Davidson, (Johnson) Naomi Jo Part 2

The continuing saga of Davidson - Not a Combat Vet, Not a Combat Medic, Not Airborne

The following Twitter Thread is courtesy of our friend @6ROC4 and can be found HERE

The growing list of known Davidson accounts are listed below. Davidson keeps playing the drop a wiseass remark or attack and delete the account  and repeat game, like that ever works. But we digress, on with the new thread by @6ROC4:

@KARMA48560657 => 1120421841514967040 self deleted
@RambleOnRose6 => 1108696841502154752 self deleted
@AmericanLaoch => self deleted
@mean_caveman => 825417043503628289 – self deleted
@tinytina2of11 => – self deleted
@IcyQueenBee => 268563528 self deleted
@JoDavid67795821 => 1066541905264107521 self deleted
@WombatWomanHere => ID: 1091651309441142784 self deleted
@suckitbarflyho => self deleted

Naomi also claimed her brother was on the team responsible for taking out Bin Laden. So she’s claiming one of the SEALs on the team had a last name of Johnson and was her brother.

Naomi also claims these are her jump boots. Most airborne units actually wear and jump in jungle boots. And, airborne units usually only wear jump boots with their dress uniform. I’ll let expand on that since he actually was in the 82nd.

So as mentioned previously, we FOIAd a copy of Naomi Davidson’s service record and as suspected, it proved we were right and she lied about her service. As we initially stated she was in the service for barely a year. She was an E1 <Private>.

The rest of her record shows she was attached to the 187th medical battalion at Fort Sam Houston TX as a medical records clerk. It also shows her history including dropped AIT’s. She was never in the 82nd and never in combat.

This shows her qualifications on grenade and rifle. Seems the only thing she was reasonably good at was grenade tossing. LOL

She was discharged well before her time was completed because she was unable to keep up with the performance requirements. Here’s a picture of her at the time of her service. We don’t have access to discharge reasons but indications are it was due to some serious problems.

Which brings us to some other facts that support our findings that she lied about her service. She was convicted of 7 counts of passing bad checks. Army doesn’t allow multiple instances of passing a fraudulent instrument.

A few more important observations about the fraudulent checks. <1> In Sept. 1997, the 82d deployed to Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan which is particularly interesting given that literally weeks later, Naomi committed her 3rd offense of passing bad checks in Panama City Florida.

Additionally, Naomi’s height and weight were noted as part of the arrest for fraudulent checks. 5’6” and 201 lbs. Well outside the maximum weight allowed for female soldiers of that height per Army standards

Which is particularly ironic considering she blasted others for being overweight.

Naomi was using the account @IcyQueenBee then deactivated it to hide her many embellishments, but not before we obtained copies. She then went to her @JoDavid67795821 account where she attacked several other people, then deactivated. She’s now on @wombatwomanher. And we have another not so surprising update regarding Naomi Davidson, remember all the claims she made of the FBI taking over her Twitter account & investigating all of us for telling the truth? We knew it was a lie, but someone actually followed up on this & confirmed.

And another update. Since GoFundMe determined her campaign was fraudulent, numerous people have gotten their money back. I’ve heard from at least 5 so far.

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