Davidson, (Johnson) Naomi Jo Part 1

Davidson, Naomi Jo Scam Artist, Fake Combat Vet

It’s not often that someone exposed for Stolen Valor makes all three websites exposing and documenting Stolen Valor. Davidson is one of the few who has. See Davidson’s “Wall of Shame” dishonor pages at:

This Ain’t Hell and MilitaryPhonies 

Davidson has created yet another Twitter account @RambleOnRose6 => 1108696841502154752 Self deleted around 4/18/2019. Her new troll account complete with that new troll smell is: @KARMA48560657 => 1120421841514967040 created Mon Apr 22 2019 20:19:18 +0000

Her latest threats are that we’re all going to prison for exposing her illegal activities and proving her claims of 7 combat tours, 2 Purple Hearts, Bronze Star and a Silver Star are in fact Stolen Valor. Sadly to date FBI has not yet made contact. We will be therefore contacting the FBI and filing Stolen Valor Act, fake charity, mail fraud and filing false reports against her over the next few days.

Our apologies on delays with the updates. Davidson self deleted the last known account @WombatWomanHere a few days ago. As expected the FOIA returned and clearly shows Davidson is a liar and a fraud. The FOIA DD-214 matches the SCRA with 1 day shy of 1 year TOTAL Service. May 1992 – May 1993 with an Other Than Honorable Discharge. That means NO VA benefits. 

The detailed Twitter thread by our friend @GROC4 is HERE. We’re sure there’s much more that will unfold in this saga of lies, fraud, deception and complete bullshit so stay tuned to the internet near you

Here is the FOIA DD-214 on Davidson proving NO Combat, NO Deployments, NO Silver Star, NO Bronze Star, NO Purple Hearts, and NO actual Honorable Military Service. Making the fact that pushing false Combat & High Valor Awards to shill for money (some $16,000 and change) is a Class A Felony under The Stolen Valor Act 2013 publishable by up to 1 year in prison, repayment of all funds, court costs and on and on. Don’t forget that fake VA Disability document she posted, complaints have been filed with VA-OIG, USAG and AK-AG. Now we draw your attention to the VA Award Cover Letter Davidson liked to drop claiming she was a bonafide combat wounded warrior. Remember to have any Va Benefits you must have a General or Honorable Discharge with very few exceptions. Davidson does not qualify because of the “Other Than Honorable” Discharge, See: https://www.va.gov Complaints were filed with the Office of VA OIG (Office of Inspector General) including the FOIA DD-214 and the award letter Davidson kept dropping publicly. The VA is now prosecuting frauds who have submitted false paperwork or are using stolen identity for get medical care or DAV status under fraudulent grounds.

Thanks to all the people who were involved and damn fine job everyone! Take 2 atta-boys out of petty cash and enjoy

We bring to you one Naomi Davidson who makes claims of being a wounded female combat vet 82nd Airborne Division. Several glaring claims make the possibility that she was in 7 different combat deployments make her entire story suspect. 

Normally we would wait til the FOIA process yields a DD-214 but there are always exceptions and Davidson is one such exception. As you can see pointed out by a friend above Davidson’s lies continue to fall apart. Simple math seems to be a problem for these Stolen Valor types. Really makes you wonder what that FOIA will tell now doesn’t it.

There exists a few specially stupid people in the world, Davidson appears to be one such specially gifted moron. Getting caught as stolen valor once isn’t enough as Davidson continues to build sock Twitter account to vet and boost her lies about be a combat vet, running a number of fake charities over and over. We can see how tender hearted people might fall for a scam once and even attempt to shill for the person running what looks like a real charity. The lack of 501c status is a huge obvious red flag. The following new scam setup  has been brought to our attention by a friend. Since this information has come to light contact with Support at CrowdRaise (which puts this fake charity earlier than 2017) has resulted in knowledge it was a pre gofund campaign raising Zero funds. It’s clear that hooking into the MAGA and KAG hashtags coupled with the fake vet (7 combat deployments) and high award claims (Silver Star, Bronze Star Two Purple Hearts) boosted donations from $0 to $16,000 and some change, think about that


Notice the same bullshit claims of being a 100% Combat Vet claims that have already been proven as lies. Please report this scam to crowdrise and let others know this is another scam setup by Davidson. Stay tuned for that all awaited FOIA Drop I’m sure it’s going to be an eye opener for a number of folks out there. Davidson’s known Twitter accounts in part are:

main active account @JoDavid67795821
@IcyQueenBee => 268563528 self deleted
@AmericanLaoch => sock account self deleted
@mean_caveman => 825417043503628289 – self deleted
@stand4honor => 529783017 believed to be another sock

Shortly after being exposed as a fraud Davidson self deleted the main account @Icyqueenbee and several sock accounts either she or her husband or boyfriend were running making supporting claims of her being a ligit combat vet. Here’s the rub, SCRA documents 1 day short of 1 year Active Duty. Now recall that SCRA only documents Active Duty Time, no Reserve or National Guard Drill Time. To have been in 7 combat depolyments as claimed the SCRA would reflect that Active Duty time. It doesn’t.

It’s impossible to have been on 7 combat tours and only have 1 year Active Duty time in total, as notated on the SCRA above. It’s also a Stolen Valor Act of 2013 to make claims of Combat Action Awards, or High ranking Valor Awards including the Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Silver Star, Distinguished Service Cross or Medal of Honor, to make claims of these awards or combat to receive money, favor or higher station in life.

Running fake charities and making these outlandish wildass claims certainly fall well within the Stolen Valor Act 2013, having taken in some $16,000 and some change between three different gofund fake charities. It’s a special kind of shitbird who take advantage of good hearted folks who think their helping veterans. It’s a reminder that you should always verify before you give.

We have captured a number of the more outrageous lies Davidson has made and posted them above. The FOIA is inbound, once it’s dropped we will update this page proving or disproving the wildass claims made especially the 7 combat tours, Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart claims made. If that DD-214 does not include these awards we will contact the Alaska Stare Attorney General to push for Stolen Valor Act charges given the amount of funds received directly from these false claims

Several threads on Twitter exist exposing Davidson. The thread our friend @6Roc4 dropped can be found HERE

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