Van De Bogart (Johnson), Ann Marie

Van De Bogart (Johnson), Ann Marie - Fake Combat Medic, Not Combat Wounded, Grifter

We’ll start out saying that while Ann Marie Van De Bogart did serve that’s no proof per her DD-214 that she ever seen direct enemy combat, was not injured in direct enemy combat and did not receive any direct combat awards. Had she been injured in combat she would have been awarded a Purple Heart, she was not. Van De Bogart caught Our attention when she vehemently Davidson despite overwhelming evidence of fraud. While defending Van De Bogart claimed to be a “Combat Wounded Medic”. Per her DD-214 she was a Truck Driver 88M and a Human Resources Clerk 42A, no Combat Medic MoS awarded meaning she did not attend that AIT Course. Following is the excellent Twitter thread by Our friend Tom

Evening all! I’ve got a new story (thread) for you tonight! ICYMI I wrote another thread a few weeks back about vets abusing GoFundMe’s using false pretenses. You can read that below. Our spotlight tonight will be on @ArmyNCOGirl-Suspended (@usasgtg @SGTUSAGirl both self deleted 04/15/2019)
Just a heads up to everyone, we are seeing a dangerous new trend in . There are ALOT of GoFundMe’s popping onto our radar. Most of them are suspect, and I’d advise anyone to NOT donate to these accounts, especially the ones claiming the money is going towards…


helping other vets. These people are not charities, your $ is going into their private bank accounts, and there is zero accountability as to how that $ is spent. Never ever give to an anonymous account using veteran status to play on your goodwill. You should absolutely…

know the name of the person you’re giving your hard earned $ to and be able to verify their claims. If you choose to donate to someone using their real name, that’s asking for rent $, that’s a choice for you alone, but know you may be giving to a grifter

Most of these accounts that we are seeing are MAGA and MAGATrain accounts. That’s not to say it’s not happening on the other side, just what we’re currently seeing. A number of these grifters have been exposed in the last week, and a host of others that are being looked at…

At the end of the day, if you want to help vets, the best move is to donate to established veteran charities. Their income and spending is heavily scrutinized by the government and watchdog groups. Disabled American Veterans is my personal favorite…

Here is a list of established, vetted, veteran charities that are doing great work for vets:


Let’s not forget the claims of “Combat Medic”, “Wounded Combat Vet” by Van De Bogart. Lets start with her DD-214 note the missing MoS 68W which is “Combat Medic”. Note the missing Purple Heart Award earned by everyone wounded in Combat. According to Van De Bogart’s DD-214 she held 42A and 88M MoS not 68W as claimed,  she was not deployed 3 Combat Tours as claimed  One deployment to Iraq, One deployment to Afghanistan, One deployment to Korea. Korea is not considered a Combat Tour and hasn’t been since 27 July 1953, when the armistice was signed

Next we draw you attention to the gofundme account for $50,000 for a “Service Dog” and the statements highlighted. She was wounded in a Noncombat accident. She fell off a parked truck in a motor pool.

Note the highlighted statement. We quote, ” I hyperflexed my back, which with my stubbornness continued to work for another week, having my feet go numb first, a week later I was rushed to hospital because my bladder was so full because I hadn’t been getting the signals for my body to go, then was told they were going to look into possible spinal injury in Germany. Germany they found the three areas of my back where affected we just were not sure of the specifics at the time”. This confirms the lack of a Purple Heart award because she was injured in a noncombat related accident. She was donated a service dog yet the gofund for $50K is still up, this only appears to confirm a scam

Did Van De Bogart serve, yes she did. At issue is the lies she dropped claiming to be a combat medic, a wounded combat veteran, and the false claims being used to push the gofundme along with her vehement defense of the scammer, grifter and fraud Davidson have earned De Bogart a place on the Wall of Shame

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