Davidson, Naomi Jo

Stolen Valor Scammer

Every once in a while, we stumble onto claims that are clearly bogus yet, for some reason, a lot of people fall for them.

Here, we have one of those cases.

It wasn’t the tweet, or the account, that brought this one to our attention. This one was so ridiculous, we couldn’t believe anyone else would actually believe it! The reason we start with it is because it’s the one from the collection that actually rises to the level of criminal “Stolen Valor”. She claims to have been awarded medals that are specifically mentioned in the “Stolen Valor Act”. She has promoted several GoFundMe campaigns with the accounts she used to lie about earning these valor awards.

So, let’s dig in and sort this one out.

To start with, we didn’t find the tweet above first. No, we first noticed Naomi’s nonsense on her other account, and later found the account she used to tweet that one.

Here’s one of the first tweets we spotted from her @IcyQueenBee account, (which she eventually shut down due to being exposed as a fraud). This one was just too weird and comical to pass up:

Why did this catch our attention? A couple of reasons:

  • There’s no such position as “Recon Point Crew Leader” in the Army, and it’s certainly not something specific within the 82nd Airborne Division (one of the members of the team that worked on this case was in the 82nd Airborne Division during the time that Naomi claims to have been there).
  • Who the hell says a grenade is their “go to”? That’s just goofy.
  • Anyone that’s ever even seen a “.50 cal” knows you don’t “jump up” with one. The gun weighs close to 84 lbs. without the ammo belt!

A quick search gave us a similar tweet from the same account:

Here again, she references the bogus job/title, and also mentions “Show White” was her “handle” in the Army.

Anyone that’s served in the Army and made it beyond AIT, will tell you that it’s not like “Top Gun” –  there are no “handles” in the Army.

Here are a few more similar tweets:


Here she is telling the world she participated in 7 different “campaigns” (amusing that she can’t even name 7):

This next tweet really angered some of the team, especially one that was at Bragg on the day of the event she spoke about:

The event she claims to have been a part of was a truly horrific, tragedy. You can read more about it here: Green Ramp Disaster. Notice in the last sentence, she’s claiming to have actually been at Green Ramp that day.

A few more amusing tweets:

This one seems to suggest she knows Robert O’Neill (big eye roll):

This tweet really is a kick in the pants. It’s pretty disgusting that a wash-out that never even made it to a regular unit, made it a point to rag on non-combat arms MOSs.

After spending some time with Naomi’s social media accounts and her fundraisers, we knew her real name, birth date, and state of residence. At that point we had enough information to run a SCRA, and submit a FOIA request.

The first sign of trouble for Naomi (besides her ridiculous tweets), was that the SCRA came back showing far less than 20 years of service. It indicated she was in for approximately ONE year.

After some time, the FOIA results came in, and the service dates matched the SCRA.

Not that we thought it would be any different, but Naomi’s records prove that she lied about her service.

A lot.

Naomi was in the Army for barely a year, and discharged as an E1 (private) without completing AIT.

Records further indicate that Naomi failed to complete AIT, twice.

Of course, having failed to complete AIT (twice), and being discharged immediately after the 2nd drop, means that Naomi was never in the 82nd Airborne Division. She certainly didn’t deploy to combat (since you have to finish AIT, and get sent to a regular unit to get deployed).

We don’t know why she was discharged, or what type of discharge she received, but we do know she never managed to earn an actual MOS. She was discharged without ever being assigned to a regular unit.

Of course this means that she was never in combat, and most certainly wasn’t awarded a Purple Heart, Bronze Star, or a Silver Star.

Now, let’s look at some uncomfortable truths about our “hero”. For example, we know that she was convicted on 7 counts of passing bad checks in 1997.

We show this to establish that Naomi appears to have been a two-bit criminal as far back as 1997.

After we really started to dig into Naomi’s social media, we found her other Twitter account, and her Facebook account. From hours of looking through her social media accounts, we started to understand what she was up to.

At different times, Naomi set up fund-raisers for various things as you can see here:

We reached out to GofundMe, and a couple of other donation websites she was using, and managed to get some of her scams shut down. Some refunds were issued, and we were able to identify over $16k she raised. We are reasonably certain that we didn’t find them all.



In case you’re wondering how we connected everything together, Naomi made it easy. She had a pinned tweet to the GoFundMe which clearly showed her name. From there, we were able to easily find her Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and a little bit of connecting the dots lead us to her other Twitter account. It’s really not that hard – just time consuming sometimes.



What was Naomi’s reaction? Exactly they always are: Lie, say “it’s classified”, get angry, act tough, try to get others to attack us for asking questions, threaten legal action, then ultimately, shut down their known accounts (and usually come back as someone else).

Here she is talking about “handing her account over to the FBI”. Yeah, OK. LOL.

And, before long, poof…





Fuller, Joshua Scott

This spot is dedicated to Joshua Scott Fuller. He has lied about being a US Marine with 8 years of service, and about being combat injured in Afghanistan. He also harasses, and libels real vets on Twitter.

Turns out that Joshua not only didn’t serve, he also has a criminal record.

Well, we’ve all seen this @USMCUSA1 @USMC_USA1, aka Jimmy, on Twitter accusing numerous other veterans of being stolen valor. He also claims they are criminals, and other assorted nonsense. Therefore, it was time to have a look at this account.

He left clues everywhere, so we’re going to walk you through exactly how we know who is behind this account. 

OPSEC lesson #1 don’t let your family members on Twitter. Especially do not let them interact with you, or follow you, if you’re trying to stay anonymous. 

This gave us a starting point on finding “Jimmy’s” identity. His kid’s PUBLIC Twitter account points to a Youtube channel here:

On the record: Do not bother, or follow, or harass his kid. Period. No exceptions. 

His kid uses the same handle on Roblox, and it cross references to Facebook, which we’ll see later. 

His kid also uses the name Jase.

Which “Jimmy” mentioned here.

A quick search on Youtube gives us Jase’s Youtube channel.

A quick watch of this train video (warning, loud), yields a picture of a car, and a license plate at the 2:40 mark into the video.

A look up on the Virginia plate gives us: VIN JA4MT31H9YP064839 

Note the year, make, and model of the car. 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport, because “Jimmy” mentions literally that exact same car here: 

An owner record lookup off the VIN gives us this. 

A look up on Lavigne gives us a half-brother named Matthew McLean. He was in the 101st, and got out of the Army after 20+ years. Matthew is actually the cousin Jimmy refers to that was in the 101st for 20+ years here: 

Joseph Lavigne still isn’t “Jimmy”, but it gives us another clue that he’s related. So we go back to Jase, and we find this on Facebook. The same link to his YouTube page. 

To recap how that links together.

Now, Jase Fuller is related to Kayla Frank, which we’ll come back to in a minute. 

Again, just to recap the connection.

Here is where it gets interesting. Kayla and Jase are related to a Josh Fuller.

It just so happens that Josh Fuller claims to own a freight brokering business. We’ll come back to that later.

Again, so everyone can see the connection. 

So again, Josh claims to own a freight brokering business just like Jimmy.

Jimmy also claims to own a trucking business, just like Josh.

Now, back to Kalya Frank. She mentions she is the mother of two girls, Alayna, aka Lannie, and Kara.

The exact two girls Jimmy refers to here. Even their ages match. So we have Jase, Lannie, and Kara, with all names matching. 

Joshua Fuller lived in Columbus, Ohio, and Kill Devil Hills, NC. Special note: In 2000, he was in Ohio. That’s important, and we’ll come back that later because this PUBLIC information also proves he wasn’t in the Marines during that time. 

Jimmy specifically mentions living in Columbus, Ohio, and Kill Devil Hills. 

Joshus Fuller says he has been married to his wife for 22 years as stated on his then PUBLIC Facebook account.

This is same amount of time as “Jimmy” says on his Twitter account.

Josh also talks about his son-in-law committing suicide, and passing away in April of 2019. His name was David. 

We took a look at the relatives of Joshua Fuller from this PUBLIC listing. We saw someone named David. 

A look up of obituaries shows a David Oberman, who passed away in April of 2019.

Now, look at this. Here is Josh Fuller remarking on the obit page of David Oberman, saying the exact same thing Jimmy did on Twitter. 

Let’s get back to Jimmy’s trucking business. He mentions a very specific kind of truck on his Twitter feed.

The exact same kind of truck Josh Fuller mentions on his PUBLIC Facebook page.

So now that we’ve established exactly who Jimmy is, lets talk about his background, and his false claims of being a Marine who was in for 8 years. Jimmy claims to have been in the service from 1999, to either 2007 or 2008, depending on which lie he’s trying to remember at the moment. However, that is not possible due to the fact that he had significant criminal charges in 2002. These are PUBLIC arrest records.

You can read more about the inconsistencies in his service on this thread by @credible_intel here: https://twitter.com/Credible_Intel/status/1293016017728307200

Also, in addition to having a criminal record while falsely accusing other veterans of being criminals, it appears that Jimmy aka Josh Fuller, has filed false police reports on people he doesn’t like. 

Then, there are the old Twitter accounts that are suspended. They have user names that just happen to match some of Joshua Scott Fuller’s email names.

His old Twitter account, @jimjimmy4sure, had a recovery email of fuller1978@yahoo.com. The same email associated to Joshua Fuller’s Facebook page. Additionally, Joshua Fuller’s mobile # was tied to his account. 

Everyone say hello to “Jimmy” aka Joshua Scott Fuller. There was no need to pull an SCRA, or an FOIA, since Mr. Fuller’s criminal record would have prevented him from serving in the first place. 

However, SCRAs from 1996 to 2010 were run to see if Joshua Fuller had served as he claims those SCRA reports are here. There were no matches on anyone with his name and DOB. This along with his criminal record and lack of Marine knowledge, is proof he never served.

William Fulton, Infantry Man?

William Fulton, Infantry Man?

Recognize this picture? You might if you happen to be familiar with a certain case involving the FBI, a militia in Alaska, and domestic terrorism.

This is William [Bill] Fulton, and despite the aforementioned, he had a lot to say on Twitter about his military experience. Some of what he had to say just doesn’t line up with the service record he provided though.

The team first encountered Mr. Fulton when he decided to take it upon himself to go after a veteran-owned coffee company on Twitter. He accused this company of supporting “war criminals” over this company wanting patrons to buy coffee to donate to deployed troops who weren’t home for Christmas. He thought the company should just donate the coffee.

After experiencing a plethora of backlash, Mr. Fulton eventually apologized, but it was a little too late. The damage was done. We discovered Mr. Fulton was at the crux of some federal case involving the FBI, a militia, and domestic terrorism. Mr. Fulton became quite agitated when the conversation migrated to being a paid/compensated informant by the FBI. That agitation is what prompted me to dig deeper into his claims, and I discovered some serious discrepancies with his military service in his own tweets.

I found the following tweets on his personal Twitter account, https://twitter.com/DZBillFulton :

(Archived links for each screen cap below are here:

The very day I published these on my timeline, Mr. Fulton tried to explain it away by stating: https://twitter.com/T_Giarratano/status/1204811493830606849 Someone else was using his account to promote his book. Notice the date stamp on the first screen capture where he states he was putting bullets into Muslims – that’s June 2016. Which is long before his book ever came out.  But, he just had to tweet this out to ensure he covered up his faux pas:

So, if someone had control of his account, why didn’t he mention that on his bios on any of his social media accounts? Even with an updated Twitter account bio pic, he still doesn’t put out a disclaimer that he may or may not be in control of tweets coming from his personal account.

About those military claims he made, and he made several. He claims he was in Korea around “96ish.” https://archive.is/yCV8b – Well if he was, it sure isn’t on his DD214 that HE provided.

That is a hardship tour, and considered active duty time. Below is a copy of the DD214 he provided, as well as the two SCRA copies that indicate his total active duty time. For those that may not know, a SCRA document (Servicemembers Civil Relief Act https://scra-w.dmdc.osd.mil/scra/#/home) simply annotates the active duty time periods of a military member’s service. Used in conjunction with a DD214/service record, a person’s claims regarding military service can either be refuted or verified. In Mr. Fulton’s case, it would be refuting the military service claims he made.

If one were to look closely at the DD214 Mr. Fulton provided, that person would see this:

12f. “Foreign Service” block – all those zeros across the years, months, and days? That means he wasn’t in S. Korea, nor was “shooting Muslims” in the Middle East, at least not according to the Department of Defense, and their records.

While we’re on the subject of time in service, let me show another example on Mr. Fulton’s DD214 that completely contradicts his claims on Twitter regarding his military time:

How is it possible to do 10 years (or 12, 14, 8 years) if one didn’t complete the first full term of service? Mr. Fulton chose his words carefully when he tweeted out his military service, leading people to believe he was in the infantry with several years of active duty service when it simply wasn’t the case.

A typical first term of enlistment typically depends on the MOS, enlistment bonus (if one is received), and the needs of the US Army (the standard is four years). Mr. Fulton did not meet his first term obligation as so stated in his DD214.

Again, another claim of having 10 years in the infantry https://archive.is/J1gon

Here he makes some kind of excuse that he was either drunk, or that his publicist was running his account to promote book sales. One problem with the publicist angle, Mr. Fulton, you had tweets out there from 2015 about your alleged time in the military which puts that long before your book was published. Oh and again, no disclaimer that someone else was running your account in 2015 https://archive.is/60Et7

Again, this is your personal Twitter page, a social media account that you have been tweeting from for years. To illustrate my point, here you are tweeting at another Twitter user calling him stolen valor. Same linguistic characteristics as you use https://archive.is/Uoz4U. That’s not your publicist, that’s you.

At least we have confirmation from your second Twitter account that it was in fact you, Mr. Fulton, who posted your DD214 and not your “publicist.” https://archive.is/XDcGG

Now let’s move on to what he said in news interviews about his military service. Here he said he retired from the Army, except that’s not what his DD214 says. Remember, he did not fulfill his initial obligation, so how could he have “retired from the Army” with a “75 percent disability rating?”


Not only is he all over the map regarding his military service on Twitter, but he actually gave interviews to news sites that also do not reflect what the facts are.

Nowhere on his DD214 does it mention he was medically retired, or even retired from the Army. Nowhere on his DD214 does it mention foreign service, (S. Korea or any place else; which means ZERO DEPLOYMENTS). Nowhere on his DD214 does it mention 8, 10, 12, or 14 years of active duty service. In fact, the only thing his DD214 mentions regarding active duty time is barely over two years of service.

All of which leads me to this: Did Mr. Fulton embellish his service record for book sales? Or does Mr. Fulton have a habitual problem stretching the truth? Or is it both?  My research has led me across several social media platforms regarding Mr. Fulton and trust me, he’s rarely passed up an opportunity to be in the press if it means a plug for his book. My only question is this – why didn’t any of these folks who interviewed him bother to vet his military claims? One has to wonder, as well as wonder if his testimony in the court case will now be suspect as a result.

Tokajer, Geoffrey – Not SOF, Probably Not a Combat Vet

Tokajer, Geoffrey - Not SOF, Probably Not a Combat Vet

Gather ’round boys and girls! Gather ’round, we have a special shitbird for you tonight we present the brutal exposure of and destruction of a 88.5K follower account run by a DoD Employee.  We bring you one Tokajer, Geoffrey @theready1775 thought he would use the #MAGA trains to mass followers then attack others on baseless #StolenValor claims turning loose his 88.5k followers to attack based on his lame ass FALSE accusations. Turns out Tokajer was lying his ass off about his own service. No one really knows why a 10 year vet with an honorable discharge would stoop to lying and making outlandish service claims, it’s a problematic trend we’re seeing, documenting and dropping exposed threads on constantly over. It’s hard to give exact credit on this exposure as it happened fast, a number of people worked on exposing Tokajer. We’ll start piecing together the exposure takedown leading up to Tokajer crying, whimpering, demanding and trying to make several backdoor DM deals to not be exposed for his #StolenValor. Tokajer’s primary concern was being seen as the fraud he is to his 88.5K followers, when that failed to appease those exposing him he tried to play the victim card citing career, family, wife, kids defense. (insert head thump here) Had he apologized to the Veteran he attacked on baseless claims and apologized for the FALSE claims he made he might still have an account. We say “might” because he violated a number of Federal Laws including The Stolen Valor Act 2013 and The Hatch Act and a number of Federal Employee regulating Federal Employees actions with online accounts. This idiot had a second account he used to validate his FALSE service claims and he used that account to attack others. He killed the second account, a female persona, first dumping a 18K plus follower account after being caught @guardianshadow1. Now where have we seen this behavior before? Oh that’s right Moore and Davidson come readily to mind. Tokajer actually tried the insult and block defense first, then the delete, undelete defense, delete all posts, then the “I was hacked” defense. Future #StolenValor should know that stupid shit never works. A friend posted “the problem with becoming the prey is you’re the prey” and he’s correct. Once any of the numerous #StolenValor Hunters get scent and start digging they just don’t stop

We’ll start with a thread dropped by our friend Theresa Giarratano @T_Giarratano

You know you’re having a GREAT DAY when a self-professed “3 decades in Special Operations” dude calls you an asshole and blocks you – all because I asked a simple question

Who knew that “Naval Special Warfare SOCOM” dudes were afraid of girls lol

Part of my exchange with our NSW SOCOM baddie. Apparently, he’s attached to a “sensitive command.”

No dude.. You weren’t hacked. I have archived tweets of yours dating back to 2018. Now I’m going to post them. #FireForEffect

What’s really, REALLY disgusting is that you,

@theready1775, used Extortion 17 and the Fallen SEALs as a prop to get retweets/likes. Had you done what you actually said you done (standing behind President Obama), you wouldn’t have deleted those tweets. YOU WERE NOT HACKED!
(Announcer Voice – His “hacked” excuse is based on someone who knew his name DM’ing that name to #StolenValor Hunters, that’s not being hacked it’s being exposed for lies)


additional archived tweets via

(thank you) archive.fo/https://twitte*

If the above link is jacked, use this one: is.gd/MarineSEALyada

Oh yes, there’s more twitter.com/6rockInGrokin/

You see, it’s not just me who is looking at you, @theready1775. Many of us are. #EyesOnTarget twitter.com/6rockInGrokin/

If you’re not following @Snakeeater36, you need to be. Thread forthcoming

Additionally the following search link will show you the exposure, heat and departure of Tokajer


What will that FOIA show? Tokajer’s service is 20 years short of the 30 years claimed as per SCRA. Keep in mind Operation Red Wings and Call Sign Extortion 17 occurred in 2011Per the SCAR Service Record Tokajer wasn’t in service at the time.

Remember Tokajer claimed 30 years In Security Service. Lets do a little knuckle head math Tokajer was born 1974, 1974+19=1992 per SCRA he entered USMC AD 1993 at 19 years old exiting AD 2003 at 29 years old (10 years) Tokajer is 45 years old 2019-1974=45. 1974+30=2004. 2019=2004=15 Are you following? He would have to have been in the Marines at 15 years old to have 30 years in the business. Mathematically impossible = busted. Confused? Hang in there we’ll try to explain it. There’s exists no passable excuse to claim 30 years in service when you’re 45 years old and SCRA proves you have 10 years AD (Active Duty). What will that FOIA Drop show on this shitbird? Stay tuned and watch for updates when that FOIA drops

Valdivia, Steven Paul – Fake Combat Vet-Fake Special Forces

Valdivia, Steven Paul - Fake Combat Vet-Fake Special Forces

We bring to your attention another idiot claiming to be SOF, specifically US Army Special Forces. This idiot is courtesy of our friend Theresa Girratano @T_Giarratano

Here is Steven Paul Valdivia, and for the last couple of years, he has been telling people on Facebook that he’s been in service for 19 years while serving as an officer in the Special Forces.

He was using two Facebook accounts to perpetrate this fraud, one of which looks to be abandoned. Abandoned right after he was called out as a fraud. The kicker is, he didn’t even bother to shut that Facebook profile down (the account that’s abandoned facebook.com/declan.obradai)

Instead, he migrated his fraud on to his other account: facebook.com/Task.Force111 – a quick cursory search of his public pictures from both accounts shows it is the same person operating both accounts.

Not only did Steven Paul Valdivia do jail time in Massachusetts, but he also did time in Florida. The funny part of this is that he was interviewed by a news station while doing time in Massachusetts wbur.org/all-things-con.


Below are his booking photos from his latest arrest in Florida – one from the St. Johns County FL Sheriff’s Office website itself.

Now, Steven Valdivia did in fact serve in the US Army – the bare minimum required; 4 years. That’s not even enough time to get all the training in for every requirement that the Special Forces demands.

Here are a few of his posts he left out for the public to read, one of which calls out another person for stolen valor “19 years, most in SF” post


Here he claims that he and a teammate found Saddam Hussein


Here he’s playing on the sympathies of his Facebook followers/friends


Here he’s calling out another Facebook user for stolen valor


Now, to show that he is the active user on both Facebook accounts:

He’s actually leading people to believe this is him in this picture.

So, as you can see, Mr. Valdivia is clearly perpetrating a fraud and by the looks of his abandoned account, he was attempting to solicit donations for himself from unsuspecting folks.

I cannot tell if he is attempting to do the same thing on his current account (solicit funds) due to his settings of who can view his posts (limited audience), but my guess is going to be YES. (his current FB acct: facebook.com/Task.Force111) #StolenValor “This We’ll Defend”

Whelly, Kelvin – Fake Combat Vet – Fake Congressional Escort

Whelly, Kelvin - Fake Combat Vet - Fake Congressional Escort

This idiot’s exposure as a dirtbag comes courtesy of Andrew Feinberg @AndrewFeinberg, and our friend Branden Neely @BrandonTXNeely

We start with Andrew’s FOIA Drop:

“I FOIA’d the DD-214 for Kelvin Whelly, the guy that serial idiots @jack_burkman, and Jacob Wohl were trying to pass off as Elizabeth Warren’s secret escort/boyfriend yesterday. Enjoy.”


As anyone capable can see, Whelly has not seen combat. His claims of Combat and Combat injuries are FALSE. Those claims push him well across the #MilitaryImpostor line.

The USMC goes on the record refuting the Combat and Combat Injuries here:

Our friend Brandon Neely @BrandonTXNeely points out in a conversation with Burkman that Kelvin Whelly was still in high school until 2014, so there is no possible way he could be in Afghanistan in 2012.
Bro really? This is an airsoft rifle, and this idiot claimed it was an M4 he carried in the Marines!
. (Announcers voice – Yes, you caught that right. Whelly tried to pass off a toy as a Battle Rifle)

May 2014, high school senior awards night. The only battlefield this kid had been on was battlefield 2 on Xbox

He didn’t even go to boot camp until August 25, 2014.

This is from his recruiter’s FB page. It’s stating his address in boot camp in Sept 2014, but he was injured in Afghanistan in 2012? Come on @Jack_Burkman

The same theme you’ve seen over and over documented on our website, plays out again here. Don’t lie about what Honorable Service you have! You disgrace yourself with lies, and it never ends well.

Be proud of your role if you actually did serve, and don’t expect a pass from your Brothers and Sisters when you’re caught as a lying #MilitaryImpostor.

Is it worth the pain it will surely bring on you for taking the chance you won’t be caught? There are a number of stone cold #StolenValor Hunters throughout social media watching, documenting, researching. If you’re stupid enough to cross that line into #StolenValor, it’s a guarantee you will hit a Wall on the internet sooner or later.

Andrew and Branden did a great job proving the lies by this idiot. Thanks Gents, take two atta-boys out of petty cash.

Lemieux, Tara – Not a Combat Vet, Not A Gulf War Vet

Lemieux, Tara - Not a Combat Vet, Not A Gulf War Vet

We bring to you not only another lying-liar-that lies, but one that also is not shy about using her family member’s service for clout. 

Unsurprisingly, she also backs other #MilitaryImpostors like Davidson and Cole. 

The expose thread can be found HERE. Courtesy of our friend Theresa.

Theresa Giarratano
Fun fact: the very female blasting this video all over Twitter has lied about her own service. She never served in Desert Storm/Gulf War. I have 14 separate archived tweets of hers where she says she did, but her service record says different. #OOPS

youtube.com/watch?v=rDbUE5 – Remember, just as much as we use our #1A, so do the haters. The dissenters would have you believe that the FOIA process gives the actual DD214 of said service member. Even my military record is public information.

But it’s okay to lie about your own service, and be a stolen valor apologist, right?

You weren’t there either, female.

“toxic exposure during the Gulf War” Your service record says you never served in Operation Desert Storm (Gulf War).

And there’s the “Desert Storm” reference. Again, you didn’t participate in Operation Desert Storm. I’m looking at your service record, and NO WHERE does it say you were in ODS, you have no SWA campaign ribbon, and no overseas ribbon.

You have some apologizing to do, female, and LOTS of it for lying about being a ODS veteran.

Gulf War/Desert Storm veteran? Nope, and you have the audacity to champion for fake Doc (Cole)?

How fitting. A liar defending a liar.



DoD is pretty clear on who qualifies for the SW Asia medal, and someone’s had plenty of time to fix her service record. officialmilitaryribbons.com/military_ribbo

While defending fake Doc too. You’re a real piece of work, female.

Now here’s a question needing to be answered. Did Lemieux use #StolenValor to gain position and favor within the Intelligence Community? If she did, she faces up to 1 year in prion for profiting from #StolenValor. See The Stolen Valor Act 2013

For clarity, here is the full FOIA drop for those asking why we didn’t include it. “This FOIA is for you”.

As for the false claims by the Haters Club Inc. that records can’t be legally obtained, guess again. The process used is the same process Don Shipley, Guardians of The Green Beret, Military Phony and other #StolenValor Hunters use.

The process is legal, and only a problem for those embellishing, lying their through their teeth, or just lying about Military Service.


Cole, Edward Von – Not Special Forces, Not a Doctor, Just a Liar Part VI

Cole, Edward Von - LIAR, Grifter, Just Another Zero Not A Hero with His Sewer Rat Shit Show

Gather around boys and girls we’re gonna tell you a tale about intrigue, danger, lies, grifting and total outright horseshit! We bring to your attention lil eddie the liar. If the ole saying of “liar, liar pants on fire’ were a real thing he’d be a 5 alarm high rise blaze. It seems that lil eddie has to lie his ass off because he was a total shitbag in his short meaningless period of service. If you’re been paying attention you’d have noticed that the FOIA has dropped on lil eddie’s illustrious service. That’s right he did serve, the question to lil eddie is what the fuck did you do in Germany that was so bad you spent 6 months in prison at Ft Riley be before that Other Than Honorable Discharge? What’s that you said PRIVATE?  Speak the fuck up boy I can’t hear you maggot!


Before we get this show rolling let’s remind you of the constant lies about valor, honor and multiple deployments to War Zones made by this exceptional piece of useless shit. So lil eddie lets talk about respect, honor and truth shall we? You’ve claimed to be Airborne, served 20+ years in damn near every recent combat zone as a 7th Group Special Forces Medic. Truth is you’re just another wambat fucking zero. Isn’t that right PRIVATE!? Per your DD-214 you aren’t airborne, falling over in your fucking chair does not a set of Airborne set of Jump Wings make, PRIVATE.

As all can see lil eddie served from May 1983 to July 1986. Note there is NO AIRBORNE School notated, There is NO SFQC notated, NO MEDIC School, NO Combat Deployments. In fact lil eddie went to 11B School and was deployed to Germany where lil eddie proceed to become a major fuckup, was returned as a E-1 Buck Fucking Private to Ft Riley where he was put in prison to be rehabilitated before discharge. As we can all see that failed big time because lil eddie has lied claiming to be a doctor in a failed scam to get others medical records, sell pot and commit another number of Class A Felonies along the way. As you may recall we have several Wall spots for lil eddie since we started the website. See those pages HERE HERE and HERE.

The old saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together”. This flock of total piled up bird shit is ripe. Far worse than that stench one gets when hitting a skunk with your car. They’re all scammers, liars, thieves, stalkers, too stupid to be capable of actual investigative ability and total pieces of rotting shit. You may recall these pieces of shit all shill for one another all feigning to be victims after being caught for #StolenValor and give me bucks schemes. Their all useless piles of shit who pray on the good nature of others to give money, stalk, harass and attack on their behalf based on lies, half truths and total bullshit. After being caught they start with the victim card and lying, crying, whimpering to anyone too uninformed hoping they’ll attack, harass, threaten and cause trouble for them. Remember that MO you’ll see it in every one of the following examples. We’ll start with the biggest pile of pig shit to disgrace social media Naomi Davidson, you may remember this pile of shit making claims of combat deployments, high awards, super human feats of strength picking up a crew served and operated machine gun system, the M2 a 125 pound fully automatic beltfed machine gun, running at the enemy shooting bad guys blazing away. In reality this pile of pig shit served 364 days before getting a Other Than Honorable Discharge. That’s right 1 day short of a year Total Service, No Jump School, No 82nd Assignment, No Combat Deployments and NO Awards. This shit bird took 2 pages of running documentation and made all the premier #StolenValor Website Wall of Shame spots. Davidson is nothing more than a habitual liar, scammer, grifter and thief who after being caught feigned the victim while telling lies to others to get them to defend her, harass, stalk and threaten others, look HERE and HERE for her other pages. This pile of pig shit creates and destroys accounts faster than a pig fart can disperse. A few known sock accounts are @SassySouthern10 @MarchessaDesade and @icyqueenbee2. While we’re talking about liars, crybabies and feigning the victim to get others to harass, stalk and threaten others let’s not forget bawl baby bwyan the biggest liar, crybaby and wimp to hit social media. Bawl baby bwyan has been stalking, harassing, threatening, whimpering, crying, lying his ass off, stealing others identities to create fake accounts since attacking a number of friends in Feb 2019. Lil bawl baby bwyan finally decided to become canon fodder for these bigger piles of shit because he’s too uneducated, too uninformed and too bigoted to see he’s being used. From what we hear he’s a big boy  and while a huge pain in the ass he’s more of a speed bump than anything, the only threat with this bigoted asshole is he keeps whining, whimpering, lying, crying and irritating others to attack, stalk and make threats on his behalf. I’m sure he’s right at home with these piles of shit since he’s just a big pile of dog shit himself. We seriously doubt his ability to figure shit out by himself and as far as we can see he fits right in with these fucking idiots who have nothing to offer the world but their smell, constant string of failed attempts to con others and failed attempts to dox anyone their actually trying to. We’re pretty sure that these idiots filing false reports, at any level of law enforcement, is illegal especially with the FBI. More on that later, we know it’s a tease but you’ll just have to wait on that for a while. For now the closest bawl baby bwyan has come to #StolenValor is others making claims he was E6 and a Jump Master bawl baby bwyan wasn’t either just a REMF  E5 who’s only accomplishment we can see was getting a honorable discharge

Either this guy doesn’t know bawl baby bwyan, misunderstood or lied for bawl baby bwyan. We don’t really give a shit it just proves the point that bawl baby bwyan harasses people he knows as mush, if not more,  as those he doesn’t, we will be watching

The next piece of shit on this lil crew of inbred degenerates is the NOT a lawyer just another scammer, harasser and stalker @LaurieBriggs11, Virginia Stark. Lil genny likes to shill for these #StolenValor pieces of shit, by defending these piles of shit she proves beyond a doubt she doesn’t know shit and can only talk shit on a sub sewer rat level. Lil genny claimed a number of times to be a lawyer, in fact she isn’t she’s just another liar who likes to back #StolenValor and likes to fail dox people while tagging tons of unassociated government or law enforcement acctouns trying to intimidate her targets. Another epic fail sub beta lil girl. There’s nothing interesting about lil genny nor anything worth further discussion of her, much like her pitiful life she’s dismissed. See a great informative thread by a friend or ours on lil genny HERE

Another idiot who doesn’t know shit has decided to drop their worthless opinion into the frey. Much like lil genny @CaCackler aka Cheryl Kehler is uninteresting and unimportant other than you may remember her attacking a Gold Star Widow not long ago while shilling for actual #StolenValor assholes. Not a class act by a long shot for any American Legion office holder. Her appearance makes us wonder about the quality of air in Puerto Vallarta Mexico or maybe it’s just the effects of the slop she slings at that restaurant she plays waitress in, maybe it’s just something in the water down there that breeds stupidity? You’d expect more from a American Legion officer wouldn’t you, although their vetting process has been fraught with fakes lately. See her latest act of sheer stupidity shilling for proven #StolenValor HERE Maybe complaints to the American Legion or to the Co-Owner of the greasy spoon she waitresses in might help her come back to reality and stop shilling for #StolenValor pieces of shit, we doubt it, maybe the peroxide has gotten to her minuscule brain already but one never knows

Another throw in with lil eddie is Ruben Rivera, you may recognize him from the Supports #StolenValor gang Op-Eds HERE HERE and HERE. The number of active accounts run by this stalker is mind boggling. Rivera has serious daddy issues compounded by fear of Alpha women, women in charge and well women in general. He appears to let these fears control his social media action by being aggressive through various sock accounts while being a sub beta male on other semi-normal accounts much like he acts in real life. His sock accounts include @nowsayitagain and  @servedproud and many other’s too numerous to list

Lastly we bring the dullest broken tool in the sewer, @QueenforTrump one Kim Reno Mitchell who finally got her ignorant ass suspended for attacking, harassing and causing shit while defending these #StolenValor pieces of pure dog shit. We’re sure it won’t take long for her to start a new troll account and pick up where she left off. Well start harassing people again, we’re reasonable she doesn’t pick shit up after all she defends and attacks others over these pieces of shit. Nothing about this lowlife is interesting or remarkable, she’s just another wanna-be convict who likes to steal others identities creating fake accounts in a fail cry for attention. See a few examples HERE HERE and HERE.

One has to wonder if they all get arrested will they be allowed conjugal visits by their pet cats? We’re asking to ease Kim’s cats minds that once she’s gone their finally safe

We’re reasonably sure there are a few others we’ve not included in the sewer rat bunch that surround lil eddie cole. It’s simple omission because their secondary fools, idiots and morons not worth mentioning here at the current time. A running and growing list of known sock accounts is being compiled and monitored as these short bus rejects continue to harass, stalk and dox innocent people not associated with the people their upset at in life. Examples are bawl baby bwyan stalking and harassing, calling and texting (for hours on end) family members of people who simply retweet, follow or comment on anything this website does. Or the sewer rat gang (cole, davidson, mitchell, rivera, kaheler et. al) falsely claiming a number of people to be someone their not. If you’ve been watching the circus you’ve seen these short bus rejects drop all the rings in their failed attempts at doxing others.

We strongly recommend anyone harassed by this group of failed bus rejects to file police reports against them when they email, have others email, harass, stalk or dox others claiming them to be someone else. File police reports with your local police department and the police department where these idiots reside. We recommend filing actual FBI complaints over Stolen Identity, Mail and Wire Fraud (for fake GoFundMe accounts) and fake social media accounts they create that may include you. Give them the attention they seem so desperate to need

Jolly, Arron – Not A Combat Vet, No 300 Kill/Capture Missions

Jolly, Arron - Not A Combat Vet, No 300 Kill/Capture Missions Just another Lying Zero Claiming To Be A Hero

Gather around ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! We have a special #MilitaryImpostor to offer tonight. This is Aaran Jolly, who thought he could pass himself off as being a top tier gunfighter in real life.

Yeah, really. This idiot claimed to have over 300 kill / capture missions! 

There are a number of threads on Twitter calling this idiot out. Jolly decided on the turtle defense, locking his account, and then deleting his absurd claims. He then began blocking everyone who called him out on his claims of being the baddest gunfighter on the planet. Someone should please tell @TheCiroth that playing turtle and blocking never works out.

It looks like this wanna-be warrior really needs to get out and grab some Vitamin D in the bright sunlight, and lay off the video games. He had an unremarkable enlistment, then soiled it by lying about what he really did. 

As you can see Jolly wasn’t SOF, wasn’t a SEAL, wasn’t a gunfighter and has NO Combat Deployments. Note the Foreign Service Time. Zero entries. It’s impossible to have 300 kill / capture missions having never left the United States.

What is sad is this lying idiot tarnished what service he had in his failed attempt to brag about things he didn’t have the balls to actually do.

It’s the same warning we’ve dropped several times. If you served, take pride in that service. Don’t tell wild lies about something you were too much a coward to actually do.

Ever notice no one lies about being a cook, supply, a truck driver, network geek, paint scraper, or any other support role that’s absolutely vital to any mission in the Military Machine?

Here are a few links to archived statements this idiot made, found HERE and HERE, and a few threads can be found HERE, HERE and HERE.

There exists no safe haven, or valid reason for inflating your service.  @TheCiroth should blow his account now. The word is out about his unbelievable lies regarding more combat than a platoon of actual SEALS combined could do.

We would suggest a very humble apology, delete the lies and STOP LYING about your service!

Guzewich, Daniel – Fake US Army Ranger, Not a combat Vet, fake NCO

Guzewich, Daniel - Fake US Army Ranger, Not a Combat Vet, Fake NCO

Gather around ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! We have another liar that claims to have been a Combat Vet, NCO and US Army Ranger. This special idiot comes from a double header found in remarks to our good friend, Kurt Schlichter@KurtSchlichter

A number of Real Veterans quickly spotted the lies by this idiot. Our friends, @BAD1ncorporated, @_Deadplate, @HatinCNN, @rogueranger23, @ThatGuyBringIt, @Mk2Rakk , @crimsontidefan6, @JediKeri, @Justantherguy  and @Twitr_Heretic all quickly locked on the troubling claims made by Guzewich.

What was the first indicator that this idiot is a #MilitaryImpostor low life? When he claimed to have a “Honorable Service Ribbon”, which anyone who actually served knows is complete crap. The following thread is courtesy of our friend, Not Tom Clancy‏ @jusantherguy

Our little devil is the average Twitter vet superhero. 3 combat deployments as a hardcore Army Ranger that was shot in Afghanistan, and earned a Purple Heart. Let’s look at some of his claims….

Haiti huh? Who fought in Haiti?

Honorable Service Ribbon? Weird, I never got one of those!

Oh boy, somebody can’t keep their lies straight. Which was it? ‘92 or ‘93?

You’d think our new friend Dan would have better OPSEC, (OPerational SECurity) being a Ranger and all, but nah, my team found him in a few hours.

So, we started digging through his FB, and surprise-surprise, he “borrowed” stock pictures and pawned them off as his own.

Weird. It looks like all his personal pics were used by all these websites.

Of course, we also found his Instagram account. It is where he can be seen sporting his Ranger hat.

Now, we weren’t the first ones to suspect him being a fraud, but this guy probably didn’t know “communication specialists” do not go to basic or AIT (Advanced Individual Training) at Ft. Benning, and that the 75th is a regiment, not a battalion.

What’s this? A RallyPoint profile showing him as a commo guy? That’s odd.

Oh, he’s got an address at 447th Sig? Just coincidence that’s where commo AIT was in the 90’s? Doubtful.

So I decided to check his record. 2 years, and less than 2 months service as documented by SCRA.

Just to be thorough, I checked every year through his claim of 2004, and he wasn’t active for any of them. Here is another one for reference.

We were also able to find his current wife on Twitter. did you know that your hubby has been lying about his service, and that he was never a Ranger? You do now.

Here is Dan’s real Twitter account. Apparently, he switched to Super Ranger when he couldn’t get a following.

Dan also likes to play the race card.

Except for his voter registration…

While we could pull a FOIA, it’s safe to say at this point that Dan is a #MilitaryImpostor, and not worth the effort. Not a Ranger, not a combat vet, no Purple Heart, no 12 years service, and not an NCO. He was a Medsep (medical separation) shortly after AIT. /END

Thanks as always to my actual superhero researcher that made unraveling this joker’s lies possible.

#MilitaryImpostor update – our superhero combat Ranger has deleted his account.

Cole, Edward – Fake doctor, Fake Vet, Not Special Forces – Part III

Cole, Edward – Fake doctor, Fake Vet, Not Special Forces - Part III

Part III in the continuing saga of this piece of shit Cole. Now remember among the various claims this shitbird has made are falsely being a doctor, false claims to have served 20 plus years in the US Army as a Special Forces Soldier. The exposure threads on this piece of shit are can be found here Part I and Part II

Part III is courtesy of our friend Theresa

Criminal impersonation is a crime that is governed by states laws, which vary by state. The highlighted section illustrates my point about fake medical doctors https://npidb.org/

There is NO “Edward Von Cole” in the NPI data base () as he has described himself in the following screen caps (next tweet)

Which leads me to “THEFT BY DECEPTION”

We know a one, Edward Von Cole (and related aliases), has ties to and is currently tied to

the evidence can be read HERE and HERE

So, what’s the de grâce? I reached out to one his potential victims (this person was wise enough NOT to fall for his demands) and I have in my possession, the entire conversation between them, including another email address not published in our report

Demanding medical records while actively pretending to be a medical doctor is wrong and the epic fail in all of this, is that he gave his email address AND the name of hospital he alleged these records were going to. I contacted the hospital. They never heard of Edward V Cole

The team kept this bit of information out of our report out of respect for the victim and when the victim of this tells me I have the green light, I will publish the whole thing for all to see

We gave D0655Z ample opportunity to clear this up and he chose not to (being a fake Green Beret and fake doctor). Our investigation is now going up to his state’s attorney general’s office for further review

As far as I’m concerned, this issue is now closed. Not only did he impersonate a Special Forces Green Beret, but he has impersonated a doctor online when he’s NOT a doctor. That’s a felony if he obtained monies over $1,500

There will be no more debating this topic with him (he has us all blocked anyway) or his supporters (they will be immediately blocked). We stand by our case and we’re taking it forward. //end

Cole, Edward – Fake doctor, Fake Vet, Not Special Forces

Cole, Edward - Fake doctor, Fake Vet, Not Special Forces

Today we drop Part II of the investigation into the scammer and fraud running a number of accounts on Twitter claiming to be everything from a medical doctor, medical researcher, Veteran and Special Forces Warrior. He’s actually nothing but another piece of shit, never served scammer, grifter and thief. We quietly released Part I a few days ago. There’s the twitter thread by our friend and Brother RedDevil via Thread Unroll App. Without further ado here’s the thread by Red

Well here we are i hope everyone had a meaningful memorial day. I know i did. Lets get down to business since this is going to be a long one. I need to lay some ground work here because it gets DEEP in this rabbit hole.
Over the last month or so we have been getting trolled by an account @D0655z who we initially thought was a sock of another account. Based on some more research we realized that “Doc” was most certainly NOT
Doc had a fraudulent gofund me style account supporting a “LT BO LAMBERTI” . Turns out there is no LT BO Lamberti in the Army. Let alone DOD. The only Lamberti’s are females and none of whom match ANY description of Mr Lamberti
Stay with me, this is where is gets weird, if you look at that link you see two contributors….one whose name is “ED”… to add if you look at some of his tweets they get a bit cryptic. One in particular that states “remember this name: VIPER”


Doc changed his @ from another name which was Med_solutions.But since been co-opted by another group, HOWEVER you can look at some of his interactions before he changed it. And some of those account still have the Med_solutions @. It shows a clear change over to Doc note the year

Some deep enough digging and we came across a reddit account by the name of….you guessed it “Med_Solutions” on it was an address for a “Cole international Med solutions”. Some deep diving and searching gave us two key things. Another Email….and name. EDWARD V COLE… and…

The email we got was related to viper.intl Subsequently another “business” opened under that name of . SO once we got the viper.intl email we ran a search and it confirmed the name… Edward V(on) Cole

So, being the ninja she is managed to run down some domain info….check the email and the sites…

After some more work we found a blog, viper intl med solutions from 2010… and guess what twitter @ it used ?That’s right… Med_solutions…. so we have a connection between viper med, CI med, and the old @ of DOC. It all comes full circle to this Edward (von) Cole of MD

Subsequently on a background check the name Edward V Cole has a direct connection to that Viper Intl, along with the domain scrub of Cole international med solutions. The domain searches, the reddit connection, the blog, it all reaches back to that old @ and Doc. It ENDS at Cole

So we have a name, and a location and we also have a last four social because Maryland was kind enough to provide us with his Bankruptcy file information….and GUESS WHAT KIDS… homeboy was never a Green Beret.

OBVIOUSLY based in his birth date didnt serve in those respective locations he claimed. His claims about being recruited into the “farm” a la CIA, serving in various locations, being in 7th…its all BS.

To add, Doc decided to drag a gold star wife who lost her husband in a training accident. I think we all knew and KNOW Doc has been a fake. But his mass reporting and trolling, and shitting on vets and Gold Stars alike wont be tolerated


@D0655z, @MED_SOLUTIONS, @blk_ops1 – Fake Vet, Not Special Forces – Just Another Scammer

@D0655z, @MED_SOLUTIONS, @blk_ops1 - Fake Vet, Not Special Forces - Just Another Scammer


Post contribution by @T_Giarratano

The @D0655Z account has claimed to be Special Forces & part of the 7th Group for over 20 years. 

Thread courtesy of:  Theresa Giarratano‏ 


So, remember a few days ago I told you all about an account we were locked on to that was going to be worth the wait? Well, here’s an update on the @D0655Z acct & some of what we found, so strap in folks, this is the start of the show

 The team discovered that used to be, on Twitter not too long ago. D0655Z sanitized his acct to delete nearly all of his tweets, but what he couldn’t sanitize, were the replies to him that included BOTH handles:

Now mind you, that is merely a sample of the replies to /; there are many more because he can’t delete the replies. Now, how do I know this is the same person? Easy. There’s a tool I use that gives the Twitter ID number for a handle. ‘s Twitter ID number is 87240117 and when I cross-referenced that # with a search of Google cache, here’s what I came up with:

These two accounts (/) are tied together and belong to the same person. Now comes the archived tweets of the MED_SOLUTION; pay special attention to the avatars in both pics: The double-helix strand in a test tube.

Cross-referencing that avi of the double-helix strand in the test tube didn’t yield me much results, I kept getting results for books on bioethics, so then I thought of another approach. / has been on Twitter since 2009 & here’s why that matters:

You see, “DOC” (/) here has a reddit page – recognize the avi? How about “Doc’s” old handle? Yep, you guessed it, same handle, same avi.

Now comes the good part. “Doc” (/) made the fatal mistake of not covering his tracks; his reddit page was a boon of information and quite honestly, we can’t thank him enough for not taking that down. Also, look at the Cole Intl “in depth” vs his old bio:

So, now I’m on his (@D0655Z/@MED_SOLUTIONS) website and yeah, it has geolocation IP-tracking services, but when have I ever hid from anyone? Never and not to the lengths that this “Doc” is doing either. Anyway, back to the task at hand I went through every inch of his (@D0655Z/@MED_SOLUTIONS) website and trust me, there are zero bona fides available to prove the work this “30-year NGO” does is even remotely legit. I mean c’mon, the LLC is headquartered in the Cook Islands?! LOL

First of all, I searched for Cole International Med Solutions in Rarotonga, Cook Islands – there is no PO BOX 555 for one, and two there is no company by that name there either. Feel free to check for yourself http://www.ck/poboxes.htm  cc: @D0655Z/@MED_SOLUTIONS

The funniest part of this website is the donation page (LOL) – now I won’t put a screen cap up because it does contain banking info, so you all will have to read it yourselves. Just remember, he uses IP trackers on his site lol cc /

Lastly, this is just a portion of what I have. Imagine what this thread will look like when all the pieces are put together, right “DR. COLE?” Stay tuned cc: /

Now see, I KNEW would delete his reddit page! Too late “DOC,” I archived your reddit page before you nuked it lol. If you care to discuss this, start by unblocking me

The Vegas number you keep asking about is on your website,
Here’s a screen shot of it (Las Vegas # ) also, why did you just take your live chat offline on your website, ? It was live not more than an hour ago. Got something to hide, do ya?




Lambert, William Erin – Grifter, Scammer – Fake Vet

Lambert, William Erin - Grifter, Scammer - Fake Vet

This thread is going to provide background on @SuperEliteTexan, his false claims of military service, and the gofundme scams he’s run against people here on Twitter. He was brought to my attention by some of my Twitter followers. /1

Before I get started, I made numerous attempts to reach @SuperEliteTexan to discuss my findings. I wanted to give him the opportunity to make things right and gracefully exit Twitter, as opposed to me simply outing his false background and scams. In fact, numerous people reached out to him. /2

He chose to ignore attempts at communicating, perhaps thinking this would simply go away. It won’t. In addition to this thread, @SuperEliteTexan will be featured on one of the stolen valor sites, and those he has scammed have told me they are reporting him to law enforcement, so expect – you know. /3

So who is @SuperEliteTexan??. . . meet William Erin Lambert. Or Billy as some call him. He promotes his gofundme on his Twitter account. A short review reveals who he is, his location, and his business. StarCrossedWolves is a dog breeding operation in East TX. We’ll get to that in a bit. /4

I’m going to address William Lambert’s claims of military service first. A quick review of his timeline turned up a handful of references to having served in the Army. Specifically, these. All of which have been archived in case he tries to delete them. /5

Active deployment to that area, during that time-frame, ranged from about 27 personnel to 110. It seems someone would have known William, given how few were deployed there during that time-frame. /6

Standards eh? Like lying?

William refused to answer any questions publicly about his service.

When, where, rank, anything. /7

Again he claims to be Army. /8

More claims of military service, and when people thank him for his service, he confirms again he is ex-military. /9

Then there is this “story” he told one woman over the phone as part of his grifting campaign. He also claimed to be a 2nd Lieutenant. Involved in super duper seekrit war on drug stuff. Seems he’s read too many Tom Clancy novels. /10

Here’s the thing, if you do something top secret, you don’t talk about it. You’re briefed on an appropriate cover story, but you DON’T EVER DISCUSS IT. /11
There are more holes in that story than a block of swiss cheese. He claims this incident in Columbia is why his records are . . . wait for it . . sealed. Except there’s the problem . . military records aren’t sealed. Anyone who says that is lying. /12

If a particular deployment or operation was top secret it may be redacted, but the overall service record is never sealed. BUT WAIT, THIS GETS BETTER…. 

He sent the following pic to a number of the ladies he was trying to grift from. He claims he’s the tall guy on the right. /13

Only problem is this is an existing pic William pulled from a website of some guys in Korea, and ol’ Billy ain’t never been to Korea. /14

So, moving along to William’s verification of service. His full name and DOB were confirmed via a number of databases, both public & paid. Using full name and DOB, we ran an SCRA from 09/30/1985, and every consecutive year thereafter. /15

That’s right, every year from 1985 to present, and as you may have guessed, we found . . . .zero . . . zilch . . . nada. /16

Any of you can do the same on the SCRA website right here scra.dmdc.osd.mil/scra/#/home. Needless to say, our search returned ZERO results of William having been actively deployed any time after 09/30/1985. That means this claim is, to use a technical term, total bullcrap. /17

Now, let’s address the approximately 3 years from July 1982 when he would have been 1st eligible to enter, and 09/30/1985 when the SCRA database begins tracking military service. Turns out, William has had numerous run-in’s with the law. We’re only going to cover two. /18

The first hint that there might be something wrong in any claim of him serving prior to 09/30/1985, is the fact that William was arrested a few times. In this case, for prostitution in 1983.

Yes you heard that right . . . prostitution. /19

And here’s the record, which is PUBLIC. /20

But wait . . . that’s not all. In 1984 he was arrested, and pled guilty to a DUI. This is important because that makes it his second misdemeanor he’s pled guilty to. Again, public record. /21

Those two offenses alone essentially guarantee William was not in the Army on July 27, 1983, because his sorry behind was sitting in a courtroom in Dallas TX . . . AND because the Army won’t accept candidates with two or more misdemeanors, or be of questionable moral character. /22

This leaves us with the VERY slim possibility that William served from Aug ’82 to July ’83. That’s highly unlikely given all his other lies, and such a short service period would have meant that he washed out. /23
Now, onto the rest. The guilt trips, emotional manipulation, and dare we say it . . . scams to extract money from people here on Twitter under the guise of helping veterans. /24
William claimed to have been married, and that his wife and daughter died in a car accident due to a drunk driver. The problems are that there are no marriage records for William, no records of a child, and no obituaries showing William as the survivor of a wife and child in any city he has lived in./25
Now, back to William’s StarCrossedWolves dog breeding business. First, we want to acknowledge that there has been at least one veteran that we know of, who has received a puppy from William. The concerns are the tactics he’s used to guilt people into giving him money, and having no charity registration /26

The first thing to address is William’s use of guilt trips, and threats to get individuals to give him money. Here, he tries to make someone else responsible for the survival of his dogs due to his inability to take care of his own animals. /27

Second, when the individual refuses, he resorts to belittling them and threatens to release their information on Twitter for not complying with his request for money.

I’ve gotten DMs from numerous people stating that William has engaged in guilt trips about them having money, and trying to make them feel bad because he doesn’t. And also, that William has further implied he would put the dogs down if people didn’t contribute. /29
There are also numerous business reviews from individuals who seem to imply William has misled them regarding the quality of the dogs he has sold to them, and the condition of his property where they live. I make no warranty as to the accuracy of these public posted reviews. /30

And additional reviews . . . . . /31

It may be that in trying to do the right thing, William has provided a few dogs to veterans. But, given his actions, it’s far more likely that he did it to curry favor with them for the purpose of having them help advertise and promote his business. I caution everyone to research first. /32
One thing is for certain, William has a problem with telling the truth. Under no circumstances should anyone allow themselves to be pressured into sending him money. Additionally, it’s important that no one call, or otherwise show up at Williams property. Let law enforcement handle it. /33
And William if you’re reading this, go f*ck yourself. You not only claimed to have served when you clearly did not, you smeared the service of every single Army veteran by implying we would kill an entire village of civilians, and then turn over a young child to be abused. /34

Seriously, William Erin Lambert.

Screw you.


Daniels, Charles Clayton

OK folks, let’s meet Charles Clayton Daniels from Texas. Charlie seems like a decent enough fellow, and it appears he served in the Army for a little bit but, alas, he’s been telling us some fibs…

According to Charlie, he’s a 100% disabled combat vet suffering from severe PTSD. When asked where he was in combat, he mentions Operation Desert Storm (91), and Iraq (2003) 

As you can see, he loves to talk about it, but don’t ask too many questions because he doesn’t seem to like that. After I asked a couple of straight forward questions, he was quick to jump to the old “it’s classified” story (which we all know is a lie). 

Then, when I asked him a very specific question about where he was in August of 2002, he seemed to get just a wee bit sensitive. So much so, that he blocked me almost immediately. You might ask yourself why he wouldn’t want to talk about August 2002.

Well, he had a bit of trouble during that time you see. Now, it wasn’t that big of a deal (leastwise not in my book). Young guy in a college town got picked up for public intoxication. Raise your hand if you’ve had a similar encounter. Yea,

So, OK, it’s not really a big deal. Then why did he block me? That’s easy folks – it’s because he KNEW that I had identified him, and I had some more questions that he wasn’t going to like.

Oh, by the way, I discovered that Charlie got arrested again in 2007 for another non-violent offense. This time he was speeding (significantly). Again, not a big deal in my book – certainly not something I would be upset about people finding out about, because I definitely have a traffic incident, or two in my past.

So, where is all this leading to? Well, ok, I’ll cut to the chase. Based on our research, he was in the U.S Army. The problem is, according to my math, he was in for 2 years and 7 months. Then here’s the real interesting part…

He was active duty from September 1992 to April 1995. That means he missed Operation Desert Storm, and got out WAY too early for any of the GWOT campaigns. That then begs the question of, how is he a “combat vet”?

Now, before you get all hot and bothered, I tried to give Charles a chance to talk to me, and sort this stuff out. He lied to me, then he ignored me, and finally, he blocked me. So, what am I supposed to do? Just walk away? BAH! That’s not what we do folks…

We spent hours working hard to ensure our information was good. We were on the trail of the wrong Charles Daniels for a while, but when I found his mugshots, we hit pay dirt. The mugshots gave us his middle name, and birth-date. From there, it was all down-hill…

We found his personal information, which included address history. Lo and behold, what did we find? An address that is a perfect match for pictures that Charlie posted right here on Twitter.

If you’ll remember, we found an arrest record for public intoxication in 2002. According to him, he was still in the Army, and would be going to Iraq in 2003…

If so, why was he in Texas getting drunk, and looking just a bit over-weight (per Army standards)? Also, why did he have an address in the same town he was arrested in?

So, we’re left with just one logical conclusion: Charlies Daniels has been lying to people on Twitter about his military service, and has lied about being a combat vet.

We don’t know what he did in the Army, or why it seems like he didn’t serve a full term. But, we do know he screwed up somehow, got out early, and certainly was never in combat.

BTW, did I mention that Charlie thinks stolen valor should be a serious crime? 


Daniels, Charles Clayton has made the following claims: He’s a combat vet. He was in Iraq 2003. He is a 100% DAV (Disabled American Veteran) because of PTSD. These claims are pure works of fiction.

Remember, Daniels actually did serve, but he has chosen to dishonor that service by lying about things he didn’t do. Daniels is just the latest idiot to figure out that hooking into the MAGA, KAG and COV groups equates to more mindless followers who will buy into his lies.

Let’s start out with the basic claim of his having served in Iraq in 2003, and Desert Storm.  Again, it’s just ONE simple database search to find a basic service time. In Daniels’ case, it is 09/19/1992 to 04/07/1995. That’s too late for Desert Storm, and too early for everything Global War on Terror related. The math makes that 5 months short of 3 years total service.

Daniels repeatedly has made “combat vet” and “combat related PTSD” claims. It’s virtually impossible to have “combat” related anything when you are lying about having ever being in combat!

The question of course, is why lie about your service when you actually served? We don’t have an answer to that, other than to attempt to sound more honorable, to gain sympathy, or to attempt to boaster a more important opinion with others.

No matter the reason, it’s a great dishonor to themselves, and to the Brotherhood of Veterans they claim to be honoring. Notice how this idiot not only attempts to lie his way out of the lie, but the idiot throws COV (Code Of Vets) under the bus in one shot!

This stupid fool actually dropped the “it’s classified I can’t talk about it” garbage line of all time, and tries to borrow credibility from COV in an attempt to deflect! Completely priceless move, idiot. Like everyone is just going to buy the “COV knows all about it, and they can vet my story”. Uh huh, sure dude.

It’s worth noting that Daniels made a handful of remarks about his service from the account’s creation to Dec 2018. During that time, he never made claims of Combat or PTSD, though. Then he figured out making these claims gave him attention. Imagine our surprise! If you could only see our surprised faces right now, you’d be mildly amused too.

Anyone who has served knows, or should know that their personal Military Records are not “sealed” or marked “classified”. They should also know that a simple database search is available, and you can see if someone making claims of service actually did serve or not.

With this fast and easy database search, someone could verify the dates that someone did serve, and line the dates up with some active combat missions. The dates are another simple, easy search. 

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. If you are an entity that claims to be Veteran Based, and you repeatedly fail to vet those coming to you for assistance, it’s YOUR brand that will continue to take the hits, and lose its credibility.

Until these entities start denouncing the #MilitaryImpostors they didn’t vet, they’re doomed to keep repeating the process of helping the frauds, completely to the detriment of legitimate veterans. They must also be personally and professionally called out for their failures to reject the posers in their mist. We will continue to do so.

Vincent, Chayton – Fake Veteran- Scammer

Vincent, Chayton - Fake US Army Lieutenant General - Scammer

This individual has stolen a Lieutenant General’s pictures, done a terrible crop jo and is claiming to be a US Army Lieutenant General.

 This individual was busted once before and tried it again @ChaytonVincent Checking just one image we find a Warning HERE that shows this isn’t this their first go around.

When you find these kind of accounts REPORT them to twitter for impersonation. In this case he’s impersonating US Army Lieutenant General Frederick B. Hodges.

He tried to make the stolen pic look legit. Things that made it stand out fast are the color of the neck doesn’t match the face and the font used to alter the name tag is not the correct font used on actual Army Name Tags.

Help spread the word that this individual is out to scam unsuspecting people, again.


Connor, Jackson – Fake Major General – Probable Nigerian or Arab Scammer

Connor, Jackson - Fake Major General - Probable Nigerian or Arab Scammer

From a tip from the VoV Admin One account we have another piece of shit scammer. This one trying to pull off being a Brigadier General. A sharp eyed follower spotted this shit bird and reported the account. We ask everyone to report @JacksonConnor13 for impersonating someone not on twitter.  See Our Friend Theresa’s piece on this topic HERE

How do we know this is a fake account? So very glad you asked. Doing a simple reverse image search brings up a nummer of reports where others have spotted this piece of shit.

In the report our friend dropped this like which is a good source to spot these pieces of shit Stealing Identities and Stolen Valor: https://fakemilitaryprofiles1.blogspot.com/2017/12/fake-profiles-of-major-general-john-r.html?m=1

Everyone should be aware that these scammers are popping up constantly.  We’ve seen an increase in these fake accounts who’s intended goal is to seek out those willingly ignorant and willful uninformed with an end game to separate you from your hard earned money. Don’t be a victim and help spread the word!

Wall, Raymond – Fake Navy Veteran, Probably Another Nigerian or Arab Scammer

Wall, Raymond Fake Navy Veteran - Probably a Nigerian or Arab Scammer

We have another low-life scammer alert. This one is using a ripped off U.S. Navy Commander’s pictures. This idiot claims to be currently in Afghanistan as a Engineer.

Honestly, we’re surprised he could actually spell the word. Like all of these idiots, this one’s math and basic English skills SUCK. These scammers have realized they can claim to be Active Duty Military, and hook into the maga/kag trains to get followers.

It doesn’t take a college education to see that he only talks in DM, and then only to women. He then, like all Arab males, starts to demand and order women to do various things. He claims this is because he’s a high ranking officer, and he’s used to giving commands.

With permission of our friend who spotted this idiot, we’ll drop her screen captures. You’ll note the lack of ability to actually speak English in a sentence, proving he’s foreign and outside the USA. The Thread she dropped can be found HERE.


We are putting these #MilitaryImpostors on notice: If you make false claims of Military Service, we will be able to prove you as losers very quickly.

All High Ranking Combat Awards are online, and searchable. All claims of Military Service starting in 1986 are online, and are verifiable in ONE database search. It’s just that easy. Don’t be the next victim of these scammers.


Courtesy of Our friend @ArmyWife4Now

Hey, “Captain” Raymond Wall! Remember me? I’m the one you tried to grift this morning. I’m the one that you  “commanded” to send you pictures of me. I’m the one you tried to “order” around. I’m the one you “demanded” that I listen to you…

Do you remember me now?! Yeah…I’m pretty sure you do. How’d that demand & ordering work out for you? Not so well, huh?

Then, your comment about wanting me to be “yours”, which implied property ownership, and your subsequent laughing comment when I challenged you on it didn’t bode very well either, now did it?

Let me let you in on a little clue…I am bombarded daily by you idiots posing as U.S. service men. I can smell you jerks as soon as you DM me.

So here’s my PSA for you to pass along to your grifting buddies: I will taunt you, and expose you for the vile filth that you low-life scumbags truly are. I will nail your hide to the wall with the help of my Twitter military family. Don’t think I mean business? Then look below:

@ThatGuyBringIt So, you’re currently Active Duty in Afghanistan? The Department of Defense has no clue you exist. So, you’re most likely another one of those Nigerian or Arab scammers stealing US Military pics to drop fraudulent claims. Tell your Stolen Valor buds, one search, and you’re busted.

@ThatGuyBringIt @Wall53222999 Prove me wrong that you’ve never served, boy. You have a few options. Regardless, it’s a very public dragging you’ll receive if you don’t delete the fake Military claims, and the stolen military pics you’re using. Tic Toc, Buttercup. You don’t have long.

@ThatGuyBringIt It’s simple math. I know you uneducated idiots aren’t very good at thinking, or math,  2019-1962=57 1962+18=1980, 2019-1980=39. No way in the world you’re Active Duty, just by computing the simple math alone. Then, there is the official record. SCRA says NO Service. PROVE ME WRONG!

@ArmyWife4Now So…now that you know I mean business…show this website 👇🏻 to all of your buddies… /END


Here are the DM screen shots this fraud sent to our friend. @ArmyWife4Now is a stone cold, Stolen Valor scammer buster in her own right.

Now remember this is supposed to be a U.S. Navy Commander, a rank requiring a Masters Degree. Look at the poor writing skills. This is not a college educated man, it’s a horny scam artist, probably in Africa somewhere. Note the Navy Engineer Claim…


Interesting that he wants to talk on the phone, after demanding pictures. The long play these jerks have is to begin asking for money, or for some account access, by feigning to be interested in helping. Anyone giving banking information will be ripped off!

Notice the attempt to connect, and the odd sentence structure. Again this is supposed to be a highly educated college man.

Again, the misused phrases and poor sentence structure indicates a NON-American, uneducated idiot is writing, and attempting to scam a female he thinks is unaware. His error.

When this idiot finally realized he was busted, he wasn’t interested in making her his anymore. Instead, he whimpered like the low-life he is, and blocked her. Can you imagine our surprise?

Glasscock, William L. Fake Operation Desert Storm and Somalia Vet

Glasscock, William L. - Fake Operation Desert Storm and Somalia Vet

We bring to you one William L. Glasscock, a retired US Army Officer who decided that claims of gallantry are far better than honesty.

The struggle here is that Glasscock, who actually served, falls into that most dishonest group described in part one of the op-ed, “Those Who Served but lie about that honorable service”, which Glasscock has most certainly done.

This makes Glasscock one of those special fools. Here is the Twitter thread by our friend @jusantherguy exposing Glasscock for the liar and #MilitaryImpostor trash that he is. Tom’s thread can be found HERE.

Courtesy of: @jusantherguy – Evening all! I’ve got a story for you tonight that is a sad one to me. This is a story about a man that served honorably as an enlisted man, and an officer, but felt the need to lie about that service. I introduce you to

He has claimed to be a Vietnam Vet with the Air Force, and an Operation Desert Storm and Somalia vet with the Army.

You can see that he’s been making these claims for years.

Naturally, these claims became suspect, and as usual we pulled a service record through the Freedom of Information Act. We were looking a Southwest Asia Service Medal, and an Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal to verify these claims.

The public record request confirmed our suspicions, and as you’ll see was never in ODS or Somalia. In fact, he never left CONUS (continental United States) in almost 10 years as an Army Officer.

His awards also don’t list a SWASM, or an AFEM. They do however confirm his service in Vietnam.

That’s what makes this so frustrating. Why does a man that served in Vietnam, lie about serving in ODS and Somalia? To further a political agenda? To build rapport with younger vets? That’s a question only he can answer. He also sent an unredacted DD214 to one of our team members, and it was verified that there was zero foreign service. The medals matched the FOIA. We won’t post the document per his request, but we also found an old GoFundMe using fraudulent claims to garner financial support.

There are many great men and women that served in those conflicts. Some were injured, and some were killed in action. Claiming you served alongside them when you didn’t is a disgrace./END

Presley, Dan – Fake Veteran, Fake Special Forces

Presley, Dan - Liar, Fake Vet

This individuals known Twitter accounts are:

@Yesiam9999999988 => deleted
@BeDevilMe666 => 1094607371534503938 deleted
@yesido999999999 => 91273913

He made claims on all his accounts to be a Marine pilot.  

Thread Courtesy of : Grok

OK it seems Mr. BeDevilMe666 is going to ignore my request so here we go . . . cracks knuckles. This will have to be posted in two parts since I can only connect so many tweets together in one string. /1

Someone pinged me in DMs about this account. So I started to have a look. This caught my immediate attention given their current Twitter avatar being associated to the Marines. /2

And the claim to the 82nd Airborne made no sense given this claim. The 82nd Airborne is Army & this plane is an F15-E Eagle which is flown by the US Air Force NOT the Army. /3

 Apparently someone blocked him or un-followed him and this upset him. /4

He attempted to impress this person by again claiming to be a military pilot then when pressed for details, claimed they were classified when they weren’t. /5

More importantly that’s not even his picture. It’s been posted before. The Mach Loop is located in the United Kingdom in Wales. Also known as the Machynlleth Loop, it consists of a series of valleys in west-central Wales. /6

Only about 247 F-15E Eagles have been produced and none of them carry the call sign 666. This registry here shows the only plane that even contains that # was sold to Israel. /7

When confronted with that fact the 666 number appeared to be associated to a plane sold to Israel, he then claims he was a trainer in the Middle East that it’s classified, and he’s retired now /8

Not too long after being confronted he started deleting. Specifically several of his plane pictures. /9


Except there’s a big problem with his claim of being a US military pilot or trainer. He’s Canadian and he’s admitted it numerous times before. /10

Non US citizens can enlist in the US armed forces but they cannot hold an officer position or be allowed access to top secret information. /11

Funfact: All US military pilots have an officer rank whether they’re a warrant officer or commissioned. And they need security clearance due to the nature of the missions they fly & the equipment they are responsible for. /12
No he’s not military but let’s check out that Satanic claim and let’s see just who exactly @bedevelme666 really is. /13

He gives us a lot of clues to start off with  /14

Well this is a help. /15

The email goes to this blogspot which references a YouTube video. /16

The blogspot in turn contains a video. He’s apparently a satanist. He even references his book on Amazon. The same one in his Twitter profile. /17

Oh look here’s his book the same one he references on his Twitter profile.  /18

This book here. We’ll be looking into the claims of meelluns of dollars he’s made, in part by claiming military service on Twitter to promote his book.  /19

Now we have a website but need to find the owner. /20

A look through WayBackMachine yields an old copy of the website along with an authors name. /21

A bit of digging around in FaceBook yields a matching name. Hello Dan Presley. And oh wait . . . . where have we seen this red car before . . . /22

So he’s making so many meelluns off his book he can afford this car right? /23

He’s going to make sure everyone knows this is his car /24

Except it’s not his car and it’s been posted numerous times before. Pay attention to that . . . this is not the only time this happens. This is section #1 Will continue thread on section #2 /25

Now have a really good look at that photo of him.  /26

Because he flat out admits that’s him on Twitter. Notice the same light fixture and plants. Even the same window coverings.  /27

Same exact ones on that video he made promoting his book.  /28

Gosh what is he going to do with all these meelluns of dollars he’s making from his “book”. The car thing didn’t work out. . .

Maybe a plane is the trick. /30

He’s even posted the same pic on his Facebook. /31

Except you already know how this goes . . . . this isn’t his plane either. /32

So much for those meelluns of dollars from his bible of Satan, it doesn’t seem to be selling very well. /33

There’s a lot more on this guy, but this is a start
And an expert adds more detail to the call sign question here /7.5


Replying to @6ROC4

Since I’m the aircraft “expert”, I can say without a doubt that there are NO F-15 that have been allocated the -0666. There is an F-15 MSN 0666 but that is allocated by the Air Force as 80-0124 / F-15C-27-MC Eagle MADE FOR and SOLD to Israel in Peace Fox III.


Friedberg, Eric – Fake Combat Vet, Fake Army Major, Fake MOH

Friedberg, Eric- Never Served in the US Military

We bring you a special idiot today. One Eric Friedberg, who claims a 25 year Military Career, and earning The Medal Of Honor. There is a twist with this obvious case of Stolen Valor that should serve as a warning to all who support Stolen Valor.

But first, the case of the Blue Falcon taken down by two simple database searches. We start with the simple SCRA database search to verify ANY Active Duty Time Served.

This should be a easy hit, but since Eric lied and claimed he had 25 years Active Duty Time, maybe Eric should notify Department of Defense. They have no idea who this 25 year Veteran, Major that earned the Medal Of Honor is. As you can see from the SCRA below NO Active Duty, ever.

Now remember that SCRA only documents Active Duty Time Served.

To have been a Combat Vet, earned the MOH, and make any rank, (much less as a Major), you have to have actually Served! Eric never did. He just makes bold claims that he did.

When challenged, Eric locked his account. Dude, that never works. When the Hunters catch anything that sounds, or looks off, it’s already too late.

Your window to apologize has expired. You will forever be known as a liar, that is a #MilitaryImpostor. 

Now lets start tearing away the lies that we know about before Eric locked his account. As everyone can see, Eric dropped his name, and the fake rank of Major while trying to make a special female friend. A trend you’ll see repeated. 

Then Eric claims several times to have earned The Medal of Honor. (By the way, that database is online and is searchable.) Anyone want to guess who’s name is not on that list of Actual Heroes? That’s right, Eric is a no show.

Since we’ve already proven that Eric never served, it’s an impossibility that he was in combat. Therefore, it’s impossible for him to have earned The Medal Of Honor.

By making these false claims, Eric has committed a felony, and can be charged and face up to a year in prison.

Now remember that comment about looking for that special female friend or two? Well, Eric figured out that he can hook into Code of Vets. He can lie through his teeth without worry, because a problem exists within the organization where Stolen Valor is not just ignored, but actually in some cases, protected by COV.

This IS NOT an attack on COV! It is about Stolen Valor. There is not, nor should there be a safe harbor for Stolen Valor. Especially not in a Service Organization that’s supposed to be providing services to Veterans!

Failing to properly vet anyone looking for assistance, failing to denounce the rampant Stolen Valor engaging with or involved within any business, organization, or Veteran Service Organization, only damages the reputations of those entities.

Their failure to understand how Stolen Valor affects the honorable service of all Veterans, and especially of our MIA’s and KIA’s that paid the highest price Freedom in America demands, is nauseating.

A number of threads exist on Twitter calling this jerk out for Stolen Valor. One of our friends, Theresa, has a excellent thread on this idiot HERE.

A number of very wounded egos will be appearing as soon as this Wall of Shame spot drops. The lesson that should come from this, is to Properly VET those asking you for assistance. If you’ve been played for a fool over and over, have courage to state that you were played for a fool. Then apply what you learned, so your won’t be played for a fool the next time.

It speaks poorly of anyone that decides to attack someone that proved such egregious Stolen Valor. The sad truth is that these Stolen Valor idiots exist, and that shouldn’t be a case of feigned ignorance for anyone.

When you’re given solid proof of the truth that someone like Eric here is a lying fraud, HE should be the one drawing your pissed-off attitude. Quit shooting the messengers. 

Van De Bogart (Johnson), Ann Marie

Van De Bogart (Johnson), Ann Marie - Fake Combat Medic, Not Combat Wounded, Grifter

We will start out by saying that while Ann Marie Johnson-Van De Bogart did serve, there is no proof (per her DD-214), that she ever saw direct enemy combat. She was not injured in direct enemy combat, and did not receive any direct combat awards. Had she been injured in combat she would have been awarded a Purple Heart, she was not.

Van De Bogart caught our attention when she vehemently defended Davidson, despite overwhelming evidence of fraud. While defending Davidson, Van De Bogart claimed to be a “Combat Wounded Medic”.

Per her DD-214, she was a Truck Driver, MoS (Military occupational Specialty) 88M, and a Human Resources Clerk, 42A. She as not Combat Medic MoS awarded, meaning she did not attend that AIT (Advanced Individual Training) Course.

Following is the excellent Twitter thread by our friend Tom:

Evening all! I’ve got a new story (thread) for you tonight! In case you missed it, I wrote another thread a few weeks back about vets abusing GoFundMe accounts by using false pretenses to get donated money. You can read that below.

Our spotlight tonight will be on @ArmyNCOGirl-Suspended (@usasgtg @SGTUSAGirl both self deleted 04/15/2019)

Just a heads up to everyone, we are seeing a dangerous new trend by #MilitaryImpostors . There are A LOT of GoFundMe’s popping onto our radar. Most of them are suspect, and I’d advise anyone to NOT donate to these accounts, especially the ones claiming the money is going towards…

helping other vets. These people are not charities, your $ is going into their private bank accounts, and there is zero accountability as to how that $ is spent. Never, ever give to an anonymous account that is using veteran status to play on your goodwill.

You should absolutely know the name of the person you’re giving your hard earned $ to, and be able to verify their claims. If you choose to donate to someone using their real name that is asking for rent $, that’s a choice for you alone, but know that you may be giving to a grifter

Most of the accounts that we are seeing are MAGA and MAGATrain accounts. That’s not to say it’s not happening on the other side, it is just what we’re currently seeing. A number of these grifters have been exposed in the last week, and a host of others that are being looked at.

At the end of the day, if you want to help vets, the best move is to donate to established veteran charities. Their income and spending are heavily scrutinized by the government, and watchdog groups. Disabled American Veterans is my personal favorite…

Here is a list of established, vetted, veteran charities that are doing great work for vets:

Let’s not forget the claims of “Combat Medic”, “Wounded Combat Vet” made by Van De Bogart.

Let’s start with her DD-214. Note the missing MoS 68W which is “Combat Medic”. Note the missing Purple Heart Award earned by everyone wounded in Combat.

According to Van De Bogart’s DD-214, she held 42A and 88M MoS, not 68W as claimed. Nor was she deployed on 3 Combat Tours as she claimed. 

She had one deployment to Iraq, one deployment to Afghanistan, one deployment to Korea, per her DD-214. Korea is not considered a Combat Tour, and hasn’t been since 27 July 1953, when the armistice was signed.

Next, we draw you attention to the gofundme account for $50,000, for the purchase of a “Service Dog”, and the statements highlighted below. She was wounded in a Non-combat accident. She fell off a parked truck in a motor pool.

Note the highlighted statement. We quote, ” I hyperflexed my back, which with my stubbornness continued to work for another week, having my feet go numb first, a week later I was rushed to hospital because my bladder was so full because I hadn’t been getting the signals for my body to go, then was told they were going to look into possible spinal injury in Germany. Germany they found the three areas of my back where affected we just were not sure of the specifics at the time”.

This confirms the lack of a Purple Heart award because she was injured in a non-combat related accident. She was donated a service dog, yet the gofundme for $50K is still up, and this only appears to confirm a scam.

Did Van De Bogart serve? Yes she did. At issue are the lies she dropped by claiming to be a combat medic, a wounded combat veteran, and the false claims being used to push the gofundme. These lies, along with her vehement defense of the scammer, grifter, and fraud Davidson have earned De Bogart a place on the Wall of Shame