Friedberg, Eric – Fake Combat Vet, Fake Army Major, Fake MOH

Friedberg, Eric- Never Served in the US Military

We bring a special shitbird today, one Eric Friedberg who claims a 25 year Military Career and earning The Medal Of Honor. There is a twist with this obvious case of Stolen Valor that should serve as a warning to all who support Stolen Valor. But first the case of the blue falcon taken down by 2 simple database searches. We start first with the simple SCRA database search to verify ANY Active Duty Time Served. Should be a easy hit since lil Eric lied and claimed he had 25 years Active Duty Time. Maybe lil Eric should notify Department of Defense who have no idea this 25 year Vet, Major and Medal Of Honor claim ever served. As you can see from the SCRA below NO Active Duty Ever.

Now remember that SCRA only documents Active Duty Time Served. To have been a Combat Vet, Earned the MOH and make any rank much less Major, You have to have actually Served! Lil Eric never did just makes bold claims that he did. When challenged lil Eric just locked his account, dud that never works when Hunters catch anything that sounds or looks off you’re ass is the menu. Your window to apologize has expired your only play is to delete your account @windtalker609 and your Facebook account You have til that FOIA confirmation drops again proving you never served.

Now lets start tearing away the lies we know about before lil Eric locked his account. As everyone can see lil Eric dropped his name and the fake rank of Major  trying to make a special female friend, a trend you’ll see repeated. 

Then lil Eric claims several times to have Earned The Medal of Honor. By the way that database is online and is searchable. Anyone want to guess who’s name is not on that list of Actual Heroes? That’s right lil Eric is a no show

Since we’ve already proven that lil Eric Never Served it’s an impossibility that he was in combat and therefore impossible for him to have earned The Medal Of Honor. By these false claims lil Eric has committed a felony and can be charged and face up to a year in prison.

Now remember that lil Eric comment about looking for that special female friend or two? Well lil Eric figured out he can hook into Code of Vets and lie his ass off without worry because a problem exists where Stolen Valor is not just ignored but actually, in some cases protected. This IS NOT an attack on COV it is about Stolen Valor. There is not nor should there be a safe harbor for Stolen Valor, especially in a Service Organization that’s supposed to be providing services to Veterans. Failing to properly vet anyone looking for assistance, failing to denounce the rampant Stolen Valor engaging with or involved within any business, organization or Veteran Service Organization only damages the reputations of those entities for their failure to understand how Stolen Valor affects the Honorable Service of All Veterans with special attention to Our MIA’s and KIA’s who paid the highest price Freedom in America demands.

A number of threads exist on Twitter calling this shitbird out for Stolen Valor. One of Our friends, Theresa, has a excellent thread on this shitbird HERE A number of very wounded ego’s will be appearing as soon as this Wall of Shame spot drops. The lessons that should come from this is Properly VET those asking you for assistance, if you’ve been played for a fool, over and over, have courage to state that you were played for a fool and learn how to not be played for a fool next time. It speaks poorly of anyone who decides to attack anyone proving Stolen Valor by someone exists. The sad truth that these Stolen Valor shitbirds exist shouldn’t be a case of ignorance for anyone. When you’re given solid proof of the truth that someone like lil Eric here is a proven shitbird, liar and a fraud they should be the one drawing your pissed off attitude and of you’re followers who choose to ignore the truth.

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