Heller, John Mathew Jr. – Fake Vietnam Vet

Heller, John Mathew Jr. - Fake Vietnam Vet, No DSC, No PH, No Combat

We bring to your attention a new fake vet account, one John Michael Heller Jr. @JohnHel36587452 on Twitter.  Again we normally wait for a FOIA request to drop but there are exceptions, Heller is one. He makes general claims of Combat in Vietnam problem is his story and his age make it impossible for him to have been 18 in Nam as a MoS that didn’t then exist.

Earlier this evening Heller Jr dropped this little nugget, “Yes, I admit I lied”. However notice the but it isn’t my fault tag line, “It was booze”. If you have a drug or alcohol problem go get help you don’t belong on Twitter feeling sorry for your life or trying to make others feel pity for you

The lies Heller Jr tried to drop fell apart faster than a snowflake in Hell. Like We’ve said we usually wait for a FOIA Request to arrive before we post anything. There are exceptions where it’s crystal clear what’s being said is not truth and crosses onto the Stolen Valor Lane.

As you can see this shitbird is full of something and I’m pretty sure it’s not brains. Above are the various bullshit claims made by Heller who has no idea about U.S. Army Special Forces, the language associated with that group or military language in general. We’ve redacted the personal information even though once it’s on the internet, even via twitter it’s public knowledge.

It’s worth noting that another account professing to be a sister calling out the Stolen Valor Brother appeared, giving DOB, High School, Dads Info etc. Since none of that information can be verified it becomes suspect as well.We will update this page when the FOIA request drops and proof one way or the other surfaces.

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