Mullen, Thomas – Fake Ranger, Fake Sapper, Fake Combat Vet

Mullen, Thomas Nation Guardsman - Fake Sapper, Ranger and Combat Vet

We present to you one bigass shitbird Mullen, Thomas who claimed to be some badass combat vet shot point blank in the chest in Iraq. But here’s the thing Any Active Duty time is available from DoD on anyone who served 1986 forward. Note the screen capture on the right, claims are US Army 1990-2005. Here’s the rub the only Active Duty time is 5 months 5 days in 2003

Interim Update – Mullen took away getting caught lying about Service that being a shitbag is OK just don’t use your real name doing it. He’s created a new Stolen Valor twitter account that we predict will fold like a cheap suit too. Film at 11 Stay tuned for the inbound FOIA DD-214 to drop

Based on the False claims of this PX Blue Falcon we pulled SCRA reports from 1986-2018. The only hit is the 5 month 5 day window in 2003.Now understand SCRA does not document the 1 weekend a month and 2 weeks in the summer of National Guard and Reserve personnel. SCRA documents the Active Duty time only.

It’s impossible to have been in Iraq fighting bad guys when you have no documented Active Duty Time. We have requested a FOIA DD-214 on this idiot. When it drops we will update the information and further refute  the wildass claims Mullen has made. We refer you back to the SCRA for 1991 NO Active Duty time means that’s a lie. Note the lack of documented time other than the 5 months 5 days which are Basic and AIT in 2003 2/10/2003 – 7/5/2003 of course the FOIA DD-214 will settle the question

This shitbird Mullen is also running a scam charity taking advantage of good hearted folks. Mullen constantly makes claims of combat injuries, PTSD and boasting of his super hero feats to push his anti-firearm agenda and to push his fake charities. This is a Stolen Valor Act violation and will be refereed to the Department of Justice ans FBI as such.

It’s worth noting that Mullen self deleted his twitter account @_tommullem rather than face the truth he was caught, tagged and bagged. His fake charity account @HomeSquads_HQ remains up at the moment. Mullen also dumped his Facebook account, we do wonder if he’ll remember to sanitize his LinkedIn account too.

Watch for the FOIA drop on this shitbird coming soon to the internet near you

“Base this is Arty One we have a blue falcon down looked like a full flame out spiral in too. Base we have a blue falcon down, blue falcon down”

“Arty One this base any survivors?”

“Base negative all feathers down Sir”


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