Viojo Pablo - Fake Special Forces 7th GRP

We bring you one Viojo, Pablo who’s claims of U.S. Army Special Forces 7th Group were busted by a real 7th Group Special Forces Officer, our friend @Snakeeater36. Red’s scalp thread can be found HERE

Viojo changed his account name from @pauliethespy to @iampaul44 then promptly locked the account in a failed attempt to avoid actual Special Forces Vets asking him difficult questions about his Stolen Valor

Courtesy of @SnakeEater36:

Ok folks time for a small scalp thread on , other wise known as Pablo Nestor Viojo from Georgia (Duluth, Atlanta, Buford)

Pablo caught my eye with some outlandish claims regarding Venezuela. Stick with me because THIS is where it takes off.

I had already done some homework on Pablo as well before I DM’ed him. Notice he works in sales as data scope. Also the email. Not a lot of Mil related states…..not looking good.

And here it is folks the DMs. Claims it was all sarcasm. Until i turn the screws and play a game of cat and mouse. After that last message Pablo runs off. Also, CLAIMING YOU RUN CONTACTS IN AN INTEL CAPACITY IS ILLEGAL. Dudes full of shit

Something to was that scalping down? Notice the term “my source” Feel free to let Paulie know changing his profile wont help. See how he removed all his hashtags too?

Someones runnin!

Aw Paulie…😩

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