Muncy, Charles Clifford

Muncy, Charles Clifford - Child rapist & Grifter

We bring to you a special exception to the purpose of the site. This case does not involve Stolen Valor  but because of the specifics of the case we felt it deserves a special spot because of the specifics.  With permission of @6ROC4 we agreed to host his thread and video exposing a sexual predator who raped a 12 year old child. 

We are very aware of the in-depth investigation ability of @6ROC4 and know his facts to be dead center and rock solid. Because of that we present to you one Charles Clifford Muncy, child rapist, grifter and special piece of shit. No one is claiming Muncy didn’t serve, No ones claiming he’s involved in Stolen Valor; However he is being exposed as a child rapist and predator.

The original Twitter thread dropped by @GROC4 is HERE the video link was pulled down by protests from a number of trolls and misguided COV supporters who just couldn’t believe they’ve been fooled by another disingenuous person. We’ve provided the video dropped in that original thread exposing Muncy and proving the case against him. You can watch the video below.

Here are screen shots of the video, for those who don’t want to run the video for any reason. The logic is very simple to follow

There are several threads on Twitter about Muncy that have dropped in the last few days. We’ve included a few screen shots of three HERE and HERE by @6ROC4 and HERE by @AThirdCharles

It seams history is repeating its self where COV is concerned. The ongoing failures to actually vet those deeply ingrained in the brand continues to cause damage and fights that only tarnish the brand. Any group claiming to be a Veteran Outreach or Service Origination has to properly vet those seeking assistance and service. To wrongly support Stolen Valor or child rapists is bad news for any brand.

We advise getting anyone seeking assistance full name, DOB and a date they were on Active Duty to first pull a SCRA and then a FOIA from the Branch of Service to prove they are what they claim.

As you can see the above SCRA shows Muncy Served. There’s no cause to think he’s involved in Stolen Valor. If there was then a FOIA request would be sent in including the SCRA which yields a FOIA DD-214 by which claims of Military Service can be either supported or proven false.

It’s simply bad business to support a proven child rapist by arguing he’s a vet rather than facing the fact that failing to properly vet individuals will get you caught in more damaging situations over and over again.

Remember that last statement you’ll see more examples of the problems of failing to vet in the coming weeks. No spoiler alerts folks you’ll just have to watch and see

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