Moock, John JR. Fake Ranger, Fake SF

Moock, John JR. Fake Ranger, Fake SF, Fake NCO

Moock decided he would boast about getting a FCC issued Armature Radio license. Call sign is KM4RCI which resides in a Public Accessible Search FCC license website found HERE. Even if Moock changes his call sign it can easily be found searching the FCC license database.

In Ham Radio circles exist these sites called DX Spotters where you can search for anyone reporting they’ve heard a specific c all sign. Why is this of interest? We’re so glad you asked. Using Web based SDR (Software Defined Radio) you can monitor and record anyone talking over the air, legally.

To monitor Moock on air simply watch and search a DX Spot Site like DX Summit or Ham Call to look for Moock’s call sign KM4RCI and last known frequency, pick a Web SDR site, set the frequency he’s on in and listen to see what he’s lying about. A few Web SDR receivers can be found HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

Examples of the DX Spotter DX Summit and call sign information from Ham Call

The Three areas to make note of in all Web based SDR receivers are in ellipses above. The Frequency is the frequency noted on a DX Spotter collector or online log site like Ham Call or QRZ. enter the frequency all numbers no periods, hashes or commas. If the frequency is above 10 MHz the mode is USB if below it it’s LSB. Should you catch Moock on air hit record and drop us the audio file! We’ll post it. Stolen Valor can run but you can’t hide

Today’s special shitbird is one John Moock JR. the FOIA Drop and public account correction has been archived. The thread dropped by Our Friend can be found HERE We well put a transcript of the thread here for your convince below

The FOIA Drop Thread

Courtesy of @snakeeater36

Ok all, @JRmoockJR FOIA came in and let me tell you. It’s a doozie. Please bear with me because we are going to dissect individual claims and go slow enough. For those who felt the need to keep trusting and defending him, I wish you luck in your endeavors.


What this is, is a DD214 from a single deployment and the backdates schools before then. This is important because it is a stepping stone for previous information, and provide crucial insight as to his lies. Knowing the money titles soldiers is crucial, but I’ll explain.

Moock claims he was an 88M that re-classed to CA, was kicked out for DADT and was the lover of a soldier who he deployed with in Iraq during his time as an 88M. He also shits out a variety of claims, of which we will go through.

Moock claims the Q course.
To go to the Q as a reservist (?) you go on orders, and it puts you in active service after SFAS. In other words it would be on that DD214 and would not either ABN and a Q dropout or other wise. This tweet is an outright fucking lie.

To add the USASOC combat patch is a lie as well. He would have been activated via USACAPOC, or his parent unit. In other words. It would have been on the DD214 as well. It wasn’t. The only SOF supporting CA units are ACTIVE…Moock wasn’t

So he most CERTAINLY could have been at USACAPOC, but not deployed, and not in an active capacity. To add NORMALLY AIT and his re-class would show up ESPECIALLY if he dropped out of the Q… so chances are slim he was actually CA qualed. More like, was an 88M there.

Which brings me to his awards. Top left PIC is an ARCOM-V…. a valor award, notice the selfie doest’t have a “V” device? Notice not a single fucking ARCOM on his record. You don’t get a V device ANYWHERE EXCEPT combat… he has has ZERO fucking combat awards.

So one deployment, as an 88M, no combat awards, and a fake valor award. Up next, (also no 2nd Deployment or any schools mentioned)? DADT claim

Guy claims he was forced out via DADT. Except in previous posts he claims he was booted for… except it was actually a UA ( unauthorized absence). Im getting a really STRONG Jussie Smollett vibe here folks.

Oh and Ranger school as a Guardsman/Reservist? That’s right…it would be on your record.

Q course claims are an outright bullshit lie, you need a BNR from the Group and have to transfer to the guard. NOTHING was there.
Ranger School is lie, you would have to be put on orders and have it added to that record.

2nd Deployment as a CA soldier? Lie, ZERO record on that file, and none as a reclass or Airborne school under school

ARCOM-V, ZERO fucking combat badges, conflicting claims. Also claimed it was given to him during his CA deployment, absolute bullshit. Chances are he was nothing more than an 88M that got sent to USACAPOC, if he WAS CA…..his AIT and at LEAST deployments would be there

@Jrmoockjr has lied his ass off, and it’s been painfully clear he has been taking advantage of buzzwords and identity claims to garner attention and support. This guy is a compulsive liar a malingerer and a fucking fraud.

Ill be adding onto this as more surfaces. I want to thank the folks that made this possible and that put up with my asking every day.

@jrmoockjr is far worse than @docpeteyj in my book. He actually served, he led along fellow vets into believing his bullshit and I’m betting any of whom will defend him…much like petey. Think twice about this…because last time it didnt work out for you.

Here are various outright lies and wildass claims Moock has made. A lot of hard work, deep investigation and Team work resulted in the in-depth information categorical proving Moock lied and is in violation of The Stolen Valor Act , specifically claiming an award with a “V” Device he did not earn. 

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