “special female” account connections, then beg for money to disappear and repeat the process taking some other sheep for whatever funds they can. Our friend Theresa wrote a solid thread on this topic you can find HERE. We’ll repost it for convince

Over the course of the 2 years I’ve worked stolen valor cases, I’ve noticed a big difference between those who embellish, and those who merely create Twitter accounts using someone else’s credentials (pics, military rank, etc) to scam people out of money. With the latter in mind, here are the tell-tale signs of a scammer:

1) Typically uses pics of men and/or women in military uniform

2) Misspelling of common words in bio (United State instead of United States)

3) Typically follows opposite sex

4) Has very few tweets on his/her timeline; prefers private messages instead

5) Newly created acct

6) Does not know military jargon/lingo

7) Refuses to answer basic military questions about service

The first thing one should do if an account is suspect is drag and drop the profile picture into an image search engine like TinEye () or Google Images. Chances are the pic has been used on several other websites – that right there should be a red flag. Remember, if you want to give money to someone / charity that’s not well-known, do your homework and properly vet them or come to one of us on the team and we can look into it.

The latest account falsely claiming to be a US Military Member is @robert00350096 who after being busted ran away. The post by Theresa that ran him off was:

“Hey dude, we know you’re a fraud using someone else’s pics. 5 min into researching you and it tells quite the tale. See for yourself, hero:

There exists an epidemic of fake US Military accounts and Stolen Valor Accounts throughout social media today. Be aware that the frauds exist, if you’re unsure if someone is a fraud than ask those who can tell to look into that account.

Here are a few of those we’ve looked into since Jan 2019:

Trout, Aaron – Fake U.S. Army Special Forces – Probable another Nigerian scammer

David – 75thRanger3rd

Frank, Steve Fake U.S. Army Ranger


In today’s online Military Databases, ability to reverse lookup pictures and the number of Hunters watching out for these frauds to pop up it’s only amazing that these idiots keep trying to fool gullible lonely females out of their hard earned cash. Know these shitbirds are out there and don’t be the next victim

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